Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Tommy G. Hipp

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Nathaniel Mortimer Hipp, son of John and Silvia (Harwell) Hipp, born April 7, 1836 in Newberry County, South Carolina, married Levine Emiline Hartin about 1857 in LaFayette County, Mississippi and moved to Bell County, Texas, in the mid-1870ís.  Like his father before him, Nathaniel was a farmer.  He moved to Coleman County and on August 8, 1888, purchased 80 acres of land about three miles south of Glen Cove on what is now part of the Carroll Hinds place.  He later bought more real estate in the area.  In 1902, Nathaniel bought two lots in Talpa where he and his wife lived with their daughter, Sarah, until their deaths.  Nathaniel died October 7, 1913 and his wife, Levine, December 26, 1916, both buried at Talpa.  Their children were:
(1) William E., born August 26, 18S8 in Mississippi.  An automobile dealer, he died September 9, 1948, buried in City Cemetery in Waxahachie.

(2) Sarah Louise (Lula), December 23, 1859 in Mississippi, married J. M. Parker and lived in Talpa until her death September 3, 1936.  He died April 28, 1938 and both are buried in Talpa.  A daughter, Bernice Alexander, and a granddaughter, Maxine Drinkard, still reside in Coleman (see Alexander - Drinkard).  A daughter-in-law, Vivian Parker (Mrs. John Bunyon), now lives in Santa Anna (see John L. Jones), and a grandson, Coleman (Jack) Parker, has the Mobil Agency in Valera (see George E. Simmons, Parker - Hipp, and J. O. Freeman).

(3) Rufus M., born about 1862 in Mississippi, purchased some of his fatherís Coleman County property in 1892, later moved to Concho County then to Capitan, New Mexico where he died.

(4) James A. (Jimmy), November 2, 1864 in Mississippi - July 27, 1949 in Temple.  George B., son of James, was born November 2, 1893, married Bessie Omelia Watson, and moved to Santa Anna in 1921 from Bell County.  He remained in Coleman County as a farmer and rancher until his death on March 1, 1981.  His children are:

(4a) Garland, who lived only to the age of three.

(4b) Ruby Rae (Smith), born June 24, 1917, now lives in Abilene.

(4c) Clarence Ray, February 24, 1919, was raised in Coleman County.  He joined the United States Marine Corps on December 20, 1943 and was with the 28th Marines, E. Co., 3rd platoon during the battle of Iwo Jima.  Although injured in the battle, he was one of the thirteen volunteers to climb Mount Serbachi to raise the first U.S. flag claiming victory on the island.  On January 6, 1947, he married Billie Lorene McCoy of Santa Anna.  After several years in the construction business, they are now retired in Santa Anna and have two daughters, Betty Sue (Brown) and Billie Rae (Diaz), both of which live in Santa Anna.

(4d) Bonnie Merle (McDaniels), June 29, 1921, now lives in Abilene.

(4e) Doris Lee (Rushin), March 7, 1923, now lives in Hobbs, New Mexico.

(4f) James Clifton, December 17, 1928, married Wynnell Wristen of Santa Anna, now lives near Clyde.

(4g) Bobby Nell (Carrol), October 10, 1936, now lives in Abilene.

(5) Mattie E., born about 1867 in Mississippi, married Will Reed and is buried in Killeen.

(6) John Ellison, February 12, 1869 in LaFayette County, Mississippi, married Emma Ophelia Henry in about 1899 in Concho County.  Lived in Concho and Nolan Counties before his death August 25, 1937.  His wife had died February 18, 1936, both are buried in Decker Cemetery, Nolan County.  Their children:

(6a) Jewel, born December 11, 1901, married Lem Story in Shep, in 1923; after being in the grocery business in several Texas towns, they moved to Santa Anna in 1950.  Lem died October 31, 1981, buried in Santa Anna.  Jewel still lives there.

(6b) Joseph Franklin, born in Concho County February 1, 1912, married Josephine Elizabeth Tubb and lived in Nolan County at the time of his death on December 23, 1947.  Tommy Glenn, a son of Joseph, was born July 27, 1947, raised in Blackwell.  He served in the Marine Corps from 1969 until 1973, married Barbara Holtman (born October 6, 1948) in San Angelo on May 24, 1975 and graduated from Angelo State University in 1977, with a Master of Science degree.  Tommy and Barbara moved to Coleman in August of 1978.  He is presently a park ranger with the United States Army Corps of Engineers at Hords Creek Lake.  They have two daughters, both born in San Angelo: Traci Annette, November 5, 1977; Tonya Lynn, November 27, 1978.

(7) Hugh M., born about 1872 in Mississippi, lived in Concho County, until he was shot to death.

(8) Lovie M., August 21, 1877 in Texas, married John Reed and died March 27, 1895, during childbirth, buried at Glen Cove. 

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