Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by G. E. Irby

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

William Alford and his wife, Dicie (Easley) Irby brought their family to Coleman County in the spring of 1920 and settled on the old Anse Seals place at the corner of the Coleman - Comanche road and the Santa Anna - Burkett road, about 1 mile south of the old Watts Creek School.  Those children still at home attended school here.  The family had previously lived on a farm in the Fairview Community, about 7 miles north of Comanche, except for 3 months spent near Roswell, New Mexico, where they had intended to preempt 640 acres of farmland.  This short period immediately preceded their move to Coleman County where the family remained for 10 years after which they moved back to their farm in Comanche County.  They farmed all of their lives.  William Alford, born December 19, 1875 in Collin County, died September 4, 1963 in Dublin, the son of William Joshua Irby and Arminda Jane Fagan, married Dicie Easley, born August 29, 1878, died September 1, 1973 in Comanche, the daughter of Robert Burnett Easley and Mary Ann McGuire, on August 9, 1894 in Comanche County.  Both are buried in Comanche. Their children were:
(1) Mollie Myrtle, born April 23, 1896, married James Ernest Merritt and lives in Brownwood.  Children: Fay, lives in Comanche; Wayne, lives in Cross Plains; Audie Bob, lives in Lubbock; Bill, lives in Colorado City; and Loy, lives in Brownwood.

(2) Lillie Mae, born January 25, 1895, married James William Brinson and now lives with her daughter, Letha, in Longview.

(3) William Otis, born September 22, 1899, married Margaret Pearl Pate of Voss (see A. Z. Pate).

(4) Montie Ivy, born October 23, 1901, married John Allen Brinson, died December 8, 1964, buried in Comanche.  They were childless.

(5) Prentice Otto, born August 30, 1904, married Lena Fay Childs of the Watts Creek community and lives in Coleman (see Henry L. Childs).  They have one daughter, Nyla Dell, who lives in San Angelo.

(6) Elva Burnett, born July 15, 1906, married Mary Elizabeth Long (see Elva Burnett Irby).

(7) Artie Lee, born October 30, 1908, married Florence Seals of the Watts Creek community and lives in Coleman.  They had no children.  Florence is a cousin of Walter (Pat) Seals (see James M. Brown).

(8) Cyril Edwin, born November 18, 1912, married Erlean Hilley and lives in Comanche County.  One son, Rodney, who lives in Chile; and one daughter, Nelda, who lives in Midland.

Of these 8 children, Lillie (only recently moved to Longview), Otto and Amtie have always lived in Coleman County.  Otis, Elva, Otto and Artie all married while they lived in the county and each one married a local girl.

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