Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Zeissel and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hanke, Jr.

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Adolph came over in 1883, he married Annie Gerick, August 5, 1890 in Cameron, and soon moved to Coleman.  Aproximately the first eight years of their marriage were spent in this city, where Adolph did carpentry.  Being of the Catholic faith, they attended the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  The children attended Coleman schools.  According to the 1900 Federal Census, Adolph and Annie purchased and lived on a 172-acre farm four miles north of Burkett.  Eleven children were born, the last child died at birth.  All these children attended and received most of their education at the Comal school.  Since it was not the era of the school bus, all children walked to school.

All the children married and many settled in and near the Burkett and Coleman areas.  The following is data about the Adolph Hanke children: Reinhard, a lifelong resident of Coleman County, was born August 27, 1891, married Clara Blaschke, had two children, lived on a farm near Burkett, and died February 10, 1976, a veteran of World War I.  George L., a lifelong resident of Coleman County, was born April 20, 1893, married Anna K. Essler, was an auto mechanic and stock farmer, and died January 25, 1981, a veteran of World War I.  Mary Thresia was born September 8, 1895, spent early years in Burkett community and later years in Knox County, married George J. Zeissel, a farmer and mechanic, had three children, and died June 13, 1983.  Annie Madeline was born May 24, 1898, spent early years in Burkett community, married Alfred Franke, spent later years on a farm near Cross Plains, had five children, and still lives near Cross Plains.  Joe Ernest was a lifelong resident of Burkett community as a stock farmer, was born March 1, 1900, married Ruth A. Hobbs, had two children, and died July 30, 1982.  Hubert Herman was born November 13, 1902, married Fern Peeples, had two children, was a stock farmer, later as an oilfield worker, and died in February, 1972.  Rosie Agnes was born November 24, 1903, married Joseph Essler, lived in Archer County, near Scotland, as a stock farmer and dairy operator, had 11 children, and died November 30, 1977.  Agnes Marie was born December 26, 1905, attended beauty school, married Walter Jones, spent early married life in Wichita Falls, had three children, now lives in Dayton, Ohio.  Adolph, born July, 1863-April 19, 1944.  Annie Gerick, born November 5,1871-September 10, 1951.  Burkett Cemetery is the resting place of the parents and grandparent of this Hanke family, as well as some of the children.

Moritz Hanke was married to Aloisia (Louisa) Hanke on November 4, 1899 in Cameron, and they came to Coleman County in the late 1890’s.  They were cousins.  Moritz was a half brother to Adolph Hanke.  They first came to Coleman and then to the Burkett community, where they owned and operated a farm.  They were members of the Lutheran church. Along with farming Moritz had a hobby of bee keeping.  Family and friends always looked forward to eating some of “Aunt Ludy’s” biscuits and honey.  They had three children: Alois and Pauline (a twin to Pauline died at birth).  Both Moritz and Aloisia are buried in Burkett, along with son, Alois, May 15, 1904-April 5,1944.  He never married.  Pauline married William B. Richards, a career army officer.  They had one son and one daughter.  Pauline died November 1, 1982, buried in Tracy, California.  Moritz, October 23, 1875-December 4, 1952.  Aloisia, born March 8, 1876-June 17, 1953.  Aloisia’s father, Moritz, is also buried at Burkett.

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Seated: Adolph and Annie Hanke; standing. George, Joe Ernest, Reinhard, Hubert, Agnes, Rosie, Annie and Mary.

Moritz and Aloisia Hanke

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