Coleman County, Texas Death Indexes

1964 - 1969
1970 - 1979
1980 - 1989
1990 - 1999
2000 - today

1964 - 1969
Coleman County, Texas Death Indexes

Information shown varies from year to year.  There are many errors in this data, either from errors in original recording, transcriptions sent to the state, typographical errors in transcriptions in any stage, and other possible causes for errors.  As always in researching genealogical data, check original sources and other sources for correct information.


           Name                Date      Sex       Marriage

Abbey,Altha Vernon            19640121    F    Single
Andrews,Edward                19640630    M    Widowed
Ard,Hubert Lee                19640911    M    Single
Arnold,Bruxy Dell             19641122    F    Widowed
Arnold,Evelyn Lajean          19640314    F    Single
Arnold,Grover  Sr             19640811    M    Single
Beard,Thelma Lynette          19640611    F    Married
Bell,Clara Eva                19641014    F    Single
Blanton,John Edmon            19640119    M    Widowed
Bodine,William Pinkney        19640514    M    Single
Bolton,Canady                 19640918    M    Single
Boyd,James Abe                19640905    M    Single
Bozeman,David Viocious        19640205    M    Separ/Divorced
Brooks,Raymond E Sr           19640620    M    Single
Brown,Alma T                  19641217    F    Widowed
Brown,Sallie Jo               19640807    F    Widowed
Buie,Ethel M                  19641124    F    Widowed
Burroughs,Dillard M           19640211    M    Widowed
Caldwell,Criss C              19640616    M    Married
Campbell,Ernest Vernon        19641015    M    Single
Cardinas,Simona               19641030    F    Single
Churchwell,Linnie Janice      19640228    F    Married
Coffey,Sarah                  19640712    F    Widowed
Coker,Jack                    19641002    M    Single
Collins,Maggie A              19640212    F    Widowed
Connelly,Willis T             19640127    M    Single
Cooke,Isabel Frances          19640117    F    Widowed
Crump,John L Sr               19640804    M    Widowed
Currie,Carlyle David          19640624    M    Single
Davis,Bonnie Louise           19641007    F    Married
Davis,Laura                   19641217    F    Widowed
Davis,Nettie Esabell          19640608    F    Single
Davis,R Frank                 19641103    M    Widowed
Dimock,Eva                    19641220    F    Widowed
Dobbins,Helen Jo              19640306    F    Single
Drake,Ben Campbell            19641017    M    Widowed
Dubois,Sammie Ruth            19640313    F    Separ/Divorced
Duncan,Charles Henry          19640130    M    Single
Dunn,Joseph C Jr              19641021    M    Single
Ferguson,Margaret P           19640710    F    Widowed
Franklin,Blanch               19640101    F    Widowed
Freeman,Buelah                19640227    F    Widowed
Fry,Walter                    19640529    M    Single
Fulton,James Warner           19640110    M    Single
Gafford,Joel Albert           19641216    M    Single
Gammill,James Parker          19640227    M    Unknown
Gipson,Hayden Thomas          19641207    M    Separ/Divorced
Goodwin,Zula Bell             19641001    F    Separ/Divorced
Green,Esther Maria            19641021    F    Widowed
Green,L C                     19641025    M    Married
Griffin,Charlie Stanford      19640625    M    Widowed
Griffith,Maggie Texas         19640405    F    Single
Gunn,Nona May                 19640430    F    Widowed
Haggard,Nellie Tanner         19640127    F    Widowed
Harris,Helen Devere           19640905    F    Widowed
Henderson,Elmer Edd           19640805    M    Single
Hickman,Everett Monrow        19640123    M    Single
Higinbotham,Frank W           19640513    M    Single
Hill,Elijah                   19641005    M    Widowed
Hinds,Jesse Monroe            19640831    M    Single
Holcomb,Ethelyn Alice         19640523    F    Widowed
Horner,James Jefferson        19640617    M    Single
Hough,Grizella                19640809    F    Widowed
Hoyt,J B                      19640319    M    Single
Hudgins,Charlie Griffin       19640819    M    Single
Hunter,Charley Ivvin          19640910    M    Single
Jennings,E L                  19641022    M    Widowed
Jennings,Lillie A             19640108    F    Married
Johnston,Estella R            19640709    F    Widowed
Jones,Addie Bell              19640926    F    Single
