Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Estherlene [Jackie] L. Griffith

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Joseph Henry (Joe) Griffith (see Joseph Franklin Griffith) was born May 30, 1861, in Arkansas and came to Comanche County, Texas sometime prior to marrying Mary Jane Wilson, October 4, 1883, born in Comanche County, April 6, 1863.  They had three sons, John Todd born July 20, 1884, Jess V., May 6, 1887, and David William (Willie), November 3, 1893.  In 1903, Joe and Mary Jane along with their sons moved to Grosvenor.  In 1906, Joe, Mary Jane and Willie moved to Coleman County and settled on a 320 acre farm 9 miles northeast of Santa Anna.  About 1920, Joe and Mary Jane moved into Santa Anna.  He ran a wagon yard lot there, then served as deputy sheriff under Dick Pauley.  Uncle Joe, as he was known, while performing his duty as deputy, was shot in the abdomen and passed away February 17, 1924.  Mary Jane continued living in Santa Anna until her death June 21, 1951.

Joe and Mary Jane’s eldest son, John married Timy Boles while living near Grosvenor.  They soon moved to Coleman County near his parents and farmed for a number of years.  They had a girl, Ima, born March 11, 1914, and a boy, Joe, November 12, 1929.  John drove a school bus for a few years to Buffalo School.  Upon retiring he moved to Bangs and passed away October 2, 1966. Timy made her home with Ima in Santa Anna where Timy passed away April 9, 1978.  She and John are both buried in Santa Anna, along with his parents.  While living in the Longview community, Ima married Roy Wood September 30, 1933.  They had two boys, Kenneth and Billy Rohn.  They farmed near Santa Anna a number of years.  Ima is now married to Alton Brewer; they own a place near where Bee Branch school once stood.  John and Timy’s son Joe, joined the Air Force upon graduating from high school and served 25 years.  He married Jean Copeland from Burkett.  They had two boys, Lee and Randy Joe.  Since retiring, they have lived in San Angelo.

Jess, married Eva Pearl Straughn, September 24, 1905, while living near Grosvenor, but soon moved to Coleman County.  They had a baby boy that died at three weeks, another boy that died at four years, both buried at Fairview Cemetery near Grosvenor.  October 12, 1907, they had a girl, Adrian, and May 18, 1915, they had a boy, Donnie Durl. Jess held some jobs in town but seemed to favor farm life.  About 1949, they left the farm again and moved into Santa Anna, and ran a service station before retiring about 1950.  Eva passed away there February 6, 1966.  Jess continued living in Santa Anna until his death July 30, 1974, both buried in Coleman.  In 1923, Adrian married W.C. (Bill) Price, a Coleman County man.  They farmed in the county until his death in 1971.  Adrian still owns their farm in the Shields community, but makes her home in Coleman. They had a boy, James, and a girl, Wanda.  James served in the U.S. Navy during WW II.  He married a girl from Minnesota.  They had four girls.  Sharon and Sheila were born in Coleman County, Pennie and Paula were born in Minnesota.  James now makes his home in San Angelo.  Wanda married Billy Campbell of Santa Anna.  They had one boy, Donnie.  They farmed in the county a few years but are living in Grand Prairie now.  Durl Griffith married in October, 1934, Asa Pearl Brooks (see George W. Brooks), who was reared in Coleman.  They had one girl, Shirley (born 1935), then moved to Fort Worth.  They had a boy, Gary (born 1947), who was killed in an automobile accident at the age of 15.  Durl now resides at Lake Granbury.

On November 19, 1911, Willie married Mary Etta Mitchell, who was born in Mills County February 23, 1891, sister of Archie Mitchell (see William Michael Keeney).  May 12, 1913, they had a boy, Odie, and July 15, 1919, they had a girl, Mary Lou.  Willie and Etta farmed in the county for about 33 years.  During WW II, they moved to Orange and both were employed in a cannery for awhile, later moved to Blake, near Rising Star, and Willie worked in a gas refinery, moved back to Coleman to retire in 1955, where they still live.  They maintained a home together for over 71 years, but are presently making their home at Leisure Lodge Nursing Home.  Odie married Estherlene “Jackie” Lancaster December 4, 1932.  They farmed in the county until 1975.  Due to Odie’s ill health, they sold their farm and moved into Coleman where they now reside.  Odie has been employed with an oil company since 1953 (see Lancaster Family).  They had one daughter, Linda Joyce, born February 11, 1947, married a Coleman boy, Wesley Dority, and have two children, Doyle, September 23, 1965 at Stamford, and Linda Denise, November 19, 1974 at Brownwood. Linda and Wesley are employed with General Telephone, presently living at Frederick, Oklahoma.  Mary Lou Griffith married Tom Medcalf June 24, 1934.  They had W. L., May 19, 1935; J. W., August 15, 1936; Mary Eloise, January 26, 1939.  In 1944, they moved to Kermit to work in the west Texas oilfields.  Mary Lou died there September 6, 1958, buried in Coleman.

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Mary Jane and Joseph Henry Griffith

Jess, Eva, Etta, Mary Jane, Willie, Timy, and John Griffith

Odie, Willie, Etta, and Jackie Griffith - 1982 Odie and Jackie ‘s 50th Anniversary, Will and Etta ‘s 71st.

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