Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

Many of the following family histories originally appeared in A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission.

Family history titles followed with an asterisk (*) indicate this article did not appear in A History of Coleman County and Its People.

Aaron Family by Mrs. William L. Helton
Charlie R. Abbey by Jeanne Abbey
Garland Abbey by Mrs. Garland Abbey
M. C. M. Abernathy Family by Stella Moore
John Tatum Acrey by Elsie Acrey
"Aunt Jo" Akes by Rosamond Strozier Stewart
The Akins(s) Family by Elsie Acrey
James Akin by Lois McCarty
John Akins Family by Diann Dunn Dillingham
Aldridge Family by Deborah Long
Alexander and Drinkard Families by Mrs. C. B. Drinkard
Alexander - Stevens Families by Iola Terry
Family of Dr. Charles Miller Alexander by Elizabeth Alexander
William Lovell Alford by Geraldine Lewellen Graves
Allen - Monsey by Mozelle Williams
G. R. Allen Family by Joan Jones
George Henry Allen Family by Clyde D. Allen
Orville Slaton Allen Family by Viki Hambright and Jo Ann Allen
Ralph D. Allen Family by Nell Allen Walthall
W. D. Allen Family by Mrs. Charles Shepherd
W. J. Allen Family by Mrs. George W. Allen
George Washington- Mary Lizzie Anderson by Bertha Marrs Weeks
William O. K. Anderson Family by Mary Anderson
Andis Family by Susan Andis
R. B. "Bud" Archer by Nettie Lee Archer Dick
A. H. Armor Family by Laudys A. Pittard
Noah Armstrong by Billy R, Armstrong, Sr.
Ashley Family by Mrs. Darrell Ashley
Isaac Carrol Atchley Family by Jane Atchley
Robert Harrison and Flora Ethel Atchley by Jane Atchley
Authur Family by La Juan Authur Sneed
Autry Family by Clem Autry
John C. Averittby Rev. Ray M. Sparks
Bailey Family by Annetta Tyson Bailey
Adolphus and Della (Thompson) Bailey by R. C. Morgan
Kathleen Barnett Bailey by Dr. Charles F. Bailey, Jr.
Baird Family by Donald Baird
Calvin D. Baker Family by Vera Nichols
Jesse Kirkland Baker Family by Baker Rudolph
Newton W. Baker by Noel J. Baker
Sam and Hope Baker by Wilma L. Harrell and Imogene Fowler
Family of R. W. Balke by Bonnie G. Balke Kuykendall
John R. Banister Family by Leona Bruce
Dave Banks Family by Alberta Johnson and Dave Banks, Jr.
Cicero Barker Family by Bonnie G. Kuykendall
George Francis "Frank" Barlett by Georgia Frances Barlett Lehnis
Thomas Malcolm Barmore Family by Chloris Kincaid
Barnes Family by Joe C. Barnes
Claudie "Claud" Lee Barnett by Sharon Laws
John Dugan Barnett Family
   by Sarah Barnett Davis, Patsy Barnett Grohman, and Nena Barnett Wilson
John Marion Barnett Family by Sarah Barnett Davis
Lonzo McMann Barnett by Sharon Laws
Newton L. C. Barnett by Sharon Laws
Weaver Barnett History by Sarah Barnett Davis
William O. Barnett Family by Billie Guthrie
William Oscar "Dub" Barnett by Sharon Laws
Templeton William "Bud" and Victoria C. Bartholomew
                         by Beatrice May Story Waters
Barton Family by Carrie Belle Roark
M. O. Barton Family by Loren L. Barton
Robert Crow Bassett by Betty Beeler Smith and Bobbie L. Gardner
J. D. Bates Family by Carolyn Bates Pricer
Batsell Family by LeAn Warren
Dick Baugh Family by Nancy Baugh Lowry
Edgar and May Baugh by Ona Hughes and Inez Gilmore
Loving Harvey Baugh by Ruth Hibbetts
Baxter Family by Woodrow Baxter
William Sanders Baxter Family by Lucile Kirkpatrick Wylie
Wyatt Edward "Ed" Baxter Family by Dorothy Thompson
William Walter Beaird by Roy D. Holt
Samuel Quinton Beall Family by Pauline Beall Thompson
Dr. G. B. Beaumont Family by Mrs. Salomi Long
Firmin Beck Family by Marjorie Cox
Oscar Eugene Beck Family by Nan K. Markland
E. I. Bedell Family by Louise Bomar Gordon
David Beeler Williams by Doris Beeler Williams
Bell - Brown Families by Nelline Bell Bowden
B. H. Bennett Family by Hardy Parrott
Gordon Mitchell Bennett Family by Lois Bennett
Solomon Monroe Bennett Family by Gordon, Vera and Era Bennett
Berryman- Gowens- McClure- Martin by Odessa Berryman Martin
Charlie S. Bible Family by Ralph Terry
Zack Bible I Family by Ralph Terry
Zack Bible II Family by Juanita Branch
Bigham Family by Eula Bigham
Bingham - McElwreath by Lucille Jones
Eli G. Birdwell Family by Wayne Daniel
Kit Birdwell Family by Wayne Daniel
Bivins Family by Freda Elliott
Family of Charles Watson Black by Sarah Stewart
J. T. Blair Family by Ralph Terry
Manley F. Blanton by Nell Rainey
A. W. Blue Family by Mrs. Terry (Ora Beth) McIver
Boatright Family by Mary A. Smith
Bobo Family by Irene Durham
Joseph Lafayette Bohannon Family by Ernest Bohannon
Weldon W. Boldt Family by Iva Dell Boldt
Bomar Family by Louise Bomar Gordon
J. E. Boog-Scott by Judia Kemper Gaines
Robert Newton Bouchillon Family by Iola Casey Bouchillon
Bourland Family by Perry Ileta Bourland
Bowden Family by Lois Haynes Wallace
F. M. Bowen by June Bowen
R. S. Bowen by June Bowen
William E. Bowers by Sylbia Ransberger
Box - Caldwell - Touchstone Families by Merle Stevens
L. D. Boyd Family by Gwendolyn Oakes Walker
Leonard and Eula Elizabeth Boyd by Eula E. West Boyd
G. W. "Brud" Boyle Family by Jean Boyle Slaughter
John Aaron and Lillie Mae Bozeman by Mrs. A. T. Sikes
William Fredrick Bradford Family
                         by Dr. Charles C. Clark and Robert Bradford Clark
Bragg Family by Grace Madison
William Arthur Brandon Family by Lolette Curry
Charles Edward Brannan Family by Chloti Brannan Armstrong
Nancy Brannon by Rosamond Strozier Stewart
George W. Brewer Family by Billie R. Brewer Horne
Elias Briggs Family by Larry D. Coats and Shirley Tooker
Francis Marion Briggs Family by Shirley J. Tooker
Brink Family by Dr. Arthur Brink
Asa Britton Family by Marie E. Britton
Will Board by Irene Cox
Coy Brooke Family by Coy Brooke
Joe C. Brooke Family by Joe C. Brooke
Joseph G. Brooke Family by J. B. Brooke
George Washington Brooks by Asa Pearl Brooks Suttle
Brown - Pepper - Forehand Families by Nell and Carol Habiger
Adam T. Brown by Lena Adian
Alfred Earl "Abb" Brown Family by V. V. Brown
Earl Y. Brown by Leona Bruce
J. R. Brown Family by John Brown
Jas. M. Brown Family by Anne Dial Bomar
John Martin Brown Family by Mrs. Perry T. Brown
Perry Thompson Brown Family by Mrs. Perry T. Brown
T. R. Brown by Retamay Brown Gaines
W. B. Brown Family by Otho M. Polk
Charles D. Bruce Family by Mrs. C. D. Bruce
Robert Samuel and Ada Brusenhan by Sue Brusenhan
J. E. Bryson Family by Jo Fenton and Gloria Hass
E. J. Buck Family by Lucille Buck and Josephine Dickinson
Richard A. Buck Family by Kathleen Buck Stewardson
Joe Bunt Family by Edna Mae Bunt
Burford Family by Jerry Willis
Jasper Everett Burkett Family by Yuna V. Cross Burkett
John and Elizabeth (Leazer) Burkett
                         by Vera Pearl Oliver Bunnell and Ila Ernestine Oliver Watson
John Henry Burkett Family by Minnie Burkett
Joseph Edwin Burnam II by Helen Rambo
John Joseph Burney by Lee Ann McClatchy
T. A. Burns Family by Ethel Wilson
Burroughs Family by Maurine Burroughs
William Gould Busk by Roy D. Holt
J. M. Byrd Family by Nell Bell Myers
William Henry and Louisa Frances Cagle by Helen Laws
Henry Campbell by Thomas H. Campbell
Canady Family by Mrs. G. V. Leamons and Mrs. Charles Mitchell
John H. Candler Family by Odelene Candler Tole
S. L. Cannon Family by Mrs. Peggy Chauncey
Uriah Nicholas "Nick" Carriger by Robert B. Holt
Carroll - Moser by Jo DuBois
Caruthers - Tolar by Nora Lee Tolar
Cary Family by Margaret Hickson
Erwin Zea Casey Family by Mrs. W. D. Baker
John Caleb Casey by Lucy Casey Wilson
Joseph Owen "J. O." Casey by Berniece Casey
William Joseph Casey Family by Iola Casey Bouchillon
Cathey Family by Ina Mae Sheffield
Al Chambers Family by Sammie Chambers
Walter Raleigh Chambers - Lela Muriel DeBusk by Gordon Chambers
L. B. Chapman by Sylvia Ransberger
M. R. Cheatham Family by Alta C. Benge
Manoah Richard Cheatham * - Coleman County Settler
Hugh Martin Childress, Jr.
