Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Mrs. Carroll Hinds

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

William Robert (Bob) Hinds, son of William and Nancy (Brooks) Hinds, was born five miles southwest of Waldron, Scott County, Arkansas, on November 17, 1865.  His father died in Arkansas in 1879, and two years later Bob came to Texas, locating first in Bell County (see J.M. Hinds).  He married Miss Thula Bell Trousdale, born May 28, 1871 at Nolenville, the daughter of M. C. and Louisa (Bush) Trousdale, on December 1, 1889 in Belton.  (Both her parents were born in Nashville, Tennessee).  They moved to Coleman County in 1897 and lived in the Stacy area on the Colorado River.  They had seven children: Myrtle, Ethel, Matt, R. C., Lillie Mae, Thelma and Alfred.  When R. C. was about seven years old, the family moved to the Santa Anna area and the children went to school at Junction.  His dad worked for the Banister Ranch.  The family then moved to Valera in 1911 or 1912 and Bob and Thula ran the boarding house and livery stable.  R. C. would meet the trains and hire out to take the drummers to the south part of the county.  The family then moved to Coleman.  Mrs. Hinds died July 8, 1956 and Mr. Hinds, December 11, 1961, both buried in Coleman.

R. C. Hinds, born November 7, 1900 at Stacy, and Tempest Lula Peek, July 18, 1900 in Comanche, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Levy Peek, were married May 28, 1922 in Coleman.  To this union were born three children: Geneva Pearl, August 1, 1925; Robert Carroll, March 3, 1929 in Coleman; and Glenda Saloma, February 21, 1933.  R. C. was a barber and they spent most of their lives in Coleman County.  In 1936, they bought a 150 acre farm in the Glen Cove community.  In 1945, R.C. was employed by the Coleman County Courthouse as maintenance man and worked there until he retired in 1962.  After retiring, the Hinds bought a travel trailer and spent some time in Phoenix, Arizona, and other points of interest.  They returned, and spent their last days on their farm that they loved so well.  Mr. Hinds died June 4, 1976 and Mrs. Hinds, January 8, 1979, both buried in Coleman.

On October 24, 1948, Carroll Hinds and Addie Lee Hopper, born May 4, 1928 in Coleman County, the daughter of Oly Boston and Gladys (Cox) Hopper, were married in the home of her parents in the Voss community (see Hopper Family).  Carroll and Addie have spent almost all of their lives in Coleman County, with the exception of a few years spent in Phoenix, Arizona, and Santa Clara, California, where Carroll was employed for Southern Pacific Pipelines.  They bought the Cushenberry place, next to the old Hinds homestead, and returned to the Glen Cove community in 1968.  They bought the old First Baptist Church parsonage at Talpa and moved it to their property, remodeled, and later bricked it, and that is where they reside.  Carroll is employed by the Coleman Post Office and has Rural Route 1 out of Coleman.  He also has Hinds and Sons Construction.  They have four children:

(1) David Carroll, July 5, 1950, with his first marriage ending in divorce, married (2) Barbara Jo (Kubicheck) Craig, born July 13, 1947, the daughter of Ludwig Kubicheck and Mrs. Leroy Griffin.  They had a garden wedding at the bride’s home in Coleman on May 17, 1976.  David adopted Barbara’s daughter, Teri Lynne, born November 27, 1969 (see John C. Averitt).  They live in Coleman where David is employed by the Highway Department.  He is also a journeyman plumber, working part time for Hinds and Sons Construction.  Barbara is manager of the local Dairy Queen.

(2) Robert Stephen, November 10, 1954, is living near Glen Cove, after moving from Cleo Springs, Oklahoma, where he had been doing oil field work.  He is currently looking after the stock on his parents place and working for Hinds and Sons Construction.

 (3) Philip Wesley, April 18, 1957, and Amy Doris Glasson, born April 7, 1957, daughter of Doyle and Ruth (Jameson) Glasson of Coleman, were married August 21, 1976 at the home of her aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Jackson of Brownwood, in a garden ceremony.  They have two children: Crystal Michelle, May 9, 1980 in Brownwood Hospital, and Lance Wesley, March 2, 1983, in Brownwood Hospital.  Philip and Amy bought the First Coleman Baptist Church parsonage and had it moved on their property in the Glen Cove community.  They had it re-bricked and are remodeling it.  Philip is the welder for Hinds and Sons Construction and Amy is busy with church work and the children (see Luther Doyle Glasson).

(4) Laura Lee, May 5, 1960, and George Raleigh Dees, born November 12, 1955, the son of Jack and Jene Dees of Tempe, Arizona, were married on September 22, 1979, at the home of her parents in a garden ceremony.  They bought a lovely ready-built house from San Angelo and had it moved on their property near Glen Cove.  Ral is self employed as a plumber, carpenter and “jack of all trades” and is working with Hinds and Sons.  Laura is a piano teacher and also a substitute teacher at the schools when needed.

Needless to say, Carroll and Addie are enjoying their children and grandchildren, and the old farm that R. C. and Tempest worked so hard to pay for back in the lean years.  And they appreciate more and more the love, hard work and sacrifice of their parents and the wonderful heritage that has been handed down to them. 

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