Jones,William Harvey          19641212    M    Married
Jordan,Katie Catherine        19640421    F    Widowed
Keller,Ernest Earl            19640325    M    Single
Kelley,Ovee Harrison          19640624    M    Single
Kemp,John William Sr          19640608    M    Single
Kemp,William Henry            19641105    M    Widowed
Kinney,Clara                  19640407    F    Widowed
Knight,Luther J               19640429    M    Single
Lane,Jim Rice                 19641211    M    Single
Lanham,John William           19640512    M    Separ/Divorced
Long,Averine                  19640709    F    Married
Martin,Jessie                 19640225    F    Widowed
Mayes,J Lee                   19640607    M    Single
Mayo,Annie Elizabeth          19641130    F    Widowed
Mayo,Nettie                   19641202    F    Widowed
Mcclellan,Beedie Frances      19641011    F    Single
Mcclure,William Love          19640126    M    Single
Mcdonald,Dora                 19640327    F    Widowed
Mitchell,Nettie E             19640406    F    Widowed
Moore,Addie Lee               19640812    F    Widowed
Myers,Henry Grady             19641015    M    Single
Nance,Bennett A               19641007    M    Single
Owen,Ollie R                  19641022    F    Single
Owen,Sarah Frances            19640813    F    Widowed
Parker,Alice Ruth             19640906    F    Widowed
Parker,Clyde Foster           19640703    M    Married
Parsons,Della                 19641206    F    Widowed
Patton,George Harwey          19640208    M    Single
Pepper,Leitha May             19640102    F    Single
Pettigrew,Melisa Evelyn       19640709    F    Widowed
Pfluger,Paul Frederick        19640805    M    Single
Phillips,Maude                19640419    F    Single
Pittard,Will Henry            19640114    M    Single
Priddy,Thomas Jefferson       19640422    M    Single
Purcell,Nancy Ann             19640819    F    Widowed
Rhone,George D                19640719    M    Single
Richards,William Daniel       19640520    M    Widowed
Richey,Mamie                  19641221    F    Married
Riggs,Barney Kemp Jr          19640308    M    Single
Roberts,John Thomas L         19640629    M    Widowed
Sanges,Janie                  19640806    F    Single
Saunders,John Warner          19640329    M    Single
Seals,William Harrison        19640513    M    Single
Sewell,Della                  19640424    F    Widowed
Shofner,W Clyde               19640521    M    Widowed
Shuler,Sam D                  19640703    M    Married
Sikes,Thomas Tilden           19640802    M    Single
Simmons,Bessie H              19640216    F    Married
Simon,Beatrice C              19640417    F    Widowed
Smith,Lewis D                 19640905    M    Single
Smith,Sara C                  19640104    F    Widowed
Spencer,Haber Benjamin        19640925    M    Separ/Divorced
Starnes,Minyard L             19641221    M    Single
Stidham,Wayne Almer           19640601    M    Single
Strother,J Lee Jr             19640313    M    Single
Terry,John                    19640116    M    Widowed
Terry,Ruel C                  19641128    M    Widowed
Throgmorton,Elizabeth A       19640126    F    Widowed
Todd,Richard L Jr             19640205    M    Single
Todd,Richard Lee              19641016    M    Widowed
Trinidad,Pedro Frausto        19640604    M    Single
Tucker,Bradley G              19641015    M    Single
Tucker,Sebird Fletcher        19640812    M    Single
Wadsworth,Delia Tharp         19640122    F    Single
Warren,Lindsey Oliver         19640408    M    Married
White,Alene                   19641104    F    Single
Wilkinson,Mabel               19640811    F    Widowed
Williams,Mary                 19640614    F    Widowed
Williams,Thomas J             19640730    M    Widowed
Williams,William Herbert      19640404    M    Single
Winger,Leah May               19641022    F    Single
Young,John A Iii              19640111    M    Married


            Name                Date      Sex   Marital Status

Aaron, Earl Cal                2-7-1965    M    Single
Ackers, Alice Josphine         8-6-1965    F    Widowed
Adams, Vinnie Clyde           6-14-1965    M    Single
Albaugh, Benjamin H          11-26-1965    M    Widowed
Allcorn, Lula Pearl            5-3-1965    F    Widowed
Andis, Maggie Mae             2-27-1965    F    Widowed
Arnold, Paul C                10-6-1965    M    Single
Autry, Roy Allen Sr           9-30-1965    M    Single