                         by Mrs Tabitha Morgan and Frank Duane Jenkins
Rev. Hugh Martin Childress, Sr.
                         by Mrs Tabitha Morgan and Frank Duane Jenkins
Henry Lafayette Childs Family by Geri Class Childs
Christian - Walker - Rich Families by Mary Jim Rich Paez
Clark Family by Charlotte Laughlin
Joe G. Clark Family by Jerry Clark
Porter Clark Family by Jerry Clark
Thomas A. "Tommy" and Marie Clark Family by T. A. Clark
Thomas Jefferson Clark by Stella Clark Buck
James Lindsey Clarke Family by Minnie Burkett
Bobby Gene Clawson Family by Sandra Pricer Clawson
Dr. A. Brown Clay by Maurine Clay Presse
John David Clay by H. Aubrey Clay and Gladys Clay Sippola
Thomas Guilford Clay by Maurine Clay Presse
Noah Weatherly Clayton Family by Merle Stevens
Clevelands and Ansons by Leona Bruce
Nathan F. Cliett Family by Olene Cliett
Clifford Family by Everett Clifford
Close Family by Mary C. Starnes
Warren Glover Coates Family by Lalla R. Ward
Dr. and Mrs. John Calvin Cochran Family by Kathyn Cravens
J. H. Coffey Family by Mary E. Coffey
Richard Coffey by Leona Bruce and Ralph Terry
Tandy C. Coffey by Mary E. Coffey
Coggin Brothers by Glynn Mitchell and Leona Bruce
Coker Family by Lillie J. Coker Walker
Samuel Sidney Cole Family by Moya Haynes Cole
Thomas McDonald "Bud" Coleman Family by Sue Coleman Love
Collier Family by Ann Watson
John William Collier by Gale Allen Brock
L. E. Collins by Ralph Terry
S. C. Collins Family by May Evelyn Sluder Collins
Wallace Collins Family by Pearl Wilson
R. E. L. Connor by Lorena Nixon
William Lechmere Cooke Family by Lunelle Lewis Robinson
Cooper Family by Peggy Cooper Garrett
Jacob Henry Cope Family by Perry and Ileta Bourland
Virgil Vernon Cope by Virgil Vernon Cope
James Pitts Copeland Family by Viki Hambright and Jo Ann Allen
Raymond D. Copeland Family by Delle Copeland Blackwell
Zion Cornelius Family by Alice Jones
W. J. and Katie Coulson by Mrs. Charles Shepherd
Coursey Family by May Beaver
Richard William Courtney Family by Sarah Steward
Andrew L. Cox by Lenora Cox
Benjamin Floyd Cox by Irene Cox
John W. Cox by Margorie Cox
R. A. Cox Family by Jean Rowland
Rev. and Mrs. O. D. Cox Family by Hazel Cox Free
James Monroe Crawford * - Merchant and Wholesale Grocer
Miss Jennie Crawford by Ernest Bohannon
Creswell Family by Leona Bruce
Crews Family by Margaret Crews
Crockett Family by Aubrey and Audie Crockett
Jasper and Polly Ann (Banta) Croft
                         by Wilma Harrell and Imogene Fowler
Croom Family by Edith Jameson
Thomas G. Crossland Family by Bonnie Warth
Adawatt Crye Family by Norma Mae Crye
Elmer Roscoe Cupps Family by Ovella C. Williams
John J. Cupps Family by Thelma Cupps Fleming
John Lewis Cupps Family by Thelma Cupps Fleming
R. W. Cupps Family by Mrs. R. W. Cupps
Reed Vance Cupps Family by Thelma C. Fleming
William Henry Cupps Family by Juanita Naron
Joel Curry Family by Carol Freeman
William P. Cusenbary Family by Joe Trammell
Dalton Family by Martha Deal
Daniel and Dofflemyer by Leona Bruce
Tom Daniel Family by Wayne Daniel
T. E. Daughtry Family by Flora Dee Daughtry
Charles Wesley "Wess" Davis Family by Weldon Davis
Earl and Jewell Davis Family by Jewell L. West Davis
Irvin and Prue Davis by Irvin Davis
James William Davis by Imagene Daniel
Tillman and Sula M. West Davis by Maudie J. West Jones
Will Davis by Lois McCarty
William Henry Day by Jane Padgitt (from notes of James T. Padgitt)
Elijah and Sarah DeBusk by Lois (DeBusk) Garrett
Jack and Zora V. DeBusk by Zora McDermett DeBusk
William Alexander Deal Family by Mr. B. J. Deal
Albert Henry Dean by Mrs. J. R. Haynes
Rodney Dean Family by Melinda Horner
John Wesley Dial Family by J. Edmond Dial
Jack and Lucille Diamond by Lucille Diamond
Carter Mooney Dibrell by Carter M. and Virginia Dibrell
Charles Jenkins Dibrell Family by Minnie E. Flippen
Harry and Winnie Dibrell by Anne Dibrell
Joseph Burton Dibrell Family by Josephine Dibrell Jobe
William Carter and Margaret Caroline (Jenkins) Dibrell Family
                         by Mary Louise McMahon and Mrs. J. S. Weatherred
Allan L. Dickinson (from A History of Central and Western Texas - 1911)
Thomas Walter Dickson Family by Leona Bruce
Dillingham Family
                         by Carrie Dillingham Tatum and Diann Dunn Dillingham
Jack Pershing Dillingham Family by Diann Dunn Dillingham
John Thomas Dix Family by Mr. and Mrs. John Dix
R. L. Dixon Family by Myrtle F. Dixon
Dockery Family by Mary Ola (Dockery) Woods
Ernestine Keeney Dockery by Ernestine Dockery
Dodds Family by Tommye Dodds Becker
Dodgins Family by Pauline (Dodgin) Ingalls
Douglass - Spruce by Vena Bob Le Sueur Gates
George Washington Downey Family by Odessa Wilson Holland
Glyn O. Downey Family by Emma Nell Griffith Downey
Drake Family by Delma Drake Blair
Samuel Duggins and Jesse E. Howard Families by Donald Ray Howard
Joseph William Duncan Family by Bobbie Duncan Duck
William Edward and Susan Margaret Duncan by Helen Jo Beaver
Robert L. Dunman by Ralph Terry
Ben Dunn by Edna Stell Dunn
H. G. Dunn by Edna Stell Dunn
Elijah Washington Eddins by Imogene Ward Herriott
Charles Allen Edens by Ann Edens Green
Mary Catherine (Reavis) Edmonds by Mrs. John A. (Marjorie) Hart
Lat Edmondson Family by Eureta Mountain Whitley
Sanders C. Edmundson by Jane Hickman
Arthur and Aileen Edwards Family by Charlotte Strawn
Gottlieb Ehrler Family by Tel Simonton
Harmon David Elkin- Mary Jane Borders by Mary Mae Elkin Smith
John Elkins Family by Mrs. M. G. Elkins
Ken Elkins * - Frontiersman, Is Living at 92
William L. Elkins Family by Adelle Elkins
John B. Elliott Family by Mrs. John B. Elliott
Ely - Wolfe Families by Mrs. James Allen
Albert P. Estes Family by Juanita Anderson
J. A. Estes Family *
Etienne - Adian by Lena Adian
Eubanks by Vernie Smith Bennett
Evans - Dean - Stephenson Families by Evelyn Cliett
C. E. Evans Family by Mrs. O. E. Shelton
Everett Ernest Evans Family by Mrs. Gene Evans
Henry Evans Family by Elizabeth Evans Barnes
Henry Elbert Evans by Elizabeth Evans Barnes
Cye and Molly Faries by Nora Williams
Farmer - Lauder Families by Jack Lauder
Jim Featherston Family by Hazel Featherston and Verona F. Younger
O. B. Featherston Family by Tye Renfro
William Augustus Featherston by Betty English
William Alston Featherston by Robert and Ann See
A. W. Fechner by Gertrude Brewer
Fellers Family by Catherine Watts
Ferguson Family by Walter E. Ferguson
Susan Ada Bell Ferguson by Ovella Williams
John W. Field Family by Lydia Field Boone
Enoch H. and Lucinda Boles Adams Fiveash by Charlotte Simms
Fleming - Coburn by Thelma Fleming
Fleming and Curry by Phylis Dillard
Carl Otis Fleming, Sr. Family by Carl Otis Fleming, Sr.
