Explanation of the Coleman High School Alumni Members Listings

Having purchased Hugh Capps Studio in 1974, I have taken photographs of most of the students, teachers and staff of Coleman High School and the reunions of these alumni, from that time, and have remained close to many CHS exes.  For many years, I have had a desire to publish a directory of the alumni of CHS.  However, by the time, I had most of the names and addresses in place to publish a directory, 20 percent of those exes would have moved!  As time went by, publishing such a directory became less economical.  With the explosion of the internet, I found this would be the perfect place to "publish" such an alumni directory.  Hopefully it can remain up-to-date with each of the past students of CHS sending in their changes of address, telephones and/or email as they occur.

I have gone through all Coleman High School Corral annuals from 1947 to date and from CHS Mesquite and Algerita annuals prior to 1923, compiling a listing of the members of various classes of Coleman High School.  Classes prior to 1947 were compiled from lists of graduates supplied by the CHS library and articles appearing in The Round-Up CHS newspapers from 1923 to 1966, and the Coleman County Chronicle and Coleman Democrat-Voice newspapers.  In some cases a class member has been included, at the request of someone in that class, that did not attend CHS, but was in the class at an earlier time.

When complete, this website will contain (as complete as possible) rosters of those who were in a particular class, at one time or another, whether a graduate or not.  In some cases, especially the late 1940's, you may note that a person appears in more than one class.  In this case, a person may have been in one class through most of his school years, but graduated with another class, having received enough credits to graduate early, or for some other reason.

Feel free to use the Forms Page or send me an email to add or correct any information contained in the website.  Follow the name links on each class page for more information about a particular person.  The website contains the most recent addresses, telephone numbers, email and/or personal information I have on file, however, that does not mean it is correct at this time.  If there is no link for a person, that means I have no information for that person at this time. I try to add information daily ... which means I usually spend 4 or 5 hours at night keeping the information current.

Where photographs have been included, I have used one nearest to the person's end of high school career, and a recent one, if available.  As to copyrights, most of the school pictures were taken by Hugh Capps Studio from 1947 to 1974, and by Ralph Terry, Terry Studio, from 1974 to date.  All rights to these photographs are now owned by Ralph Terry and are used here with my permission.  All other photographs used, are used by permission of the copyright owner, and so indicated, if known. Feel free to send any photographs you would like to include on your web page, either a scanned photo as a email attachment, or mail it to me for scanning.  It will be returned, if return postage is included.  The web pages in the Coleman High School Alumni site and photographs contained herein, may not be copied for any use, without permission of Ralph Terry, copyright holder.

I hope you will bookmark this website and send updates of your changes of address, telephone numbers and email addresses.  This is the only way the CHS Alumni website can possibly stay up-todate.  By the way, I receive no compensation for building and keeping these alumni pages updated.  It is just a way of telling you, "I love you, man."

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