Baker, Walter Allen           4-11-1965    M    Single
Barrington, Vimmer Levoy      9-27-1965    F    Single
Bearden, Joe Buster           8-30-1965    M    Single
Beck, George J                 8-7-1965    M    Single
Benson, Mabel Reed            6-19-1965    F    Single
Birdwell, Homer Albert        3-26-1965    M    Single
Blackwell, Era Rose            3-2-1965    F    Widowed
Blankinship, Earnest E        2-16-1965    M    Single
Bledsoe, Cecil William       10-25-1965    M    Widowed
Blue, Bettie                   1-9-1965    F    Married
Bolding, David Isham          9-10-1965    M    Widowed
Breeding, Mary Delphia         5-2-1965    F    Widowed
Brown, John Francis           6-23-1965    M    Widowed
Buck, Arthur Reeves            6-3-1965    M    Single
Bullard, Marcus Floyd         10-7-1965    M    Widowed
Burns, Cyrus Eugene            2-8-1965    M    Widowed
Buse, Vernon Roland           8-27-1965    M    Single
Byers, Willard Manton         9-14-1965    M    Widowed
Byrd, Warnie Theo             1-30-1965    M    Single
Calhoon, Oscar W             10-18-1965    M    Single
Carter, Steven Ray            1-23-1965    M    Married
Cash, John Robert            11-17-1965    M    Married
Conner, Alex                   7-5-1965    M    Single
Cope, J B                    12-11-1965    M    Single
Cozart, Erma Evelyn          12-13-1965    F    Single
Creek, Stella Elizabeth       5-30-1965    F    Single
Crosby, Nora Lee               2-4-1965    F    Single
Crumpton, Willy J             3-16-1965    F    Separ/Divorced
Cunningham, Elma Lee          4-14-1965    F    Single
Davis, Gertrude Elizabeth      5-6-1965    F    Widowed
Debusk, Frances Virginia       2-9-1965    F    Widowed
Debusk, Sam D                  2-4-1965    M    Single
Deleon, Nester Rodrequez      4-24-1965    M    Single
Densman, Ida L                1-29-1965    F    Widowed
Douglas, Minnie Oneta        10-17-1965    F    Single
Estrada, Martin Joe           8-30-1965    M    Married
Faries, Jess B               12-25-1965    M    Single
Farris, Walter                 2-4-1965    M    Single
Fellers, Clara Mae            1-21-1965    F    Single
Forehand, James Monroe        4-21-1965    M    Single
Gillespie, Francis Wiley       5-8-1965    M    Single
Gilliam, Wayne                 9-1-1965    M    Single
Gipson, Mary Ann               3-3-1965    F    Widowed
Graham, Laura Birmah          4-15-1965    F    Widowed
Greaves, Dora Mae              9-6-1965    F    Single
Griffin, Luna                12-29-1965    F    Widowed
Guthrie, Melinda E            3-22-1965    F    Widowed
Hallmark, Ce Nora             1-18-1965    F    Widowed
Hamilton, Maggie              4-21-1965    F    Single
Haney, Beulah Roberta        10-16-1965    F    Widowed
Hargrove, David Crockett      5-20-1965    M    Single
Harris, James Lyon            8-31-1965    M    Single
Harris, Vernon E              2-28-1965    M    Single
Harris, Walter Raymond       12-20-1965    M    Widowed
Henson, Zophial Darrell        4-7-1965    M    Single
Holstine, Philip              7-24-1965    M    Widowed
Hudson, John S                4-19-1965    M    Widowed
Hunter, John Crockett         1-13-1965    M    Single
Hunter, Margaret Evelyn       8-16-1965    F    Single
Jones, Annie May               1-3-1965    F    Widowed
Keeney, Isaac Lee              5-9-1965    M    Single
Kelley, Leslie G              3-13-1965    M    Single
Kendrick, Minnie               9-9-1965    F    Separ/Divorced
Kingsbery, Mabel Jarman        6-1-1965    F    Single
Lane, Bessie Rice             10-4-1965    F    Widowed
Lee, Lillie Mae                6-6-1965    F    Widowed
Lewis, John Wesley            2-18-1965    M    Widowed
Livingston, Mary Frances      1-16-1965    F    Widowed
Long, Sallie                  11-2-1965    F    Widowed
Lyon, Mary Elizabeth           9-4-1965    F    Widowed
Martin, William O             11-2-1965    M    Widowed
Mathis, Jesse French           3-7-1965    M    Separ/Divorced
Mccoy, Valerie Layneigh       10-9-1965    F    Married
Mcdaniel, Daisy Beulah         9-9-1965    F    Single
Melton, William Auther Sr    10-30-1965    M    Single
Miller, Mary M               12-12-1965    F    Widowed
Mitchell, Mary Melcena       12-26-1965    F    Widowed
Moorman, Hettie Estella        6-2-1965    F    Single
Morrisson, Pearl A             7-6-1965    F    Single