George M. and Claudia C. Fleming by Myrtle Edora Fleming Reynolds
Charlie Fletcher Family by Billie Peters
Grady Fletcher by Ida Fletcher
William Parmeal Fletcher Family by Henry J. Fletcher
Flores Family by Carmilla Flores Baugh
Silas Luther Folkner Family by Rosa Folkner Baker
James Marion Forbess Family by Mildred Rodgers
Forehand Family by Annis Forehand Brazeal
Forman Family by Florence Miller and Anita Smith
Bailey Butler Fowler Family by Josephine Fowler Zirkle
Charles Fisher Freeman Family by R. D. Freeman
J. O. Freeman Family by Maxine Drinkard
William Lee Futch Family by Helen Marie Futch Stephens
Felix Grundy Gaines Family by Mrs. John Lauder
Felix Galindo Family by Vena Bob LeSueur Gates
Garrett Family by Peggy Garrett
William Garrett Family by W. D. Garrett
Gassiot Family by LeAn Warren
William Clark Gay, Jr. Family by Nan Lee Gay Mealy
William Clark Gay, Sr. by Mrs. Donald E. Mathes
Genz - Blanton by Lucille Blanton
Robert Letcher George Family by Walter M. George
Calvin Gaines Gibson Family by Mildred Le Sueur Beauchamp
William Enoch Gideon Family
                         by Mrs. J. O. Gideon and Wyman Sim Gideon
Gill Family by Jim Gill
Gillaspy Family by Geri Wiles
Grady Gilliam Family by Betty Gilliam Stephenson
Sam H. Gilliland Family by Mrs. I. F. Roebuck
John Simms and Texas (Turner) Gilmore by Dixie A. Graham
Franklin and Martha T. Gipson by Walter L. Gipson
Green F. Givens Family by Sam H. Sprinkles
Luther Doyle Glasson Family by Ruth Glasson
J. L. Gober Family by Lolette Curry
James Golson Families by Hope Fuller Golson
Joseph Goode Family by J. T. Goode
Robert Clarence Goodfellow by Foster Miller
Travis Goodgion Family by Ruby Goodgion Yates
Zilman Douglas and Matilda A. E. Goodgion by Hayden W. Goodgion
Gordon Family by Louise Bomar Gordon
Harry "Deacon" Gordon by Ralph Terry
Goss- Pridemore Families by Mrs. Leon Goss
William Lyman Gould by Susan Andis
Larkin Mayes Graham by Lydia Field Boone and Mary Ruth Graham
Charlie Owen Grant Family by Verna Bolton
Grier M. Gray by Anita Tomlinson
Sam Gray Family by Annie Merle Trent
Lawrence Decatur Greaves Family by Geneva Baxter
John Hill Green Family by Joyce Newman Ames
Joseph Holt Green Family by Lorene M. Woodruff
Willis Scoggin Green Family by Lena Ingram and Willis R. Moore
Greene Family by Reba V. Pearcy
Ross E. Greer Family by Mrs. Ross E. Greer
John Garner Gregory Family by Bertha Marrs Weeks
Arminda C. (Browning) Grier by Maurine Clay Presse
Mr. and Mrs. William "Bill" Griffin by Doris Griffin
Leslie Griffin Family by Irene Griffin
John P. Griffis by W. O. "Ovilee" White
A. D. Griffith Family by Mary Love (Griffith) Griffin
Ernest Howard Griffith Family by Emily E. Griffith Wade
Jodie Merle Griffith and Charlyne Mills Family by Charlyne Griffith
Joe Griffith Family by Esterlene "Jackie" L. Griffith
Joseph Franklin Griffithby Ralph Terry
Laroy Hunton Griffith Familyby Mary Love (Griffith) Griffin
Charles Haygood Grounds Family by Hazel Mae Bragg
D. W. Grounds by Barbara Yates
Gulley Family by Frances L. Gulley Staggs
J. A. Guthrie Family by M. L. Guthrie, Jr.
Jack and Pink Guthrie by Syble G. Turner
W. F. Guthrie by Tom Guthrie
Halbert Family by Mrs. R. L. Barnett
Clarence Halbrook by Lois McCarty
John W. Hambright Family by Viki Hambright and Jo Ann Allen
C. C. Hamilton by Alice Jones
John Thomas Hamilton Family
                         by Elithe Hamilton Kirkland and John Howard Hamilton
Watt and Aggie Hammonds by Esther Hammonds Terry
Adolph and Moritz Hanke Families
                 by Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Zeissel and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hanke, Jr.
Benjamin Columbus Hardin Family by Moya Haynes Cole
John Thomas Hardin Family by Barbara Moore
Harper Family by Barbara Harper Burris
James Benjamin Harris by H. Aubrey Clay and Gladys Clay Sippola
James M. and Elizabeth Harris by Birdie Helms and Mrs. Earl Heddins
Joseph Brown Harris by Lila Belle White
Samuel Russel Harris by H. Aubrey Clay and Gladys Clay Sippola
Thomas Franklin Harris by Maurine Clay Presse
Harrison Family by Harry F. Harrison
Haden Hart Family by Mrs. Haden Hart
Hatten Family by Ralph Terry
John R. Havens Family by George Havens
Ralph James Hayes Family by Ralph J. Hayes
Charlie Haynes Family by Moya Haynes Cole
Elmer Haynes Family by George Haynes
Fred Haynes Family by Lois Haynes Wallace
Joe Hardin Haynes by R. W. Haynes
Rev. Samuel T. Hazle by Edith Hollinger
Heallen Family by Freda Elliott
Helton Family by William L. Helton, Jr.
