Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Catherine Boyd Rackow

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Patrick Steven Hester was born in Grayson County, October 16, 1862, to Whilie Jonah, buried at Caradan, and Elizabeth (Guess) Hester.  Patrickís brothers and sisters are Robert, Jonah, Willie, Liza, Rebeckie and Nannie.  He married Lavinia Catherine Whitely, May 5, 1882 at Goldthwaite, the daughter of Martin and Syrinna (Boydston) Whitely, born March 13, 1865 in Bell County. Her brothers and sisters are Christina, Synia, Laura and Martin. Laura married Fred Goacher and raised a family of six children.  Patrick and Lavinia lived around Goldthwaite several years. Their children:
(1) Cora, July 13, 1886 in Bell County - March 9, 1961, married Harviston Kenley, October 1, 1905 at Voss, June 3, 1884 - December 14, 1960, both buried in Coleman.  Their children: (la) Syrinna Alvertia, March, 1906 at Starkweather, married George Kitchen, had nine children.  She died March 15, 1947, buried at Coleman;  (lb) Stevens married Doily Horton, they had a boy and a girl;  (lc) Virgie married Bill Carson, no children;  (ld) Margaret, July 29, 1923, married Bill Jackson in Coleman.  Bill died in 1982, buried at Gatesville.  Their children: Randy, born in Coleman; Sherry was killed in a car wreck, buried at Gatesville; they had another daughter.

(2) Laura, April 5, 1888-November 5, 1965, buried at Santa Anna, married (1) John H. Shepard, February 1, 1911.  Their children:

(2a) Lila Mae, December 3, 1911 at Voss, married R. K. Shipman, August 12, 1936.  Children: (1) Milton, October 19, 1937 at Dardnell, Arkansas, married Linda Landrum in 1954, had a boy and a girl.  He died August 5, 1969, buried at Santa Anna;  (2) Melvin, June 22, 1940, married Linda Brown, has a family;  (3) Donnal, February 25, 1944, married Linda Thomas, has a family;  (4) Janice, February 21, 1946 at Coleman, married Bill Modawell in Brownwood, have a boy and a girl;  (5) Wilma, January 29, 1948 in Coleman, never married; and (6) Jerry Don, December 30, 1954 in Odessa, married and has a son.

(2b) R. V. Lee, November 15, 1913 at Voss married Estelle Baker, in April 1934, in Coleman. Children: (1) Vernon, February, 1935, married Vera and had ten children; (2) Ola May, January 5, 1937, never married; (3) Donna, November 10, 1938, married and has a family; (4) Delbert Ray, July 15, 1942, at Santa Anna, married and has a family; (5) Bobby, August 19, 1946, married, has a family; (6) Bettie Darlene and (7) Nettie Carlene, August 5, 1951, both married and have families.  R. V. died September 10, 1977, buried at Santa Anna. Laura and John divorced in 1914, she married (2) Henry Sheller in 1920.  Laura and Henry divorced in 1922 and in 1927 she married (3) Arthur Southerland, he died in 1972, buried in Santa Anna.

(2c) Floyd Earnest, September 16, 1921 in Wert, Oklahoma.

(2d) Finance Loyd, January 2, 1930 at Comfort.  His children: (1) Joyce Juanell, August 5, 1950 at Santa Anna, married David Bell, December 12, 1968, in Brownwood, their children: Tommy Glenn, December 14, 1970; Rhonda Joyce, August 12, 1972; Jason Loyd, January 10, 1977; and Amy Deen, November 9, 1979, all born in Brownwood;  (2) Michael Loyd, born July 27, 1963.

 (3) John Arthur, November 2,1889-February 13, 1961, buried at Brown Ranch; never married.

 (4) Lessie, 1892 - died about November 1978, buried at Electra, married Hugh Adams in 1915, in a buggy south of Voss.  Their children: (4a) Travis, April 1, 1917 at Voss, married Lucile, had two boys and one girl, who died after she was grown, buried at Houston; (4b) Homer, born in 1920, married, has a daughter; (4c) Robert, born in 1929, married and has 5 children.

