Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Frankie Holt Swafford

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

William Carroll Holt, son of James and Elizabeth (Self) Holt, and grandson of Charles Holt, was born April 4, 1828 at Nashville, Tennessee. Nancy Montgomery Potts was born October 29, 1833 at Montgomery, Alabama.  Nancy and William Carroll were married on June 24, 1849 at Crockett Creek, Carroll County, Arkansas.  In 1856, William Carroll and several of his brothers moved from Boone County, Arkansas, to Erath County, Texas.  At that time, William and Nancy had four children.  William Carroll belonged to the Minute Men, whose duty was to patrol the frontier and guard against Indian attacks.  On at least one occasion, he barely escaped with his life.  In 1866, his brother, Nathan was killed by Indians in Erath County. W. C. and Nancy arrived with their family in Coleman County in 1881, and purchased a 560 acre tract of land in the Mary Ann Fisk Survey on Mukewater Creek.  They paid $2.00 per acre, and immediately began improving it, hauling lumber from Waco.  The original house consisted of two rooms with a hall between.  It was located on a high hill overlooking the entire area.  The house erected in 1881 was torn down and rebuilt in 1898, and was remodeled in 1938.  This house stands today on this same location about four miles southeast of Santa Anna.  At the time of his death, August 20, 1916, William Carroll belonged to Lodge No. 661 A. F and A. M. of Santa Anna.  Nancy died March 22, 1909.  Both buried in Santa Anna.  The following children (fourteen) were born to William and Nancy.
(1) Frances Marion, 1850 - 1879, father of Rufus and Jenny.

(2) James Monroe, 1852 - 1884, father of Mattie.

 (3) Richard Frederick, 1854 - 1857.

 (4) Anderson Lee “Ance,” 1860 - 1929, married Della Day, and their children were: Lea, Mary and Day.

 (5) Elizabeth Sultania, 1856 - 1941, married George Sanders, W. G. D. Kilgore, and R. L. Connor, husband of deceased sister, Nancy (see R. E. L. Connor).

 (6) Acie “Bud,” 1858 - 1866.

 (7) Jefferson Davis, 1862 - 1945, married Mattie Gertrude Beaird (see William Beaird).  Their children were: Leoma, Roy (see L. C. Pearce), Walter and Ruth.  After Mattie’s death, Jefferson Davis married her sister, Ruth Ann Beaird, known as “Rabb.”

 (8) Nancy Alzada, 1865 - 1920, married John Hardin (see John Thomas Hardin).  After John’s death, Nancy married R. L. Connor (see R. E. L. Connor).

 (9) Martha Ann, (Nancy’s twin), 1865 - 1909, married C. W. Cocke, and their children were: Fred, Monte, Bill, Louis, Oran, Holt, Carroll, Cevilia, and Annie Woods.  Martha and Charles were charter members of the Santa Anna Methodist Church.  He is listed in the church history as a “fine local preacher.”

 (10) Mabel Cora, 1867 - 1952, married Chris C. Burk, and their six children were: Lila (Mrs. Tom Bowers); Myrtle (Mrs. Cecil Curry); Mabel (Mrs. Fletcher Pope); Eula; Christine (Mrs. Doyle Woodward); and Gladys (Mrs. Reynolds Black).  Except for Christine, all six daughters are buried in Santa Anna.  Mabel Cora was the last charter member of the Santa Anna Methodist, and she passed away March 15, 1952.

 (11) Emily Margaret died at age three.

 (12) Mary Frances, 1870 - 1966, married J. Z. Vercher, and their children were: Loys (Mrs. Roy) Wilson (see Roy Wilson), Homer, Clyde, Johnnie, Annie Bell (Mrs. Dan Shufford), and Virgil.

 (13) Charles Edw5d, 1875 - 1953, married (1) Maidie Slack, and their children were: Everett, Inez (see Samuel Monroe Polk), Tommy Hays, and J. D.  Charlie’s second wife was Jewell Crandall, and they had one son, Frank.

 (14) William Franklin, married Jessie Lee Williams (see William Franklin Holt).

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William Carroll and Nancy Montgomery Holt and son, William Franklin Holt.

The Old William Carroll Holt Home
Charley Holt, his son Everly, Grandma Slack, Maidie Slack Holt, wife of Charley, Grandma Nancy Holt, Grandpa Slack, Will Holt, and Old Spanish, Grandpa W. C. Holt holding his favorite iron gray matched team.

William Carroll Holt Family … . taken the day after Nancy Holt’s funeral, March 24, 1909 -  front row: Charles Edward, Jefferson Davis, William Carroll, Ance, and William Franklin; back row: Mary Vercher, Cora Burk, Nancy Hardin, Anne Cocke, and Elizabeth Kilgore.

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