C. A. Hemphill Family by Rosalee Morris Curtis
C. W. Hemphill Family by Verna Marie Hamphill Kelley
Charles Wade Hemphill, Jr. Family
                         by Mrs. Elizabeth Weatherred Hemphill
Joseph Patrick Hemphill by Joe Morris Hemphill
W. C. Hemphill by Rosalee Morris Curtis
Zeno Hemphill Family by Joe Hemphill
C. M. Henderson, Jr. Family by Jimmie Sue Hulett
J. D. "Dood" Henderson Family by Mrs. Terry (Ora Beth) McIver
John Harris Henderson Family by Irene Henderson
Kyle Reed Henderson Family by Imagene Daniel
Payne Henderson Family by Mrs. Charlie Bell
Andy C. Herring Family by E. Dale Herring
George Oliver and Augusta (Hamilton) Herring by Pamela Morgan
Patrick Steven Hester Family by Catherine Boyd Rackow
Hibbetts Family by Ruth Hibbetts
James Martin Hickox by Maruine Clay Presse
Thomas Fenton Hickox by Maruine Clay Presse
Frank Bean Hill Family by Betty English
William H. Hill Family by Letha M. Saunders
George W. Hindman Family by Freda Hindman McGuckin
J. M. Hinds Family by Edna Tisdale
William Robert Hinds Familyby Mrs. Carroll Hinds
Hinson - Blackburn by James Willis Hinson
Hipp Family by Tommy G. Hipp
George and Cordelia "Cordie" Hipsher by Gertrude Brewer
James W. Hipsher Family by Doris Beeler Williams
Hobbs and Ramzel by Rena Ramzel Rice
Joseph Sylvester Hodges Family by R. W. Haynes
Holley Family by Eleanor Holley
Hollinger - Hamilton by Edith Sanders Hollinger
Robert Gamaliel Hollingsworth Family by Gale Allen Brock
Richard Holloway Family by Vena Bob Le Sueur Gates
Holmans by Evelyn Holmans Porter
William Carroll Holt Family by Frankie Holt Swafford
William Franklin Holt by Virginia Holt Austin
Hopper Family by Edwina Hopper
D. B. Horn Family by Cliff Horn
James David Horne by Bille Horne
James J. Horner Family by Omadean Horner
Hornsby Family by Mrs. L. L. Bryan
Horton Family by Rondoe Horton
Walter James Hosch by Patrick Hosch
Pascal Holland Hosch Family by Patrick Hosch
Alvis P. and Ximena Howard by Carrie Howard
H. E. Howard by Jeannie S. Howard
William A. Howard Familyby William A. and Opal Howard
John Howe Family by Bettie Cavanaugh
B. C. Howell Family by R. W. Howell, Jr.
John Burton Howington by Charlotte Simms
William Gates Hubert by Camille S. Wallace
Frank Hudson by Virginia Hudson Mullins
J. S. Hudson Family by Martha S. Whitfield
Joe Hudson by Nellen Hudson
Roy Hudson by Nellen Hudson
Thomas J. Hudson, Jr. by Nellen Hudson
James Walter Huey Family by Dixie (Cooter) Mercer
Charles Henry Hufford Family by Ruth Saunders
Daniel and Sarah Huggins by Syble Phillips Huggins
P. O. Hughes Family by Ruby Allred
Phy Hughes by Rosemary Parsons
H. O. V. Humble Family by Mary E. Coffey
Enoch and Cynthia Etna Adams Hunter by Charlotte Simms
James Andrew "Jay" Hunter - Sarah Mae Trent by Randy Briscoe
Malcolm Hunter by Charlotte Simms
W. W. and Louisa Fiveash Hunter by Charlotte Simms
W. C. Hurst Family by Jewel Hurst Chapman
William Jasper Idol Family by Marjorie Cox
James Lee Ingram Family
                         by Imogene Ingram Powers and May Ingram Jones
Elva Burnett and Mary E. Long Irby by Nita Benton
William Alford Irby Family by G. E. Irby
Joel W. Jackson by Verna J. Slate
Charlie Benton James Family by Russie James
Joe B. James Family by Marie Britton
W. D. James Family by Mrs. Eugene James
Wesley Flint James by Louise James Miller
Carey Buris and Helen Cornelia (Wilkinson) Jameson
                         by Edith Jameson
Effie (Saunders) and William Cyrus Jameson by Maurine Burroughs
Emmett Clarence and Lettie E. (Davis) Jameson
                         by Ethel Jameson Gordon
Floyd Edwin and Elsie Nichols Jameson by Ethel Jameson Gordon
James Allen and Mattie Jane Smith Jameson by Ethel Jameson Gordon
Leonard E. N. and Edith (Wilkinson) Jameson by Edith Jameson
Nelson A. and Sarah Webb Jameson by Edith Jameson
Ray and Donnie Forman Jamesonby Ethel Jameson Gordon
Robert C. and Helen M. Jameson Family by Robert Jameson
Roland Casper and Nita Lee (Miller Wilder) Jameson
                         by Edith Jameson
V. K. Jameson Family by Annette Bell
Manton Jamison Family by Virginia Jamison
T. E. and Clarance Dodd Jamison Family by T. E. Jamison, Jr.
Dr. W. L. Jennings by Jane Kraker
E. L. Jennings Family by Joyce Patterson Kirwin
Abraham Jesson Family by Mrs. Robert R. Truitt
Johnsons and Callans by Grace Callan White
Delma Bryan and Tinia Johnsonby Gwen Huggins
Johnnie J. and Katherine Lobstein Johnson by Lucille Diamond
William M. Johnson by Mrs. W. A. Stevens
Rufus and Stella Johnston by Theatus J. LeMay
Jones - Childress by Theatus J. LeMay
A. L. Jones Family by Martha Deal
Edwin M. and Mattie (Zivley) Jones
                         by Elizabeth Jones McCrea and Ellen Jone Townsend
George Anderson Jones Familyby Lucy Whittington
John L. and Mary Irene Jones Family by J. L. Jones, Jr.