 (5) Zella, August 1, 1894, married Bill Rushing, August 1,1922 at Willson, Oklahoma.  Their children: (5a) Irene, April 17, 1923 at Willson-December 3, 1927, buried at Brown Ranch; (5b) Woodie Stevens, September 16, 1927 at Starkweather-January 1, 1930, buried in Oklahoma; (5c) Mexine, 1925 in Willson-1960; (5d) Bonnie Jene, 1928 in Oklahoma; (5e) Cleo, September 22, 1931 at Voss; and (5f) Rose Zella, 1934 in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  Zella died in 1971, buried in San Antonio.

 (6) Walter S., September 12, 1897 in Jackson County, married Gladys Herrin in Hilton, Oklahoma in 1924.  Children: Francie, born at Wilson, had 2 boys and a girl, and Gaylord, born about 1933 in Wilson, married and has a family.

 (7) Nettie, May 9, 1900 in San Saba County, went to school at Voss, Starkweather and high school in Santa Anna.  She did substitute teaching at Starkweather in 1917, married John Henry Boyd in Hilton, Oklahoma, August 22, 1922.  Their children: (7a) Catherine Annie, June 16, 1923 in Duncan, Oklahoma, married Otto Henry Rackow, March 7, 1942, in Coleman (see Adolph Rackow); (7b) Pauline, September 22, 1924 at Starkweather, married Robert Russell in 1945 in Dallas, have a daughter, Gwendolyn, born April 6, 1946 in Coleman, married (1) Ronnie Uptergrove in 1963 at Lubbock.  Two children: Mickley Wayne, January 14, 1965 in Pueblo, Colorado, and Lynn, October 23, 1966, in Coleman.  Gwen and Ronnie divorced in 1967, she married (2) Dennis Floyd Bales in 1972 in Michigan, one child, Sonya.  Pauline and Robert divorced in 1945, she married (2) George Kitchen, August 28, 1949 in Novice.  Children: Sandra, June 11, 1950 in Lubbock, married Edward Eldred in 1964 in Coleman, four children: Salinda, September 27, 1966; Chris, January 27, 1968; George, April 23, 1970; and Rickey, May 21, 1971.  Sandra and Edward divorced in 1971, she married (2) Billy W. Walker in 1972, in Coleman and divorced in 1982, one daughter, Carmel Kay, January 18, 1978 in Brownwood.  Nettie and John divorced in 1925.  John died in 1958, buried in Dallas.  Nettie moved to Coleman from Starkweather in 1936 and married (2) Ray Tomlinson, June 8, 1938 (see John Tomlinson).

 (8) Alvie, March, 1905 at Voss, married Margaret White in 1932 at Poteet.  They had no children.  He died in 1963, buried in Coleman.  Margaret is also deceased.

The Hester family moved from San Saba County to Starkweather in 1903.  Patrick farmed and freighted coal from the Rockwood Coal Mine, with wagons and big horses, to Ballinger, San Angelo and surrounding communities.  They moved to Voss and bought 160 acres, hauling lumber from Coleman in wagons to build their house.  They also had a water rig and drilled wells at Valera and Voss (most of the wells here had so much copper that the water was not used) and the well at Water Valley school.  In 1914, they bought 170 acres at Starkweather and moved there.  The Little Panther and Big Panther Creeks both ran through this place.  They made some good crops here; one year they had as many as ten bales of cotton picked ahead of the gin and sold it for 6 cents a pound.  The tornado in 1915 didnít do as much damage to the Hester house as it did to some of their neighbors.  Many lost their homes.  However, the one in 1917 blew their house four feet south and four feet east, tore the kitchen floor out and it had to be replaced.  All the barns were torn up, the stock ate the feed and cotton seed and some of the chickens were never found.  In 1918, it was so dry, that the Hester family went to Willson, Oklahoma, where a brother of Patrickís lived and worked in the oilfield.  Patrick and the family returned to Starkweather in 1921 and farmed.  At the time of his death in 1927, he had stock at Voss, Starkweather and on the Colorado River, and was selling milk.  A truck came from Coleman and picked up the milk.  He is buried at Brown Ranch.  Lavinia, Arthur, Nettie and the girls stayed at Starkweather until 1930, moved to Voss, then to Coleman.  Lavinia Catherine Hester passed away December 3, 1949, at Coraís home, buried at Brown Ranch.

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The eight Hester children: standing, Cora, Laura, Arthur, Lessie, and Zella; front, Walter, Nettie, and Alvie - 1927.

R. V. Lee and Lila Mae Shepard, standing; Travis and Homer Adams, Patrick and Lavinia Hester, holding Floyd Sheller, 1921


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