Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Mary F. Coffey

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

In 1877, H. O. V. Humble, known as Van Humble moved from East Texas and established a homestead bordering the Colorado River in Coleman County.  He was twenty five years of age at that time.  For fifteen years his principle occupation was catching, breaking to saddle and selling wild horses, know as Mustangs, and buying more land.  In 1892 he met and fell in love with Clauda Smith, daughter of Matt and Emma Smith who owned a cattle ranch just across the river.  They married February 1, 1893 (see Matthew Claiborne Smith).  Van stopped hunting wild horses and became a farmer and rancher.  He constructed a nice home to bring his bride to.  To this union and in this home twelve children were born; six boys and six girls:
(1) Charlie Albert, November 19, 1893 - May 17, 1969.  He had two boys.

(2) Roy Leonard, July 21, 1895, married Ethel Butler, June 30, 1917.  They had three girls and one boy; had twin girls.

(3) Orlander Stirman, August 9, 1897, died in 1975, had two girls and three boys.  He married Rose P. October 16, 1918.

(4) Gracie, February 5, 1899 - November 19, 1918 in Phoenix, Arizona.

(5) Elizabeth, September 15, 1901, deceased, married John Blackstone, January 1, 1921, had three girls and two boys.

(6) Zella, May 24, 1903, deceased, married Edgar Leddy, July 30, 1924, had two girls and one boy.

(7) Sarah, August 16, 190S, married Leo Walshak, January 21, 1923, had two girls and four boys.

(8) Vertie, June 1, 1907, married George Dankworth, June 1, 1923, had four boys and six girls.  Vertie died June 1, 1961; had twin girls.

(9) Nettie, January 28, 1909, married Dewey Burk, four girls and one boy, who died soon after birth.

(10) Stafford Lewis, August 25, 1912, married Jewell Sanders, July 27, 1935, had one girl and one boy.  Two boys died.  They have twin granddaughters.

(11) Sam Houston, August 17, 1914, married Aline Williams, January 23, 1933, had one boy and two girls.  They have twenty four descendants.

(12) Howard Otis Van Humble, February 27, 1917 - May 1, 1975, married Vera Sanders, July 22, 1938, had three girls and one boy.

In 1918 the Humble family, with the exception of the two oldest boys, Charlie and Roy, made a trip to Arizona.  They had thought they might settle there, but did not like the climate.  They returned to Coleman County by covered wagon.  Because of ill health Van was no longer able to care for the farm.  In 1923, they sold the farm and moved to Ballinger, where Van and Clauda spent the rest of their lives, both buried in Ballinger.  The five living are Roy L. in Canyon County, California, Sarah H. Walshack in Magnolia, Nettie H. Burk in Phoenix, Arizona, Stafford L. in El Paso, and Houston in Glendale, Arizona.

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Charley Humble, Roy Humble, Orlander Humble, Dewey Burk, Leo Walshack, George Dankworth, Stafford Humble, Houston Humble, Howard Humble. (Seated) Maggie, Ethel, Rose Humble, Nellie (Humble) Burk, Sarah (Humble) Walshack, Lizzie (Humble) Blackstone, Mother Clauda Humble, Zella (Humble) Leddy, Vertie (Humble) Dankworth, Jewell, Aline, Vera Humble.

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