Nance, Ruth Allen              2-7-1965    F    Single
Newman, Dennis Lester         8-30-1965    M    Single
Odom, Jane G                   9-9-1965    F    Widowed
Oliver, Earl Ford            12-14-1965    M    Single
Owen, Victor North            4-23-1965    M    Single
Parker, William Lafayette     4-28-1965    M    Widowed
Phillips, Mickie Anderson     1-27-1965    F    Widowed
Pool, John W                  4-13-1965    M    Single
Porter, Johnnie              11-16-1965    M    Single
Porter, Rebecca Anne           8-9-1965    F    Married
Powell, William Alexander     9-19-1965    M    Single
Price, John William          10-24-1965    M    Widowed
Pritchard, Elizabeth C        9-12-1965    F    Widowed
Purdy, Edward Rial            2-11-1965    M    Widowed
Ragsdale, Sidney Hollis        9-6-1965    M    Single
Ray, Marion Voyd              4-21-1965    M    Single
Renfro, William Matt           9-8-1965    M    Married
Rhoads, Lula Lee              6-13-1965    F    Widowed
Riley, Madison Cleburne        6-3-1965    M    Married
Roach, Robert                 5-18-1965    M    Widowed
Roberts, Ada Walton          10-30-1965    F    Widowed
Robin, Nan                    5-18-1965    F    Married
Row, William Davis             4-4-1965    M    Widowed
Rush, Clarence Jerry         11-21-1965    M    Single
Rutherford, Addie E          10-16-1965    F    Single
Salter, Bess                   8-5-1965    F    Widowed
Self, Thelbert Travis         8-13-1965    M    Single
Sluder, Ora Richmond          4-10-1965    M    Widowed
Smith, Aldie Burton           11-6-1965    M    Single
Squyres, Samuel Sylvester     6-25-1965    M    Single
Stevens, Frankie Marion        7-3-1965    F    Single
Strange, Alice Myrtle          8-4-1965    F    Widowed
Sutherland, Nannie Laura      11-6-1965    F    Single
Swann, William Newton         3-20-1965    M    Widowed
Taylor, Amos                  8-26-1965    M    Single
Thames, John Vernon          10-14-1965    M    Married
Thomson, Lenora Alice        10-19-1965    F    Married
Thweatt, William T            5-24-1965    M    Married
Tramell, Ira                  6-13-1965    M    Single
Turner, William Penn          11-4-1965    M    Single
Upton, Thomas Henry           7-22-1965    M    Single
Vanderford, Walter Edmund    11-17-1965    M    Single
Vasquez, Victorina S          6-24-1965    F    Single
Walker, Ethel Roberta          7-3-1965    F    Single
Walton, Mary Cordelia        10-14-1965    F    Widowed
Weathers, Ethel Deon           7-7-1965    F    Single
Weeden, Dee B                12-29-1965    M    Single
Williams, Margaret S           2-9-1965    F    Widowed
Winston, Gus Vasaar          12-11-1965    M    Single
Wristen, Mamie Bradshaw       6-18-1965    F    Widowed


            Name                Date        Sex   Marital Status

Akins, Edna Belle              2-23-1966     F    Widowed
Bagley, Carl                  12-21-1966     M    Single
Bedell, Nancy L                5-21-1966     F    Widowed
Bethurum, Issac Newton         6-22-1966     M    Widowed
Bilbrey, Lee Ramas             6-10-1966     M    Single
Blevins, Jackie Lynn           5-15-1966     F    Married
Bowen, George Henry             9-5-1966     M    Widowed
Bradham, Oney Forest           6-18-1966     M    Single
Buck, Nettie Mae                7-2-1966     F    Single
Bucy, Dollie Mae                7-7-1966     F    Single
Campbell, Fred Lee            12-22-1966     M    Widowed
Campbell, Tom Adkins            2-3-1966     M    Widowed
Carroll, Onie R                7-19-1966     M    Single
Carroll, Wortham A              5-5-1966     M    Widowed
Carter, Ellen Hazel            9-27-1966     F    Widowed
Casey, Mary C                  7-25-1966     F    Widowed
Cathey, Florence Lavada        4-22-1966     F    Widowed
Chapman, Ellon                12-19-1966     F    Widowed
Cole, Jesse Herndon            5-22-1966     M    Married
Copeland, Bertha Ann           6-29-1966     F    Widowed
Copeland, James Joe            5-25-1966     M    Widowed
Copeland, Margrett R           3-18-1966     F    Single
Corbell, William W             3-25-1966     M    Widowed
Cuellar, Guadalupe Garcia      3-29-1966     M    Single
Curry, Odis James               6-3-1966     M    Single
Davis, Arthur Thomas            1-4-1966     M    Single
Dawson, Terry James             9-4-1966     M    Married
Day, Susan Jane               11-18-1966     F    Widowed
