Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Verna J. Slate

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Joel W. Jackson, born May 25, 1884 in Blevins, Falls County, son of Joseph Zachariah and Alice Amanda (Austin) Jackson, married Mable C. Wiswell, born December 26, 1883 in Pearl, Coryell County, daughter of Lonnie Eber and Arena (Stevens) Wiswell.  They moved to McCulloch County from Eddy, Texas in 1908 with their four older children.  They moved to Coleman County in 1910 in a covered wagon.  They lived in the Gouldbusk area, where he was engaged in ranching for Sam P. Woodward as foreman.  On this ranch their four youngest children were born.  They continued to live in the Gouldbusk area until 1938 when they moved to Coleman.  All of the children attended school in the Hardin and Gouldbusk schools.  Joel W. died May 31, 1955 and Mable C. October 14, 1960, both buried in Coleman.  Their children:
(1) Fred, born October 10, 1905 in Eddy, married Martha Laura Lane, born July 19, 1908, in Falls County, on December 19, 1925 and moved to Coleman (see John Morgan McQueen).  Five children were born:
(1a) Iris Jorene, born August 30, 1928 in Coleman, married James Marvin Chenault, February 7, 1947.  They have five children, Sandra Jo (Albritton), Iris Ann, twins Jamie Kaye (Clark) and Donna Gaye, and James Marvin, Jr.

(1b) Fred Lane, born April 26, 1932 in Coleman, married Barbara Johnson, April 18, 1959.  They have four children: Donald Ralph, Charles Edward, Jack Lane, William Joseph, all living in Casper, Wyoming.  Fred Lane was in the service from 1952 through 1954.

(1c) Karen Lea, born September 20, 1943 in Coleman, married Cecil Dwayne Drake, November 23, 1962.  They have one son, Chance Wayne.

Fred and Martha have lived all their married life in Coleman where he retired at sixty two after working twenty five years at Clark Auto Parts.  He then worked ten years at Henderson Funeral Home.  He died May 18, 1983, buried in Coleman.

(2) Waid, born December 3, 1906 in Eddy, married Mattie Lucile Lindeman, May 7, 1927, born January 22, 1908, daughter of David Edward and Clara (Lueders) Lindeman.  They have lived in Coleman County since 1910 and moved to the City of Coleman in 1931, where he started a trucking business and operated it until his retirement.  They have a son and a daughter:

(2a) Lonnie Edward, born September 17, 1931, married Ruby Nell Jennings, March 29, 1952, have three children. 2a) Ruby Jo, October 28, 1949, married James Dudley Seals, Jr., June 4, 1966.  They have two sons, Trey and Jason.  (b) Lonnie Waid, November 28, 1953, married Betty Ann Kemp, June 28, 1973.  They have a son, Travis Waid.  (c) Cindy Ann, December 17, 1956, married Preston Bell.

(2b) Nelda Fay, born October 16, 1939, married Alfred Kenneth Roberts, born April 3,1940, on October 15, 1960. They have two sons, (a) Kenneth Wayne, July 29, 1961, married Carla Jo O’Connor, May 17, 1983. (b) Joe David, June 9,1964, married Donna Ann Anderson, April 6, 1983.  Both sons were born in Coleman.

Lucile died November 13, 1981, buried in Coleman.

(3) Verna, born August 30, 1908 in Eddy, married Sam H. Slate, June 18, 1927 (see John Wesley Slate).  Sam died April 2, 1945, buried at Gouldbusk.  He was a radio service man and worked at Gordon Hardware and Furniture and Gray Mercantile in Coleman, as well as for himself.  He lived most of his life in Coleman County.  Their two sons are:

(3a) Lewis Glenn, born May 14, 1928 in Gouldbusk, attended Mozelle school and graduated in May 1945, entered the Navy in March 1946 and was discharged in August, 1946.  He married B. J. Pruitt, September 9, 1950, born December 1, 1932 in Coleman.  They have two daughters: (a) Lisa Gaye, May 16, 1959, attended Arlington public schools and Texas Women’s University, graduating May 1982, employed by Leech Industries in Arlington.  (b) Tanya Leigh, April 19, 1966 in Arlington, have lived in Arlington since March 1959.

