Awards and Nice Letters to the Coleman High School Alumni Website

As far as I know, there have been no awards given to the CHS Alumni website, but I have received a number of letters that make it worth doing.  Following are a few samples.

Mr. Terry,

My name is Larry Johnston.  I have spent considerable time over the past several months reviewing every Alumni or Ex-Students' website I could find, looking for "best practices," as I consider creating one for my old high school class.

I wish that I had an award to present because your Coleman High School Alumni site is, by far, the most outstanding one that I have ever found. You have my profound admiration and I sincerely hope that your fellow CHS alumni appreciate how tremendous a job you have done for them. 

Let me tell you up front that I am not a CHS Alumnus, and I have never lived in Coleman.  I do have some relatives buried there (long ago) and visit there once in a while.  I first accessed your site at the suggestion of an old friend, one of my own high school classmates.  He knew that I have been exploring the possibility of creating a homepage for our old classmates, and had recently visited a half-sister who is a Coleman alumnus.  While he was there, she showed him what you have done.

After browsing through your site, I gather that it has been a "one-man" effort on your part.  I truly admire that, but it also prompts me to ask a few non-technical questions as I contemplate how best to approach what I want to do.  In any event, I have made a note to stop in to meet you next time I'm through Coleman, and you still win the imaginary "Larry Johnston Award" for Best Practices in Alumni Website Design.

Larry J. Johnston - Bedford, Texas


Thank you for all that you do for the "Past".  We all enjoy looking back....if we can remember it!!  Thanks again!!

Danita Hinds (CHS Class of 1976)


Sherman and I just moved so I added in my new home address.  Thank you for taking the time to  keep  this site going.  It is a great resource to contact long lost classmates.

Tammy (Baugh) Smith (CHS Class of 1979)

The web page for CHS is wonderful ... thanks for all the work you've done and are doing for us all.  Just found mother's class of l931 .... she (Madeline Davis) is now deceased as well.  Just thought it so small-town that my father and my husband (Doug)'s father are next to each other in the football team photo with arms draped around each other .... Another "odd" fact we hadn't acknowleded or thought much about is that all 6 of the Pitts kids except l married "home town" Coleman kids ... Maybe it's not so odd for that day and time.  Thanks again.

Helen Shepherd  (CHS Class of 1962)


Thank you for all you do.  I still remember the times we had at basketball games; you were there almost every game keeping stats for Coach Baucom.  I'm glad that you continue to show the pride that I hope every Bluecat will have the rest of their lives.

Mike Gil Nuñez  (CHS Class of 1988)

Terry,  I would just like to say thank you for doing such a great job.  I wish I knew about this site a lot sooner.  Keep up the wonderful job.  Brownwood's logo is "Feels Like Home" but this website has truly reminded me just how Coleman makes me "Feel Like Home."  Thank you again. ...... 

Dawn Crosby Norway (Class of 1988)

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