John L. "Jack" and Maudie West Jones by Maudie J. West Jones
Jordan Ranch by Col. C. A. Hockett
John Keelingby Rev. Ray M. Sparks
Isaac Keeney Family by Richard Ernest Keeney
James and Betty Keeney by James Franklin Keeney
LeRoy Keeney Family by LeRoy Keeney
William Michael Keeney Family by Fredna Horton
William F. Kegans Family by Glen Douglas and Stella Kegans Oney
Peter and Julia Keller by Veda DeBusk
John Henry and Ethel Ferguson Kellett by James W. King
Adolph Kelley Family by Doris Kelley
Dr. R. F. Kemper Family by Judia Kemper Gaines
John Joseph Kincaid Familyby Chloris Kincaid
Charles King Family by Eunice H. King
James Campbell and Luella Brusenhan King by Mrs. James W. King
James E. King Family by Ralph Terry
Rufus King Familyby Letha Meek Lewallen
Willie B. and Myrtle B. (Knox) King by James W. King
Kingsbery Family
                         by Sue Kingsbery Porter and Merle Kingsbery Woodward
Robert Davison Kinney
           by Faye Kinney Lewis, Alma Williams Kinney and Dixie Kinney Henry
Kirkpatrick Family by Lucile Kirkpatrick Wylie
Klapper Family by Fred William Klapper
Foy Charles Knowles by Louise Pridemore
Foy Wayne Knowles by Louise Pridemore
Dr. E. L. Knox Family by Nan K. Markland
Eldon Morris Knox Familyby Nan K. Markland
William Thaddeus and Sarah Annas Knox Family by James W. King
Koenig Family by Willie E. Koenig
Korzenewski Family by Mike Korzenewski
Francis Lambert Family by Gloria L. West Lambert
Lancaster Family by Estherlene "Jackie" Lancaster Griffith
Thomas Jefferson Lancaster Family by Lucille Carter
Ed and Emma Land by Mrs. Olivia Land Carrell
Landrum and Mitchell Familiesby Mrs. Garland Abbey
Langehennig - Wilkins Familyby Jimmie Posey and Judy Stephenson
Claude Langford Family by Claude Langford
Laughlins and their Relativesby Charlotte Laughlin
G. B. Lawrence Family by G. B. Lawrence
Family of H. N. Lawrence by Jim Lawrence
John Albert Lawrence Family by Michele Lawrence Manis
John Bailey Laws Family by Bill Laws and Beatrice M. Story Waters
Albert H. LeMay Family by Theatus J. LeMay
Ed and Theatus LeMay by Theatus J. LeMay
Le Sueur - Sullivant by Vena Bob Le Sueur Gates
Joseph Franklin and Mary (Barnett) Leathers
                         by Mary Alice Leathers McCook
Robert E. Lee Family by Anne Lee
Lee - Sharp - Taylor by Michele Lawrence Manis
William Harrison Lewellen by Geraldine Lewellan Graves
S. J. Lewis Family by Virginia Norris
William Byrd and Frances (Green) Lewis
                  by Mrs. J. M. Coalson, Mrs. S. W. Marshall, Jr., and Mary Stigall
Lightner - Delleney by W. H. "Bill" Delleney
J. T. Livingston Family by Thomasue Hagelstein
L. J. Livingston Family by R. D. Livingston
Valentine Livingston Family
                         by Mrs. N. C. Campbell and Thomasue L. Hagelstein
Henry Lobstein Family by Ralph Terry
Joseph Everett Long Family by Nita Benton
Lopez - Martinez by Vena Bob Le Sueur Gates
J. Ed Love Family by Perry and Ileta Bourland
Louis George Love Family by Louis G. Love
Lucien Love Family by Mrs. Lamar Evans
William Edmond Love Family by Nora Smith
Harvey Lovel Family by Mrs. W. D. Baker
Lovelady Family by Ruth L. Dodson
Carroll and Vera Lovelady Family by Doris Stearns
H. M. Loveless Family by Mrs. Bryan (Reba) Clark
Milton Seldon Lowe Family by Iris Lowe Elmore
Robert Martin Lowe Family by Lucille Lowe Balke
Robert Edmund Lowrie by Robert E. Lowrie
Lowry Family by Barbara Freeman
Robert Monroe Lucas by Minnie Williams Richardson
Thomas Lyons by Emma N. Downey
Sam Houston Machen Family by Ella Mae Machen Row
Waddie F. Machen Family by Ella Mae Machen Row
George W. Mahoney by Leona Bruce
Clay M. Mann by Vena Bob Gates and Ralph Terry
Dossie Andrew "Doss" and Lillian Hazel (Trent) Maples
                         by Randy Briscoe
Emmitt R. Marrs Family by Bertha Marrs Weeks
M. L. Marrs Family by Mary Virginia Kennedy
Matthew L. Marrs Family by Bertha Marrs Weeks
Martin - Genz by Lucille Blanton
Andrew and Tabitha (Tackitt) Martin by J. J. and Gertrude Martin
Family of Cornelius Washington Martin by Ann Martin
J. Ray and Lois (Lowrimore) Martin Family by J. Ray Martin
James Crusenberry Martin Family by Mrs. Stella Moore
James Felton Martin Family by James Felton Martin
James Howell and Gertrude Martin by J. H. and Gertrude Martin
James R. Martin by J. Ray Martin
M. A. Martin Family by Gale Allen Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Obey Martin by Ruby E. Allen
Ollie J. Martin Family by Ora Stacy
Rev. Moss Martin by Herbert C. Martin
W. D. Mathews History by Eugenia and Grady McIver
Will and Bettie Mathews Family by Mrs. Tom West
May - Bilbrey by Patty Whittington Yeager
Clairborn B. May Family by J. Edmond Dial
Felix Morgan May Family by Chloris Kincaid
Richard Guy Mayfield Family by Mrs. Jewel Mayfield
Logan Carson Mayo, Jr. Family by Lucille Mayo Smalley
McAnally Family by the McAnally Family
Stanton Harold "Sam" McCain Family by Monte Mooney
McCarrell Family by Lawanda Clark
Wyley M. McCary Family by Leta Gay Faulkner
J. L. McCaughan Family by Fern McCaughan Hoke
Charley Talmage and Daisy McClatchy by LaVerne McClatchy
John Adolphus McClatchey by Lee Ann McClatchy
Wiley Patton McClatchy by Lee Ann McClatchy
E. S. McClellan Family by Jewell McMinn
James Edward McClellan Family
                by Veva Oakes McClellan and Don and Carol McClellan Simmons
Robert Washington McClellan by Lera Guthrie and Wanell Thomas
W. R. McClellan Family by Mrs. S. W. Marshall, Jr.
H. C. McClure Family by Mrs. Ben Strickland
John Edward McClure Family by Mrs. Thelma Upchurch
Robert Oscar "Bob" McClure Family by Louise James Miller
McCord Family by Mrs. J. B. McCord
McCorkle Families by Mary Jo Deaver
Sam and Mary Jane McCrary Family by Mrs. Ray Beard
W. H. and Kate Benson McCulloch by V. V. Brown
William Nesbitt McCulloch Family by Lorene M. Woodruff
Raleigh McCullough Family by Mary Ellen McCullough
Joseph Charles McDermett Family
                         by Clara Nell Spencer and Clara McDermett Coburn
Oscar McDermett by Susan Andis
Glen and Dorothy (Elkin) McDonald Family by Dorothy McDonald
William H. McDowell by W. H. McDowell
Loys Ellis McElrath Family by Sandra Reeves
McGuire Family by Barbara Freeman
Robert McHorse Family by Jeane Parker McHorse
B. W. "Ben" McIver Family by Irene Durham
Robert Lester McKinzie by John McKinzie
Clifford Foster and Cora Ella McMillan by Sandra Reeves
John Morgan McQueen Family by Barbara Keeney
John Taylor McQueen Family by Nancy Sprowls
R. C. "Cecil" and Ora McQueen Family by Mrs. Dale Cook
John Frances McSmith by Aletha (McSmith) Barton
Mead Family by Mrs. D. W. Bunting
James Decatur Meek Family by Letha Meek Lewallen
James Kays Meek Family by Letha Meek Lewallen
Silas Hood Mercer Family by David Law Mercer
Oliver Merryman Family by Thelma I. Butler
Charline (McDermett) McAnally Family by Charline Metcalf
John and Annie Elizabeth Metts by Beverly Gee and Lela Nettles
Miles Family by Mrs. James Spillman
Dale L. Miles, Jr. Family by Martha Jane West Miles
Miller - Collins by Lena Miller Adian
Miller and Stanfield Families by Mary R. Miller Thornton
Foster Miller and his Family by Hortense Miller
John Andrew Bedford Miller by Doris Miller
