Coleman County, Texas
        Cemetery Inscriptions

(NOTE:  I still maintain this website for Coleman County Burials before 1988, when our cemetery books were completed.
Beginning March 2011, I have ceased to update the Coleman County Cemeteries on this website,
and with the help of many others, I am using to keep our local cemeteries updated.
Go to the each site below for a link to that cemetery on FindAGrave.

Following is a list of all known cemeteries or other known burial places in Coleman County, Texas,

with a link to information of that particular cemetery.  I will be updating these pages with more recent burials
at these cemeteries as time allows.  Most of these cemetery inscriptions are complete only to 1988,
and others have been updated as indicated in each individual cemetery's records.

The basis for the cemetery inscriptions presented here is the three volume
Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions, completed in 1988
by Judia and Ralph Terry and Vena Bob Gates, copies of which are for sale.

For information about the compilation, and other explanations and abbreviation, see the:
Introduction to the Cemetery Inscriptions of  Coleman County, Texas
Explanations and Abbreviations Page

Adams Cemetery Anderson Cemetery Atoka Cemetery
Barton Cemetery
Bevans Grave Breeze (Dibrell Cow) Grave
Brown Ranch Cemetery
Burkett Family Cemetery Burkett Cemetery
Camp Colorado Cemetery
Cheney Grave Cleveland Cemetery
Coleman Cemetery
Daniel Cemetery Elkins Cemetery
Ellington Grave
Evans Ranch Cemetery
Fergerson Cemetery
Fiveash Cemetery
Flat Top Cemetery Gipson Cemetery
Glen Cove Cemetery
Gouldbusk Cemetery Hancock Cemetery
Huddleston Cemetery
Henderson Cemetery Herring Cemetery
Hill Cemetery
Howe Cemetery James Grave
Jordon Cemetery
Leaday Cemetery Lone Star Cemetery
Midway Cemetery
Mount View Cemetery Nations Cemetery
Plainview Cemetery
Post Oak Springs Cemetery Ray Cemetery
Rockwood Cemetery
Rough Creek Cemetery Santa Anna Cemetery
Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery
Shields Cemetery Silver Valley Cemetery
Simmons Cemetery
Stewardson Cemetery Talpa Cemetery
Trap Crossing Cemetery Trickham Cemetery Valera Cemetery (Old)
Valera Cemetery (New)
Voss Cemetery Walker Cemetery
Watson Ranch Cemetery
White Chapel Cemetery Whon Cemetery
Miscellaneous Graves and Deaths - North part of Coleman County
Echo Cemetery   ---   Dead Man's Cut
Joe Anderson   ---   W. T. Simpson   ---   O. N. Vaughn
Miscellaneous Graves and Deaths - South part of Coleman County
Home Creek Graves   ---   Taylor Ranch Graves
Rush - McMillan Graves   ---   Lemmon Family Graves   ---   Thomas Grave
Watson Place Graves    ---   Dalton Farm Graves   ---   Coleman Junction Grave

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