Cleveland Church of Christ
Coleman County, Texas
by Thelma Fleming 

from A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

The Cleveland Church of Christ was started when the Cupps moved here in 1888.  They built the first school in 1889 or 1890 and the Church of Christ worshiped in it for years.  Emma Haynes wrote her brother Charlie Haynes and wife Clara, August 1892 about them visiting a revival at the Cupps school and the Cupps church.

The first church house around 1920, was on the north side of Reed V. Cupps’ farm.  Then, after World War II, they bought an army building and moved it to the present location.  Some of the early members were Cupps, Blanton, Trowbridge, Burke, Woodard, Allison, Broadways, Fleming, Barnett, William, Bowden, Brooks, Phillips, Jones, McGauchey, Scott, Weathers, Fussek, Taylor, Campbell, Thigpen, Mills, Clarks, Lowery, Jordan, Smith, Daniels, Battles, Robmets, Moore, Hartmen, Woods, Herring, Conleys, Atchinson, Flores, Kilmer, Spence, Spencer, Morris, Perkins, Rainey, Eubanks, Terry and Fowler.  The church used to be full every Sunday.

I remember my grandmother, Mary Lena Cupps, how strong she was on the Bible, I have been straightened out many a time by her.  Ole Grandma Blanton was another strong member; her granddaughters can testify to that, they included:  Mildred, Nell, Shirley, Fannie, Lois, Myrtle, Faye, and Ann Blanton.  I remember Hill Blanton who could really sing, Clemmie, his wife always was so nice to us children.  There was sister Conley, a widow woman with six children who very seldom missed a Sunday, they had to walk a lot, too.  Uncle Charlie Mills and nephew Carl driving their horse and buggy.  I can see her now, Sister Jones, driving her horse and buggy, hitching the horse to a post oak tree.  She was tall and lean as a rail, always wearing her gloves, so sweet and nice to everyone.  Mrs. Virgie Lowery, Hugh and Bid Phillips, Manley and Jackie Blanton, Sam and Nola Moore, my mom and dad, Elmer and Pauline Cupps, several of these had nine children in each family, as we did.  Times were very hard in the thirties, but our church was always overflowing.  We were lucky to have one “Sunday - go - to - meeting” dress and a pair of shoes fit to wear.  We had big revivals, two and three weeks at a time.  Most time, this was twice each day with three services on Sundays.  Glen and Lillie McClure lived in our community (in early 1940’s) and gas was so scarce, they attended our church (they were Baptists) and we dearly loved to have them, too.  We are still friends.  Some of our preachers were McCraw, Smith, Duckworth, Johnson, Walkup, Cantwell, Wall, Werner, Moore, Eubank, Dunn, Allen, Rose, Suddeth, Hutchinson, and Hazleton.


Cleveland Church of Christ—1984

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