The Bluecat

1960 - 1988

by Mary Alice Terry Larson c2000,

based on her 1960 painting
Coleman High School Alumni Website

Coleman, Texas

The Bluecat
1988 - Today

There have been many Bluecat images used in recent years


This website is a listing of each class of Coleman High School and their members,
with links to contact information and links to the Find A Grave website, if deceased.
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When you click on the CHS Alumni Directory link below, you will find a list of classes from 1894 to date.
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Each class list shows all known members of that class who attended Coleman High School.

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It takes a lot of time to keep these pages and links up-to-date, so bear with me if I am behind.
  I am constantly adding pages for deceased classmates, as well as living.  Contact information was taken from public information.

Other links below lead to  articles about the history of Coleman High School, information about
upcoming CHS reunions, sports teams of CHS,
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CHS  Alumni Association
and All Class Reunion News
History of Coleman High School
Humphrey High School
Story of the Bluecat
CHS Yearbooks -1912 -
Teachers of CHS

I have also created a Find A Grave CHS Bluecat Virtual Cemetery page to honor those CHS exes who are deceased.

  Click here to go to the BLUECAT VIRTUAL CEMETERY

(NOTE:  Females are shown under their married names)

Also, each class has their own virtual cemetery

See a list of each class at:  CHS Virtual Class Cemeteries

At past Coleman High School All Class Reunion, a list of those deceased since the past reunion have been read.  Shown here are the most recent lists:

CHS Deceased Between October 1, 2019 and October 1, 2020 for the Reunion of 2020

CHS Deceased Between October 1, 2020 and October 1, 2021 for the Reunion of 2021


Coleman History Books for Sale from Ralph Terry


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NOTE:  This is the Coleman High School - Coleman, Texas Alumni website.  It has been created by and for CHS Alumni.  It does not cost anything to access information as do "pay-for-view" alumni websites.  These commercial alumni websites contain only a small percentage of all the alumni at CHS, whereas the website now contains all known students that attended CHS over the years.


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