Deakins, Adam Luther           3-17-1966     M    Single
Dobbs, Edna Louise             4-13-1966     F    Separ/Divorced
Dobbs, Ernest                  4-13-1966     M    Separ/Divorced
Dominik, Stanley Frank         7-22-1966     M    Separ/Divorced
Duke, Stella                    4-9-1966     F    Separ/Divorced
Ely, Elizabeth Frances        10-19-1966     F    Single
Epperson, O F                 10-16-1966     M    Single
Evans, Thomas Neely             2-3-1966     M    Single
Farley, Jessie Edward          2-19-1966     M    Single
Farris, Roberta R              9-10-1966     F    Widowed
Faught, Wilehelmina            9-17-1966     F    Widowed
Fenton, Minnie                 6-12-1966     F    Widowed
Funderburg, John Ernest        6-13-1966     M    Single
Gilbreath, Clara Adria          8-2-1966     F    Widowed
Gilliam, Ida Cora              8-19-1966     F    Widowed
Gould, Clara V                 1-13-1966     F    Widowed
Gray, Lula Myrtle             11-16-1966     F    Single
Green, George Oran             7-25-1966     M    Single
Gregg, Sallie Ellen M           4-2-1966     F    Widowed
Gribble, Sam Marion           10-15-1966     M    Widowed
Griffith, Eva Pearl             2-6-1966     F    Single
Gutierrez, Ester Vivian         3-7-1966     F    Married
Hagler, Fisher L               4-23-1966     M    Single
Halmon, Grady Andrew          12-21-1966     M    Single
Halmon, John C                12-21-1966     M    Single
Hamilton, James Russell       11-21-1966     M    Widowed
Hammonds, Jackie Inf Of        6-21-1966     F    Married
Harllee, Wallace W             4-23-1966     M    Single
Heaton, Omi                   11-17-1966     F    Widowed
Henniger, Harold Herman       11-30-1966     M    Single
Hollon, Fannie Harriet         10-1-1966     F    Widowed
Holt, Jessie Lee               11-5-1966     F    Widowed
Huggins, Addie                 9-11-1966     F    Widowed
Johnson, William Lee          12-13-1966     M    Single
Jones, J L                    10-19-1966     M    Single
Keeney, Thomas William         3-26-1966     M    Single
Kelley, Edith C                10-8-1966     F    Widowed
Lamb, Piercy Lee                3-6-1966     F    Single
Lefevre, Lillie Bell           2-12-1966     F    Widowed
Lemond, Everett Eskill          1-6-1966     M    Single
Livingston, Lucy Ann           2-19-1966     F    Widowed
Lovelady, Alta Zerilda        10-18-1966     F    Married
Lutz, Robert Holly            11-25-1966     M    Single
Lykins, Raney Milton           3-14-1966     M    Single
Manley, J A                    4-23-1966     M    Single
Martin, Marshall Abram         9-18-1966     M    Single
Martin, Wallace E             12-18-1966     M    Single
Mathews, Bettie J             11-27-1966     F    Widowed
Mccarrell, A E                  5-7-1966     M    Single
Mcdonald, Laura Minta          9-10-1966     F    Widowed
Mchorse, Claud R                2-1-1966     M    Single
Mcintire, Essie                8-25-1966     F    Widowed
Mcmahan, Dick Walker           2-12-1966     M    Widowed
Mcneely, James Henry           8-29-1966     M    Single
Mcnutt, William Hugh           10-4-1966     M    Single
Mercer, Hayden Anderson        12-2-1966     M    Single
Minor, Mollie                 12-11-1966     F    Widowed
Mitchell, Theodore             2-18-1966     M    Widowed
Morgan, Charles Oudes          1-27-1966     M    Single
Mow, Millie Turner            12-11-1966     F    Widowed
Myers, Kelly Michele            9-2-1966     F    Married
Neeb, Doyle W                   3-1-1966     M    Single
Neeb, Virgie                   10-5-1966     F    Widowed
Newton, Byron                  6-24-1966     M    Separ/Divorced
Nicholson, Neal                7-26-1966     M    Single
Ogden, Homer E                  8-1-1966     M    Single
Pearce, Leora May               5-5-1966     F    Widowed
Pearce, Sarah Ann              6-17-1966     F    Widowed
Penney, Josie Melvina         10-25-1966     F    Widowed
Perez, Juan Ramon             11-27-1966     M    Married
Peterson, Marius Albert        1-24-1966     M    Single
Pettit, Lillian Emma           4-19-1966     F    Widowed
Phillips, Robert Lee           5-10-1966     M    Married
Pike, Fannie Harrell           1-15-1966     F    Widowed
Poe, Allen Gallion             4-16-1966     M    Married
Pope, Donnie Joe               8-30-1966     M    Married
