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The purpose of this site is to provide comprehensive genealogical and local history resource information directly related to Coleman County, Texas to anyone interested, at no charge.
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Photographer Unknown - Original image owned Ralph Terry                            
The Coleman County Courthouse
and Clerk's Annex -
taken about 1905

Coleman, Texas - County Seat of Coleman County

The Coleman County Courthouse
taken January 2003

image by Ralph Terry - 2003                             

This page is like a title page of a good book.  This is the TXGenWeb title page for Coleman County.  However, because a book can be judged (and limited) by the number of pages it has, one can usually get a grasp of its content by flipping through it.  In the case of a website, one cannot do this because many of the pages in this "book" or website, go in several directions at once, which can make it almost infinite.  Could you tell by looking at this title page that the Coleman County, Texas website now contains over 12,000 pages and pictures!  A title page should not be loaded down with information that should be found on a table of contents.  Our table of contents is located at:

Coleman County Table of Contents

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What is used on this website to replace a full table of contents and index is a search engine.
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Many people are interested in the history of Coleman County and the people who have lived here over the years.
Many are not only looking for information, but are willing to help you find, or might possess information you might be seeking.
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Coleman County Message Board

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