Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Mrs. Haden Hart

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Haden Hart was born in Adam County, Oklahoma, March 23, 1914, the son of Ben Franklin and Edna (Simmons) Hart.  At the age of two and a half, his mother died.  It was her request that his aunt Ellen Saunders raise him (see Philip Jones Saunders).  In the fall of 1917, his father brought him to Coleman County, to be raised by his aunt and uncle, the Philip Jones Saunders family.  Haden grew up in the Viets or Old Silver Valley community.  He went to school at Viets and Silver Valley.  At age 19, Hadenís aunt passed away, and his Uncle Philip went to live with his children by his first wife.  This left Haden alone, so he entered the CCC camp.  Here he spent about three years.  While in camp, he came home on a leave and met his future wife, Nellie Mae Pricer, daughter of the John Thomas Pricer (see Pricer Family).  Mr. Pricer, with seven children, came to Coleman County in the fall of 1926.  They settled in the Voss community and lived on the Joe Pepper farm.  Nellís first year of school was in Voss.  They then moved to the Anderson Community, where she went to school, and finished at the Silver Valley school.

Haden B. Hart and Nellie Mae Pricer met in 1936.  They married October 8, 1939.  They had three sons: Ben Thomas (Tommy) born June 28, 1940; Claude Austin, June 27, 1943; and Bobby Jack, February 15, 1946.  They each graduated from Coleman High School.

Haden was a farmer for a number of years.  He was a heavy equipment operator for the Central Colorado Authority and County Precinct 1 for 25 years.  He is retired now.  He and his wife have lived in Coleman the past 25 years, living at 616 W. 4th Street.

Ben Thomas is a minister of the Primitive Baptist Church, he has been Administrator over 5 nursing homes.  He married Joy Huckaby, November 28, 1964, have two children, Carl and Katrina, both adopted.  They are living in Midlothian.

Claude entered the Navy, serving four years.  He was in Vietnam with a C. B. specialist force for a period of time.  While in the Navy, he met Charlie Sue Garrett of Santa Anna, married December 25, 1963.  They have two girls, Robbin Christie and Pamela Elizabeth. Claude, after leaving the Navy, went through the D.P.S. Academy in Austin.  He was stationed at Brenham, Navasota, San Angelo and San Antonio, then sent to Chicago for a yearís study in law enforcement.  He returned to Austin, where he is teaching in the D.P.S. Academy.  He and his family live in Round Rock.

Bobby Jack, entered the Army and spent most of his time in Germany.  After three years in the Army, he returned to Coleman.  He was Deputy Sheriff and night dispatcher, serving under Sheriff John Smith.  During this time, he married a childhood sweetheart, Alfredia Poldrack, daughter of Arthur and Avis (Thompson) Poldrack of Coleman.  They have two children: Shannon Dewayne and Douglas Bryan.  Bobby Jack went through the D.P.S. Academy in Austin.  Upon graduation, he was assigned to duty as State Trooper in Eagle Pass, then Bronte, then to Mineral Wells, where he now lives.

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The Hart family ó Bobby Jack, Nell, Ben Thomas (Tommy), Haden, Claude Austin.


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