Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Freda Elliott

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Otha Melvin Heallen was born July 3, 1893, in La Fayette, Georgia, the son of M. C. Heallen and Sarah (Dovie) Cordell.  Otha came to Coleman County from Bell County in 1912, married Minnie Bivins (1894-1962) on December 21, 1912 (see Bivins).  They rented a farm in the Plainview Community south of Santa Anna.  Their children are:

(1) Printess (January 4, 1914) married Allene Riddle.  They had three children: Barbara Kay Amelang, David, and John.

(2) Allene (February 18, 1917) married Daulton Paschall.  Their children are Winfred and Max.

(3) Buna (April 16, 1919) married Lewis W. Johnson.  Their children are Lewis, Jr., Judy Carroll McNichols, and Susan Bordvosky.

(4) Aletha Jewell (October 16, 1920) married J.C. Kirschner.  They had two children: James C. (Jimmie) and Timothy Paul (Tim).

(5) Freda (November 8, 192S) married Jasper Elliott.  Their children are Diane Davis and Stephen Jasper.

(6) Fred (December 5, 1927) died at birth.

(7) Kenneth Edwin (December 14, 1933) married Sherlene Byrd.  Their two children are Tracy Ann and Lisa Dawn.

O. M. Heallen died May 29, 1959 in Austin; Minnie died three years later on October 8, 1962, both are buried at Capital Memorial Gardens in Austin.

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Minnie Bivins Heallen

Otha M. Heallen


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