Mattie B. Morris Miller by Doris Miller
Milligan Family by Nita Milligan
William Francis "Frank" and Ola (Smedley) Mills Family
                         by Charlyne Griffith
Charles Mitchell Family by Mrs. Charles Mitchell
H. H. Mitchell Family by Pat Beck
J. A. Mitchell Family
                         by Glynn Mitchell, Josephine Dickinson and Lucille Buck
M. L. Mitchell Family by Mildred Mitchell Greer and Ann Slate
Rev. R. F. Mitchell Family by Mrs. Violet Tyson
Samuel Milton Monroe Family by Ruth Williams
James W. Moore Family by Stella Moore
Richard Anderson Moore Family by Willis R. Moore
William Mont Moore by Myrtle Estes
Richard Calvin Morgan Family by R. C. Morgan
J. P. Morris by Doris Miller
Press D. and Carrie Morris by Joe Morris Hemphill
W. B. Mountain Family by Eureta Mountain Whitley
Joseph Riley Mulanax Family by Chloris Kincaid
Stephen Mulanax Family by Kenneth Mulanax
Thomas Ivy and Sarah Elizabeth (Spruill) Mulkey by Robert R. Smedley
G. W. Myers Family by Xuma Myers Jones
J. H. and Ellie "Dollie" Myers by Dovie Garrett
J. H. Nance Family by Freda Hindman McGuckin
John Thomas Naron by Juanita Naron
Nations - Lockridge by Mrs. Earl Heddins
D. C. Neal by Helen Upton Oakes
Joseph Nealy Family by Nancy Sprowls
Ed and Amanda Nelson Family by Mrs. Billie Baker
Family of Ernest Calvin Newman by L. Kenneth Newman
William Hugh Newsom Family by Adele Adams
Nichols - Fitzgerald by Mrs. John Nichols
ALlen Mack Norris Family by Billye Puckett
J. A. Norris Family by Frances Norris Raymer
O'Keefe Family by LeAn Warren
James Turner Oakes Family by Veva Oakes McClellan
J. M. Oakes Family by Helen Upton Oakes
N. R. Oakes Family by Gwendolyn Walker
Luther Odom Family by Judia Kemper Gaines
John Nicholas Osborne Family by Carrie Howard
Richard Henry and Martha Tye Overall by Sarah Lu Gardner
Maggie Knox Owen by Mrs. James W. King
P - Q
Paddleford Family by Lucile Ayres Payne
George Bowden Page by George A. Page
William Dennis Page by George A. Page
Willis Weldon Page Family by George A. Page
Parker and Hipp Families by Mrs. C. B. Drinkard
David Absalom Parker Family by Thelma Parker Strickland
David Frederick Parker Family by Mrs. James (Martha) Parker
John Samuel "Jack" Parker by Chloris Kincaid
Lee Roy and Myrtle Parker Family by Myrtle Oma Odom Parker
William Lafayette Parker Family by Inez Parker Walthall
William Walter Parker Family by Thelma Parker Strickland
W. C. "Clay" Parks by Glynn Mitchell
Hardy Parrott by Tim and Kay Parrott
Hardy Z. Parrott Family by Hardy Z. Parrott
Frank Affie Parson by Nevy and Norrell Parson
Manuel and Lorene Pasley by Lorene Taylor Pasley
A. Z. Pate Family by Margaret Irby and Bobby Jennings
I. S. Pate Family by Mrs. Isaac "Mary" Pate
Patton Family * by Mrs. Virginia Miller McKallip
Pauley Family by Eugenia Pauley Pittard
Ferman "Fog" Pauley Family by Willa Faye Pauley
Alfred Paulk - C. E. Davenport * - Preston, Sullivan, Cameron
David Coulter Paxton Family by Betty Jewell Paxton Slaughter
A. L. Pearce Family by Bonnie Lou Pearce
L. C. Pearce Family by Mrs. Bob Pearce
Leroy G. Pearce by Bonnie Lou Pearce
Houston Standley Pearson by Electra Pearson
Peeples Family by Juanita Branch
Joe Pendergrass by Lois McCarty
James Powell Perry Family by Jewell Taylor Sudduth
Thomas T. Perry Family by Leona Bruce
Peterson by Mary Sue Brooks
Petty - Stobaugh - Smith by Hollis S. Smith
Pfluger Ranch by K. Pfluger
Phillips - Jackson by Lea Mock
Archie Phillips Family by Archie Phillips
Glen Harold Phillips Family by Katie Phillips
Robert and Mary Phillips by Syble Phillips Huggins
Wilson Phillips Family by Martin E. Jarrell
Jessie Joseph and Emma (Briggs) Pinkston by Shirley J. Tooker
John Blakemore Pinkston Family by Kathy P. Tidwell
Joseph Pinkston Family by Mary Nichels Stephenson
Edward Eugene and Susie Pittard by Lynn P. Pittard
Ben H. Pittman by Ralph Terry
Pitts - Jameson Families by Madeline Crabaugh
John and Sarah Pitts by Jane Atchley
Waymon Dixon Pitts Family by Mrs. Lester Smith
Samuel Monroe Polk Family by Otho M. Polk
Dr. J. G. Pope Family by Tye Pope
Andrew Porter Family by Glenda Porter Brown
Powe Family by Esther Powe Stacy
Charles Percy Powers Family by Bess Powers Johnson
Aubie and Rufus Price, Sr. by Mrs. Rex Jones
Pricer Family by Mamie Pricer
James Beauregard Priddy Family by Nancy E. Muir
John Pringle Family by Wanye Daniel
Pugh Family by Alene Tucker Drinkard
Adolph Rackow Family by Catherine Boyd Rackow
Rae Family by George Rae
Rae - Minor by Helen Hoard Daily
Ragsdale Family by William E. Ragsdale
William Elijah Ragsdale by Leta Ragsdale Parker
Jack Wilson Rambo by Helen Rambo
Ramsey Family by Sylvia Fiveash Herring and Irene Ramsey Trull
Jim Ramsey Family by Jeanette Ramsey Chew
Prentiss and Pauline Ransbarger by Pauline Ransbarger
William Henry Ransberger by Sylbia Ransberger
Jacob Rathmell Family by Lillie Rathmell Poweski
Robert Bently Ray Family by Rosa F. Baker
W. F. Raymer Family by Frances Raymer
Milton Alexander Reeves Family by Willie B. Reeves
Elizabeth W. Reynolds by Elizabeth W. Reynolds
John Rhoads by Ralph Terry
Geo. D. and Gladys (Anderson) Rhone by Don Rhone
Richardson - Zachary by Ruby R. Stephenson
Bowen Filmore Richardson Family by Bernice Johnson
John Perry Richardson Family
                         by Bernice Johnson and Dorris Richardson
Andy Dunn Richey Family by Mrs. Ira Hale
William C. Rickard by Judia Kemper Gaines
Ridings Family by Glenn Board
D. L. Riley by Tessie (Riley) Abernathy
Augustus Bracey Ripley Family
                         by Mrs. Josie Ward and Mrs. Wynona Chance
B. R. Risinger Family by Tye Renfro
Sam Roach Family by Margaret Roach Fleming
Billy L. Roberts Family by Billy Roberts
I. B. Roberts Family by Powell Roberts
Odediah Boles Robertson Family by Robert and Ann See
John Horace Robey by Minnie E. Flippen
William J. Robey by Ralph Terry
Thomas Robin Family by Leona Bruce
"Choctaw" Bill Robinson by Leona Bruce
Eula Norris Robinson by Delma Drake Blair
Rodden by Mary Sue Brooks
H. H. Rodgers Family by Maedelle Rodgers
William Thomas Roper Family by Lena Adian
Roquemore Family by Ralph Terry
John Rose by Durward Brandon
William L. and B. F. Rose by Judia Gaines
John Davis Row Family by J. D. Row
Rude - Minatra Families by Betty Minatra Baber
Fred B. Rudolph Family by Joan and Baker Rudolph
Samuel Morrison Russell by Patsy Ruth Granad
William Harvey Rutherford by Joe Grant
Fred Sackett Family by Tammy Mills
Henry Sackett by Fred Sackett
Francis Marion Sampson
                         by Edna (Sampson) Abernathy, Georgia (Sampson) Dalton
                         and Mack Sampson
Wenselado Sanchez Family by Mrs. Thomas DeLeon
George Philip Sanders by Grace Smith
James Thomason Sanders by Grace Smith
John Sanders Family by Lovanda Conley
Robert S. and Jewell (Bailey) Sanders Family
                         by Mrs. R. S. (Jewell) Sanders
Satterfiedl - Huling Families by Ora Lee Satterfield Alvey
John Saunders Family by Mr. and Mrs. Oplin Saunders
Philip Jones Saunders by Edith Jameson
Robert Baird Saunders Family by Letha M. Saunders
William Allen Savage Family by Elizabeth E. Savage Wiginton
W. J. Sayre Family by Hazle Sayre Bryan
Otto Schick Family by Walter H. Schick, Jr.