Porter, Harry H                9-20-1966     M    Widowed
Powe, Mary Frances              4-2-1966     F    Widowed
Powers, Billy Vernon           10-1-1966     M    Married
Pricer, Lillie B               5-10-1966     F    Married
Quinn, Annie Pearl             8-11-1966     F    Single
Ransberger, Robert T           8-19-1966     M    Single
Reasoner, Albert                3-3-1966     M    Widowed
Riley, David Lipscomb          4-14-1966     M    Single
Rodriquez, Anita Ramirez       7-11-1966     F    Widowed
Rutherford, Oscar V            10-5-1966     M    Widowed
Ryals, Martha M                9-20-1966     F    Widowed
Sanders, Hugh Needham           4-6-1966     M    Single
Sanders, Roy Will             11-28-1966     M    Widowed
Sewell, Allen N                 3-5-1966     M    Single
Shaw, Patrick H                 7-2-1966     M    Widowed
Sides, Lemon D                10-18-1966     M    Widowed
Sides, Mae                     10-7-1966     F    Widowed
Simonton, Mary C               9-24-1966     F    Widowed
Slate, Charlie D               2-12-1966     M    Single
Slate, Roxie Bell               3-5-1966     F    Widowed
Smith, Dovie D                 7-14-1966     F    Single
Smith, Joe B                   6-14-1966     M    Single
Smith, Terry                   8-13-1966     M    Single
Spencer, Nancy Rila           12-28-1966     F    Single
Stamper, Vernon Debs            9-3-1966     M    Single
Stepp, William Edwin           9-15-1966     M    Single
Stewart, Earl Ivans            7-28-1966     M    Single
Stinson, Hulda Savanah         1-23-1966     F    Widowed
Strozier, Augustus B           7-17-1966     M    Single
Tate, Oscar Earl               10-3-1966     M    Single
Tisdale, William Rayston      12-11-1966     M    Single
Turney, Bert                    9-3-1966     M    Single
Tuttle, Locke Paul             10-8-1966     M    Single
Tyson, Lillie Ella            11-24-1966     F    Widowed
Valdez, John Will               7-3-1966     M    Married
Vaughan, Grady                10-15-1966     M    Single
Vaughan, Mollie                5-24-1966     F    Widowed
Vercher, Mary Frances          7-13-1966     F    Widowed
Wagner, Ora Henderson         10-11-1966     F    Widowed
Walden, Luther D               9-10-1966     M    Single
Ware, Maude                    5-15-1966     F    Widowed
Watson, Thomas Oscar           6-11-1966     M    Widowed
Wells, George O                 1-2-1966     M    Single
Wells, John J                  1-24-1966     M    Single
Wheatley, Mary Elizabeth       5-27-1966     F    Single
White, Dora Ann               11-16-1966     F    Widowed
Williams, Alvy Arnel           6-25-1966     M    Single
Wood, Joseph Parmer            3-12-1966     M    Single
Wood, Lillian W                5-20-1966     F    Single
Woodard, Robert Floyd           6-2-1966     M    Widowed
Zimmerle, Lillian              1-25-1966     F    Single


            Name                Date        Sex    Marital Status

Adams, Evy                    10-29-1967     F    Single
Adams, Nancy June               4-1-1967     F    Married
Aishman, Walter William        8-19-1967     M    Single
Alexander, Benjamin C           3-3-1967     M    Single
Allen, Thurman Jackson        12-22-1967     M    Single
Bailey, Chester Raymond        5-16-1967     M    Single
Bailey, Robert Ezequel        11-10-1967     M    Single
Baker, Joe Blunt               11-4-1967     M    Single
Barnett, Willard Gordon        6-22-1967     M    Separ/Divorced
Barton, Governor                3-3-1967     M    Separ/Divorced
Bishop, Charles Madison        3-19-1967     M    Widowed
Blair, Jennie                  5-27-1967     F    Widowed
Boyd, Blanche Estelle          4-16-1967     F    Married
Brice, Thomas Edward            2-4-1967     M    Single
Brooks, William Edward        12-18-1967     M    Widowed
Brown, Joe Roger              12-16-1967     M    Single
Brown, Lillie Amanda          11-27-1967     F    Widowed
Browning, Robert Roy          11-26-1967     M    Widowed
Bullock, Margret               11-1-1967     F    Widowed
Bynum, Velma                  12-15-1967     F    Single
Cain, Cassie Mary              12-4-1967     F    Widowed
Calhoon, Aaron Dennis          4-26-1967     M    Widowed
Clark, Grace                   10-8-1967     F    Widowed
Clemons, James Minus           1-13-1967     M    Widowed