(3b) Leon (Buddy), born October 23, 1929 at Gouldbusk and graduated at Mozelle High School in May 1946.  He enlisted in the Air Force, April 5, 1948 and was discharged April 4, 1952.  He then enlisted in the Navy on April 8, 1958 and retired from the Navy August 6, 1973. Three children: Pamela Joy, March 25, 1954; Wilson Lee, August 24, 1955 - October 10, 1955, buried in Gouldbusk, and Verna Lameda, November 2, 1962.  He and his wife Norma live in Orient, Washington.

Verna is a retired telephone operator, started working for South Western State Telephone Company in Coleman, June 26, 1946 and was transferred to Brownwood, December 7, 1957.  She retired September 1, 1973 and moved back to Coleman, March 24, 1979 after 21 years.

(4) Velma, born September 20, 1909 at Fife in McCulloch County, married L. H. Dietrich, March 6, 1940, born at Pear Valley, McCulloch County, September 27, 1911.  He moved to Gouldbusk at the age of three, son of F. M. “Dutch” and Iris (Shuler) Dietrich.  They have two children:

(4a) James G., born June 19, 1942 in Coleman, married Wanda Williams of Coleman, June 3, 1963.  They have two children, Synda, March 19, 1964 and Bryan, August 24, 1967.  They now live in Coleman.

(4b) Reba Jo, born November 18, 1945 in Coleman, married Jackie M. Watters, April 12, 1967 (see B. H. Wheeler).

(5) Garland Woodward “Skeet,” born May 12, 1912, married Edith Smith in San Angelo, April 20, 1947 and lived in San Angelo until he retired from Strain Bros. in 1974.  Their only son, Donald Waid, was born July 11, 1949 in Coleman, married Judy Gale Beam in San Angelo, January 2, 1970.  He attended school in San Angelo and finished game warden school in 1971.  He spent 10 years as game warden at Whitney, is now game warden at Sheffield.  They have two children, Dana who is 7 and Justin is 2.

 (6) Laverne, born June 28, 1914, married Joe Blackwell of Blanket, April 24, 1934.  He died July 18, 1976.  They have two sons:

 (6a) Randal, born December 17, 1936, married (1st) Gay Garrett, September 8, 1956, they have one son, Clay, September 18, 1957, married Vickie Bass, September 8, 1978, one daughter, Nicole, July 9, 1982.  Randal and Gay divorced October 19, 1960, and Randal married (2nd) Lynna Freeman, May 1, 1964.  She had two sons, Eric, November 17, 1958 and Brian, July 6, 1961.  Their child, Randi Lynn, October 3, 1966.

 (6b) Buford, born October 14, 1940, married Annette Funk, August 28, 1960, their children are Michael, August 2, 1961, Laurie, May 26, 1964, Leslie, May 30, 1967 and Kristie, October 29, 1968.  Laverne now lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.

 (7) Vivian Larene, born March 10, 1920 in Coleman County, married Charles E. Blair, April 13, 1915, in Manhattan, Kansas.  Vivian retired after twenty-five years of service from Texas Instruments and Charles is a retired sheet metal worker.  They now live in Athens, Texas.

 (8) Gladys E., born September 16, 1922, married William A. Pope, son of Mr. and Mrs. E .L. Pope, November 1, 1941.  They have five children:

 (8a) Linda J., born August 13, 1943 in San Angelo, married Buddy W. Haller, live in Sheridan, Arkansas and have two children Brian W., and Jana L.

 (8b) Dewayne, born August 4, 1945 in San Angelo was born deaf and is legally blind.

 (8c) Ricky L., born February 2, 1953, married Martha N. Boyles, have a son, Bradley W., and live in Sheridan, Arkansas.

 (8d) Jan R., born July 26, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois married Danny R. Finch, have two children, Lisa R., and Tiffany B. and live in Beebee, Arkansas.

 (8e) Charles W., born August 24, 1961 in Little Rock, was also born deaf and is now legally blind.  He is now attending Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind in Sands Point, New York.

 Bill and Gladys live in Prattsville, Arkansas.

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Laverne, Skeet, Velma, Waid, Verna, Fred, Mr. and Mrs. J. W Jackson -  children Lorene, and Gladys

Gladys, Larene, Laverne, Velma, and Verna “Skeet,” Waid, and Fred Jackson

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