Fonnie M. Scott Family by Mrs. J. E. Scott
John T. Scott Family by Mrs. G. B. Lawrence
Dr. T. Richard Sealy and Family by Tom Sealy
Samuel See Family by Robert See Family
William Sherman See Family by Robert and Ann See
Self Family by Mrs. S. C. Winslett and Mrs. S. H. Dalton
Jesse N. Sewell Family
                         by Eleanor Douglas Ellyson and Marcella Douglas Hickman
John Allen Shamblin History by Hallie Bivins
Edwin R. Sharp Family by Monyene Stearns
Homer Sharp Family by Homer N. Sharp
John Sheen Family by Ralph Terry and Vena Bob Gates
Hezekiah K. Shelton Family by Mrs. O. E. Shelton
T. E. D. Shepherd
                         by Mrs. Donald E. Mathis, Charles C. and Doug Shepherd
Charles Shield Family by Mry Boenicke
Elgean Shield Family by Mrs. Elgean Shield
L. L. Shield Family by Camille Shield Wallace
William and Mary Jane Shields Family by Ralph Terry
Shoemaker Family by C. H. Van Dalsem
Robert B. "Bob" and Bessie Dan Siddall by Ina Me Sheffield
Sikes Family by Beth Sikes and Jeanette Brooks
Arnold Lee Sikes Family by Mrs. A. T. Sikes
Earnest Edmond and Cloys Katherine Sikes by Katherine Sikes
Ely Simmons Family by Louise Hawkins
F. B. Simmons Family by Virginia Simmons Scott
George E. Simmons Family by Hazel Reed
J. Warnock Simmons by the Simmons Children
Jim Simmons by the Children of J. Warnock Simmons
Simonton Family by Maggie Sloan
James Davis Simpson Family by Mary Simpson Lucksinger
W. T. Simpson by C. W. and Pauline Simpson
Jim Skelton Family by Barbara (Skelton) Gifford
John Wesley Slate Family by Branda Forbess and Mary Slate
J. W. Slayton Family by Fredna Slayton Horton
Sluder Family by May Evelyn Sluder Collins
Alfred and Lorena Smedley by Sue Evans
Jesse Smedley Family by Sue Evans
Robert Ray and Ivy Beth Mulkey Smedley by Robert R. Smedley
Earle Smith by Earl Smith
Ed B. Smith by Judia Gaines
Felix Smith Sr. Family by Helen Summers King
Henry Matthews Smith Family by Lila Belle Smith White
James Thomas Smith Family by Lila Belle Smith White
Joe B. Smith Family by Nora Robinson
John Annanias Smith by Patrick Hosch
John Thomas Smith Family by Nora Smith
Josiah Smith Family by Elizabeth Savage Wiginton
Josiah Juan Smith Family by Sandra Pricer Clawson
Madison Monroe Smith Family by Willie B. Reeves
Matthew Claiborne Smith Family by Lenora Cox
Milton J.  "Buck" Smith Family by Lenora Cox
Nathan G. Smith Family by Bobbie Duncan Duck
Sam J. and Othella Arnold Smith by Doris Stearns
Sidney W. Smith Family by Mary E. Coffey
Family History of W. M. Smith by Sue Smith
Wiley B. D. Smith Family by Vernie Smith Bennett
Family of Mitchell and Lena Sneed by Cassie Sneed Davis
Frank Lee Snodgrass Familyby Nan Lee Gay Mealy
Robert L. Snodgrass Familyby Jim Snodgrass
S. S. Spain by Mozelle Williams
Sparkman Families by Eirys Sparkman Larance
Sparkman - Parker Families by Wendell B. Sparkman
Abner Calvin Sparks Family by Edna Tisdale
Fred M. Sparks Family by Mary Lou Fuller
John R. Sparks by Rev. Ray M. Sparks
Ray M. Sparks by Rev. Ray M. Sparks
Robert Spence Family by Rod Spence
J. C. and Margret Thornton Spencer Family by Loleita B. Lemes
J. L. Spicer by Ralph Terry
Eugene Kaigler Spivey Family by Gene Spivey, Jr.
Sprinkles Family by Sam H. Sprinkles
Carrie Spruiell by Mary Slate
Sam Houston Spruiell, M. D. by Mary Slate
Lorenzo D. St. Clair by R. C. Morgan
Stacy - Monsey - Harris by Mozelle Williams
James Madison Stacy by Ruth Hibbetts
James Thomas and Arizona Stacy by Walter and Carrie Stacy
Jesse Braswell Stacy Family by George A. Page
Noah and Lorena Stacy by Lorena Stacy
Walter R. Stacy Family by Walter and Carrie Stacy
Standridge Family by Lois Standridge
William P. Stanphill by Sylbia Ransberger
Horace R. Starkweather by Ralph Terry
Charles Edward Starnes by Mrs. Lera Starnes Simpson
Robert Walton Starnes Family by Rachel Alvey
Thomas Beal Stayton Family by Gladys Stayton Driskill
Robert Sherman Stearns by Monyene Stearns
Stell Family by Edna Stell Dunn
John Hugh Stempel Family by Hugh Stempel
Stephens Family by Leora Ragsdale
Hubert Aurther Stephenson Family by Hubert Aurther Stephenson
W. S. Stephenson Family by Bill and Joy Stephenson
William Edwin Stepp Family by Billie Maurine (Stepp) Mercer
Franklin Pearce Stevens Family by Opal Williams
J. E. Stevens Family by Frances Dibrell and Sarah Lu Gardner
Orville Lee Stevens by Marie Hudson
Winifred A. Stevens by Mrs. W. A. Stevens
Stewardson Family by Virginia Zirkle
Earl Stewart Family by Lois Standridge
George Anson Stinson Family by Eleanor S. Holley
Walter Perry and Willie (White) Stobaugh Family
                         by Mary Jane Jamison
L. V. Stockard Family by Beverly Stockard McFadden
John Calloway Stokes Family by Jim and Donna Stokes
Montie and Bertie (Duncan) Stone by Bertie Stone
Kenneth B. and May N. Story by Beatrice May Story Waters
Robert Newton and  Millie Minerva Story
                         by Novella (Sharp) Stearns and Beatrice Story Waters
Tracy Porterfield and Laura Maud Story by Beatrice May Story Waters
Edwin Darwin Stoup Family by Ruby Watters
Stovall Family by Glenna Mae Stovall Orr
Rufus H. Strange Family by Opal Williams
Strickland and Thomason Families by Voncile Strickalnd Thomason
Rev. J. C. Strickland by Burl Strickland
Thomas Henderson and Dora Moore Strong by Lt. Col. Mary H. Strong
William Marcel Strozier Family by Rosamond Strozier Stewart
Hezekiah Ham Summers Family by Florence Ellen Summers Estes
J. M. Summers Family by Lucille Buck and Glynn Mitchell
Will Swan Family by Leona Bruce
Taylor Family by Mrs. Ben Taylor
Amos Taylor Family by Voncille Estes and Jewell Taylor Sudduth
Francis Marion and Sarah Elizabeth (Cantrell) Taylor by Billie Wright
Fred Taylor Family by Mrs. Joe B. Gault
J. Frank Taylor Family by Maedelle Rodgers
J. H. "Henry" Taylor Family by Maedelle Rogers
James Frank Taylor by Ralph Terry
Jerry Taylor Family by Mrs. W. A. Stevens
John Thomas Taylor Family by Lonella Taylor Roesch
William Howard "Will H." Taylor by Mattie Lee Brown
Terrell Family by Mrs. James Lester Terrell
Terry - Cissell by Mary Ruth Graham
Family of Oscar Hill Terry, Sr. by Ralph Terry
Henry Thate by Minnie Burkett
William Frank Thigpen by Daisy Hudler
Thomason - Hughes by Vena Bob Le Sueur Gates
Thomason - Tidmore by Loweta Thomason Pope
H. B. Thompson Family by Dorothy Thompson
John Mark and Johnnie West Thompson Family
                         by Maudie J. West Jones
Moses Thompson Family by Lenora Thompson Bohannon
Henry Jackson Thornton by Loleita B. Lemes