Clifton, Jewell                 2-5-1967     F    Widowed
Cochran, Carrie E             10-17-1967     F    Widowed
Collins, Della Julie           10-9-1967     F    Single
Conger, J C                    5-10-1967     M    Single
Conway, Alta Mae               3-12-1967     F    Single
Cooper, Charles Thomas          2-4-1967     M    Single
Couch, Mcmordie M              9-12-1967     M    Single
Crutcher, Lula B              11-27-1967     F    Widowed
Crye, Laura Michele           12-16-1967     F    Married
Culpepper, A D                  8-5-1967     M    Separ/Divorced
Davis, Walter Thomas          11-11-1967     M    Single
De Armon, Thomas J             10-8-1967     M    Single
Densman, Novel R Sr           10-30-1967     M    Single
Deprang, Jodie Nichols        12-28-1967     M    Married
Dibrell, Florence              11-4-1967     F    Married
Duncan, Mary Lee                2-8-1967     F    Separ/Divorced
Dunman, Elizabeth Lane        12-14-1967     F    Widowed
Dunn, George H                 5-8-1967     M    Single
Dunn, John P                    3-6-1967     M    Single
Eeds, Chapman Layfette          5-3-1967     M    Single
Farris, Hiram King E            9-6-1967     M    Single
Featherston, Ettie              3-2-1967     F    Widowed
Flippin, Emma Marion           3-22-1967     F    Single
Folkner, Silas Luther          5-20-1967     M    Widowed
Forman, Mary                   9-26-1967     F    Widowed
Fuller, John Calvin Sr          2-6-1967     M    Single
Gallaway, William F             5-8-1967     M    Single
Gannaway, Maude May            9-30-1967     F    Single
Garcia, Ramona                11-26-1967     F    Single
Garrett, Robert Lee            2-20-1967     M    Single
Gay, William Clark            12-16-1967     M    Single
Glasson, Maggie T             12-23-1967     F    Single
Gordon, Lonnie Lee            10-20-1967     M    Single
Gray, Joseph Talmadge          2-11-1967     M    Single
Gray, Virginia                 2-26-1967     F    Widowed
Gray, William Earl             3-31-1967     M    Single
Greer, Ross E                 10-25-1967     M    Single
Griffith, Ernest Howard        9-25-1967     M    Widowed
Haas, Ella Jane                8-24-1967     F    Single
Ham, Arvie L                   5-23-1967     M    Single
Hambright, William Elton       4-10-1967     M    Widowed
Harris, James William         12-10-1967     M    Married
Hartman, Audrey Lynn           4-30-1967     F    Married
Hill, Hannah Taylor            2-26-1967     F    Widowed
Hull, John George             12-31-1967     M    Separ/Divorced
Isbell, William Wilkerson      8-21-1967     M    Single
James, Nora Elizabeth           5-1-1967     F    Widowed
Jewell, Rena J                 5-27-1967     F    Widowed
Johnson, Emma                 11-12-1967     F    Widowed
Johnson, Fox                   7-31-1967     M    Single
Jones, Bennie H                 3-4-1967     M    Separ/Divorced
Keller, Alice                  9-21-1967     F    Widowed
Kennedy, Mary T                2-15-1967     F    Married
Ketchum, Thomas R              4-26-1967     M    Single
Key, William Clyde            12-15-1967     M    Single
Kile, James Preston            1-25-1967     M    Married
King, John Clifton Sr          5-29-1967     M    Widowed
Kinnison, Anne Lee            12-10-1967     F    Widowed
Lankford, Carl Andrew          8-24-1967     M    Single
Laws, Daisy Mae                3-11-1967     F    Widowed
Lee, Eunice                     5-8-1967     F    Widowed
Lindsey, Ruth Ester            4-23-1967     F    Single
Lobstein, George W            12-10-1967     M    Single
Love, Gene                     2-24-1967     M    Widowed
Lowe, Vida Pearl              11-27-1967     F    Widowed
Mathews, Monila Pearl           6-5-1967     F    Single
May, Alfred C                   5-5-1967     M    Single
May, Allie Rose                 1-8-1967     F    Widowed
Mcanally, Roy Lafayette         9-3-1967     M    Widowed
Mccord, James Pressley         10-9-1967     M    Single
Mcculloch, Julia E             8-31-1967     F    Married
Mcdaniel, Floyd Recil          7-14-1967     M    Single
Mcgee, Viola Paige Mays        6-13-1967     F    Widowed
Mchorse, Walter Marvin         4-22-1967     M    Single
Mckinney, Hattie               4-25-1967     F    Widowed
Mcmillon, Mary Ann            12-17-1967     F    Widowed
Miller, Jesse James Sr         6-28-1967     M    Single
