Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Dixie “Cooter” Mercer

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Very little is known of the genealogy of the Huey clan.  This matters very little to me.  I’ve always told my children that if Columbus had not discovered America, I would like to have been born an Indian - preferably right in the heart of Texas.  There is one thing I do know about the Huey nationality.  They were pure Patty Irish.  All you had to do to confirm this fact was to see my granddaddy Huey after he had taken a sip or two from his old corn whiskey jug.

The first Huey of this line of whom I have any information is John M. Huey who was born in Alabama about 1850.  His wife was Una (Brown) Huey who was born in Mississippi in 1847 (see James M. Brown).  These were my great grandparents.  There were five children born to this couple in Pachuta, Mississippi, Clarke County, before all of them moved to Grandview, Ellis County, Texas.  John, who was very much in love with his pretty wife, had decided to move to Texas because she had tuberculosis and the good climate in Texas was what she needed.  Their children were: James Walter; Edgar (see Green F. Givens); Alma; Virgil; and Pearl.

While in Grandview, James Walter (my grandfather) married Mary Eppa Tabor and had their first child, Bonnie Beatrice (my mother).  Then, in about 1903, the John M. and James Walter families decided to move farther west where some of their kin had settled.  It was then that they came to Coleman County and settled on the old Hanks Ranch on Little Grape Creek, just a few miles south of Talpa.  Then Gladys, Vernon, Obgazell, Iva Dell, Fermon, Arnold, and finally Allene were added to the James Walter family.

(1) Bonnie married Hayden Anderson Mercer.  Their children were Herman, Elton, David, and Dixie “Cooter” (see Silas Hood Mercer).

(2) Gladys married Westley Mask and they had a boy, Harold, and a girl, Jimmy Carol.

(3) Vernon married Lucille Burker.  They had two children: James Wilborn and Joan.

(4) Olgazell married David Perkins and they had David Clark, Mary Louise, and Bill.

(5) Iva Dell married Fred Briggs and they have one son, Freddie.

(6) Fermon married Annie Perry.  Their children are Judy Ann and Fermon Duwayne.

(7) Arnold married Marie Kelly.  Their children are Arnold Lee and Mackey.

(8) Allene married Charley Trapp.  Their children are Bob, Lana Kay, and Joe.

The Hueys were mostly agricultural people and grew mostly cotton.  They were tenant farmers, and lived on several places around Talpa, Gouldbusk, and Coleman.  I have heard my mother tell of the times when they lived on the Old Hanks Ranch on Little Grape Creek.  Poppa could always go to the creek and catch a wash tub full of fish with a pole and stopper.  There was always plenty of quail in that area.  Poppa Huey was a good cotton farmer, and I enjoy owning the farm he once farmed as a tenant farmer.  Although this way of life has long since passed - I still look back to these people and thank God for such a heritage.

Mary Eppa died in 1918, during the flu epidemic.  During the Depression and World War II, all of the James Walter children left the farm to seek other employment as this way of life slowly came to an end.  Vernon and Arnold served in World War II.  James Walter died in 1940, while he was still farming the Lobstein farm just south of the Coleman Country Club.

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James Walter and Mary Eppa Huey

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