Richard Throgmorton Family by Otis Throgmorton
Thweatt - Monsey by Bobbye Thweatt
Thweatt - Richey Families by Mary Love Griffin
Thweatt - Thompson Family by Bobbye Thweatt
Walter Earl Thweatt by Bonnie Thweatt Moore
Henry Harris Tisdale Family by Ruth Tisdale Wilkinson
E. L. Todd by H. L. Todd
John Tomlinson Family by Catherine Booyd Rackow
Ignacio Torres Family by Mrs. Thomas DeLeon
Alexander Perry Townsen by Mildred Townsen Stobaugh
William Henry and Mary Belle Townsley by Joyce Ann Townsley Wyatt
Ira B. Trammell by Ralph Terry
M. T. Traylor by Jeane Abbey
Emory Trent Family by Randy Briscoe
Ray Trent by Tommy Dean
Trowbridge Family by Thelma Cupps Fleming
Trull Family by Lawanda Clark
Tucker Family by Mary M. Carre'
Fred W. Turner, Sr. by Faye T. Horne
Gus Oliver Turner by Lois McCarty
Homer Gilbert Turner by Lois McCarty
Jesse Manuel Turner by Lois McCarty
John and Nancy Georgia Ann Turner by Lois McCarty
Peter Harry Turner by J. Eugene Williams and Rebecca Turner Garrett
Robert Ellison Turner Family
                         by Fred and Susanna Turner and Ray Turner
Dr. Stephen T. Turner* by Ralph Terry
William Kallup "Bill" Turner by Lois McCarty
Wylie Ernest Turner by Lois McCarty
Moses M. Turney by Ralph Terry
Tyson Family by Edrine Tyson Davis
Marion Tyson Family by Mary Tyson Kamprath
T. H. Upton Family by Helen Upton Oakes
Van Dalsem and Collins Families by C. H. Van Dalsem
Van Dyke Family by Beth Sikes and Jeanette Brooks
Vanderford Family by Ruth Sealy Mayo
George Graham Vanpelt by Lenora Cox
John Patteson Vanpelt by Hazel Cox Free
Varner Family by Fred William Klapper
Wiley and Mollie Vaughan by Randall Jameson
J. L. Vaughn, Jr. by Mrs. W. L. "Bill" Vaughn
History of J. L. Vaughn, Sr., by Mrs. W. L. "Bill" Vaughn
Evered H. Veal by Martha Chipley
Vickers Family by Aubrey Vickers
A. H. Viets Family by Mildred Mitchell Greer
John Carl Vincent Family by Elizabeth Evans Barnes
Henry Vollintine Family by Dorothy Baxter Thompson
Fredrick Ernst Wagner Family by Janice Fellers
Waldrop - Pirtle Families by Veo Pirtle
R. H. Elizabeth Walker by Mary Sue Brooks
William and Alpha Walker Family by Hope Golson
Foy E. and Paul L. Wallace Families by Mrs. Paul L. Wallace
Karl Edward Wallace Family by Camille S. Wallace
M. M. Wallace Family by Reta Wallace Ing
Ward - Sewell by Mrs. Vera Sewell
John and Alice Warnock by Mrs. Jerry Dry
John B. Warren by Ralph Terry
John Earl Watkins Family by Christine M. Watkins
Watson Family by Barbara Freeman
James Coleman Watson Family by Oran Hollas Watson
Jim D. Watson Family by Ann Watson
Jim and Katherine Watson Family by Ann Watson
Tommy Watters Family by Glen Bohannon
Clem C. Watts Family by Annie Lee Ray
George (Elbert) Watts by Leona Bruce - *additions by Ralph Terry, 2009
D. H. Weatherford by Mrs. Paul L. Wallace
James Martin Weatherred Family by Elizabeth Weatherred Hemphill
W. W. and Anna (Brown) Weatherred Families
                         by Mrs. J. S. Weatherred
A. G. Weaver by Leona Bruce
William Mack and Mary Elizabeth Weaver
                         by Mary Alice Leathers McCook
William Henry Webb Family by Elizabeth Savage Wiginton
Welch Family by Maurine Blair, Roxie Allison and Goldie Haynes
John Richard Wells Family by Sydney Cupps Burleson
John William Wesley Family by Minnie Burkett
John T. West Family by Maudie J. West Jones
Jonathan R. West Family by Marcus L. West
Oliver D. and Margaret West Family by Oliver D. West
Thomas Lester and Della West by Thomas Lester West
James A. Wester Family by Carol Wester Hodges
Wheat Family by Mrs. Sidney A. (Lois) Wheat
B. H. Wheeler Family by O. B. Wheeler Watters
White - Ely Families by Camille M. Sandusky
Annette Mullins White Family by Alice Smith White
George McClendon White Family by Nora Smith
Robert I. and Alice M. White Family by Alice Smith White
Talmadge J. White Family by Jewel White Mayfield
W. A. White Family by O. W. "Ovilee" White
William Henry and Malinda Anna (Birdwell) White by Billie Wright
William Lawson and Lizzie (Taylor) White by Billie Wright
Dee Whitfield Family by Nell Simmons
Floyd Whitfield Family by Maurine Bradley
William Whitfield Family by Flora Dee Daughtry
Milton W. and Hettie L. (Rutherford) Whitt by Edith Jameson
Whittington - Hughes by Patty Whittington Yeager
James Edward Wileman Family by Lillian C. DePrang
Alva Lee and Ruth Ether (Tisdale) Wilkinson
                         by Edith Jameson and Alva Wilkinson
Arthur and Mry Clem (Shelton - Ball) Wilkinson by by Edith Jameson
Charles Cheatham and Betty Alabama (Brown) Wilkinson
                         by Edith Jameson
Charles Milton Wilkinson Family by Edith Jameson
Donald L. and Judith A. (Reynolds) Wilkinson by Edith Jameson
Williams Family by Betty Lowrance
Williams - Monsey by Mozelle Williams
Mukewater Bill Williams by Wanda M. Barnum
Henry A. and Maud Bell Williams by J. Eugene Williams
Hugh B. Williams Family by Doris Beeler Williams
John Earl Williams by Ovella C. Williams
John Wesley Williams Family by Ovella C. Williams
John William Williams by Frankie Holt Swafford
Peter Hughes Williams by Minnie Williams Richardson
Robert Marvin Williams Family by Ovella C. Williams
Willis Family by Jerry Willis
Ben M. Wilson Family by Billie Wilson Scott
Bird Wilson Family by Anna Wells and Maurine Burroughs
Charlie Young Wilson Family by Odessa Wilson Holland
Eugene and Mary Wilson by Ina Wilson LaCour
Jerry William "J. W." Wilson Family by Lois Wilson Bennett
Roy and Loys Wilson by Millie Robbins
Walter William Wilson Family by Thelma Wilson Ivie
Winn Family by Leona Bruce
Winslett Family by Mrs. Pete Winslett
George C. Winstead Family by Bennie Winstead King
Wolfrum - Pierce by Patty Whittington Yeager
John Morris Wood by Kathryn Wood Allen
R. V. Wood by Janie Cotten Binnion
Woodard and DeArmon Family by June Novelle Woodard
Louis Woodard Family by Marion Woodard McClendon
Will and Mary Woods by R. C. Morgan
Woodward Family by R. L. Barnett
E. L. Woodward Family by Gyda W. Morrow
F. C. Woodward by Sue Kingsbery and Mary W. Clifford
W. B. Woodward Family by Sue Kingsbery and Mary W. Clifford
Ernest and Maggie Wynn by Wm. Luther Wynn
X - Y
T. E. Yates by Barbara Yates
Jesse Monroe York by Jesse Earl York
Andrew A. Young by Roy D. Young
Ira Irvin Young Family by Charles W. Young
William Michael Youngblood Family by Walter H. Schick, Jr.
Younglove Family by Thelma I. Butler
Zirkle Family by Bob Zirkle

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