St Marks Episcopal Church
Coleman, Texas
by Judia Gaines

from A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

The history of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Coleman, is a saga of rugged frontier individualism inextricably bound up with the person and character of one man - Alexander Charles Garrett, Bishop of Dallas from 1874-1924.  Bishop Garrett’s diary records his first encounter with the “primitive frontier” of Coleman City on July 25, 1877.  His records show missionaries from Dallas ministering to the church, often meeting in the homes of the communicants, some of which were: Mrs. Nancy Ledbetter, Mrs. J. F. Boog-Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Babbington, Billy and Frank Anson, Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Hawkins, Mr. Gould Busk, the Paddleford family, and Mrs. Clow.

In 1911, the Rev. F. Cecil Seaman began a regular pattern of worship, first at the Cumbenland Presbyterian Church, then later at the Odd Fellows’ Hall and a hall above Garrett’s Drug Store.  That facility was leased for a year on the condition that the interior be renovated.

In December, 1915, a frame chapel, the Church of the Holy Spirit, was constructed at the corner of Cedar and Neches Streets on land given by a member of the congregaton, Mrs. Elizabeth Adams Clow.  The church house was remodeled in 1930; and a parish house was built.  In 1962, the exterior was brickstoned and renovation of the parish house completed several years later by church members under the direction of Wardens Ross L. Jones and John Dale Lewis.  In the late 1940’s, the congregation was renamed and became St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

Clergy serving St. Mark’s, Coleman: The Rev. F. Cecil Seaman, 1911-1916; the Rev. W. T. Allan, 1916-1921; the Rev. Percy W. Jones, 1923-1925; the Rev. F. A. Parsons, 1925-1926; the Rev. Hall Pierce, 1927-1929; the Rev. Alex B. Hanson, 1929-1937;The Rev. D. J. Williams, 1945-1947; the Rev. W. S. Walthall, 1950-1952 (also Trinity Church, Albany); the Rev. Frank R. Myers, 1953-1957; the Rev. William R. McDuffie, 1960-1965 (also Trinity Church, Albany); the Rev. James P. Haney, 1965-1968.  In July, 1973, Bishop Willis R. Henton appointed the Rev. Stephen R. Weston, Vicar of St.
Mark’s, Coleman, the Rev. James Porter served as Vicar 1976-1977; the Rev. John A. Holmes, 1977 to 1982.  The
Rev. Robert Manning Maxwell arrived August 14, 1983.  During the interim the congregation was served by the
Rev. James L. Considine of Sweetwater, twice each month for Holy Communion and the Rev. Edward Dentzer, Rector Emeritus of the Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest, Abilene.  Earlier interim ministers were the Rev. T. Robt. Ingram, the Rev. Lee Adams and the Rev. Nicholas Mayer.


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