Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by H. Aubrey Clay and Gladys Clay Sippola

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Samuel Russel Harris retired from farming and moved from Buffalo Gap, Texas, with his wife, Sarah Brown (Crawford) Harris to Talpa, about 1907.  Accompanying them were: their son, James Benjamin (see James Benjamin Harris) and Sarah’s sister, Mary Elizabeth (Crawford) Harris, whose husband, a brother of Samuel R., had died earlier.  Samuel R., born December 16, 1844 in Canehill, Arkansas, came to Hill County, Texas, with his parents in 1845.  His father later moved to Smith County.  Samuel R. joined the Texas Rangers during the Civil War.  Following this, he freighted lumber by ox team from Shreveport, Louisiana to Fort Worth, and later worked as a cowboy for the Erhart Cattle Company.  He married Sarah Brown Crawford, whose family had moved from Talladega County, Alabama, on September 11, 1878, and homesteaded near the Cottonwood Community in Callahan County.  They had three children, all born in Callahan County: Charles Rufus, July 18, 1879; James Benjamin, October 14, 1880; and Alma Alberta, March 23, 1883 (see John David Clay).

C. R. Harris married while the family lived in Buffalo Gap and eventually moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he died March 17, 1942.  Samuel R. Harris died August 27, 1929 in Talpa; Sarah Brown, July 13, 1916 in Talpa; and Mary Elizabeth, November 1, 1911, all buried in Talpa.

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