Milligan, Jerome A             11-9-1967     M    Single
Mitchell, Berta D              2-23-1967     F    Single
Mitchell, Cora Bell            7-31-1967     F    Married
Molina, Gilbert                2-12-1967     M    Married
Morton, Leona                  2-20-1967     F    Single
Mudd, Etta Janie               1-21-1967     F    Widowed
Mulanax, Horace                5-22-1967     M    Married
Nicholson, Miles G             3-25-1967     M    Married
Nunez, Gilbert                 9-27-1967     M    Single
Oakes, James Turner            2-17-1967     M    Widowed
Owen, James Othar              9-14-1967     M    Widowed
Oxford, Rufus                 11-20-1967     M    Widowed
Parker, John Bunyan            3-26-1967     M    Single
Parker, John William          10-30-1967     M    Single
Payne, Willie Laura           11-24-1967     F    Widowed
Pirtle, James B               11-18-1967     M    Single
Polk, Carlotta Pickett          1-5-1967     F    Single
Powers, Sarah                  1-31-1967     F    Widowed
Puckett, Ollie                10-13-1967     M    Married
Rambo, Ala                     1-15-1967     F    Single
Red, Jessie R                   4-6-1967     F    Widowed
Redding, G H                    5-1-1967     F    Widowed
Rhodes, Robert Lee             2-10-1967     M    Widowed
Richardson, Clarance A        10-27-1967     F    Widowed
Roberts, Orion R               1-31-1967     M    Single
Robertson, Vera Velonia        12-4-1967     F    Single
Salas, Johnny                  5-28-1967     M    Single
Sampson, Cleo Tabitha M        11-7-1967     F    Widowed
Sanchez, Maximinia            12-14-1967     F    Widowed
Sanderson, William J            7-3-1967     M    Single
Schulle, Phillip Fritz         7-27-1967     M    Single
Scott, Lois Richardson         1-22-1967     F    Single
Seals, Clifford L              7-12-1967     M    Single
Sharpton, William Tillet      12-11-1967     M    Single
Smith, Dolph V                 9-11-1967     M    Widowed
Smith, Nettie Lee              12-1-1967     F    Married
Sparkman, William Burl         5-28-1967     M    Single
Stearns, Robert Burton        12-31-1967     M    Single
Stevens, Salome H             10-11-1967     F    Widowed
Stinnett, Mary                11-26-1967     F    Widowed
Stone, Anna V                  4-10-1967     F    Widowed
Strickland, Ida Belle          1-17-1967     F    Single
Strickland, J C                1-14-1967     M    Single
Swor, Josie Irene              6-19-1967     F    Widowed
Tatum, Lola A                 11-12-1967     F    Widowed
Taylor, Tillie E               3-13-1967     F    Single
Thomas, Wade Hampton           6-12-1967     M    Single
Thomason, Medora Murray        6-10-1967     F    Single
Turner, Disia C                 6-8-1967     F    Widowed
Warnock, Sallie                3-29-1967     F    Married
Watson, James Daniel           9-11-1967     M    Single
Watson, Stella Maggie          8-10-1967     F    Widowed
Webb, William Andrew           1-30-1967     M    Widowed
Wells, Dewitt Roy               1-7-1967     M    Single
Wells, William Edward          5-20-1967     M    Single
Welty, Lavinnia Catherine      4-27-1967     F    Widowed
West, Robert Douglas            7-4-1967     M    Single
West, Sally Clementine         6-12-1967     F    Widowed
Whatley, Pearl Sparkman       12-29-1967     F    Widowed
Whetstone, Jennie Forest       9-25-1967     F    Widowed
White, Edward L                5-22-1967     M    Widowed
Whyte, Estelle Murray         11-28-1967     F    Widowed
Williams, Maud                10-12-1967     F    Widowed
Wilson, Annie Russell          12-7-1967     F    Widowed
Winstead, Henry                5-16-1967     M    Single
Woodard, Haile H               9-21-1967     M    Single
Woodruff, Hunter                5-2-1967     M    Single
Woods, Ethel Veteran            6-5-1967     F    Widowed
Woods, Walter A                2-22-1967     M    Single
Wooley, Fronie J               4-21-1967     F    Widowed
Wright, Thomas Doyle            9-4-1967     M    Single
Wristen, Dan Franklin Sr       1-31-1967     M    Single


            Name                                  Date          Sex   Marital Status

Akins         Ben                              23-Apr-1968       M    WIDOWED
Amarine       David          Elmon             17-Dec-1968       M    SINGLE
Atkins        Jarrette       Ethan