Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Louise James Miller

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Wesley Flint James was named for his father’s half brother, Dr. A. Bouge Flint, who was chief surgeon of General French’s Division, Confederate States of America.  Wesley’s grandfather, Benjamin F. James, joined the Seventh Texas Division in March of 1863.  He was wounded in May and died of blood poisoning June 14, 1863, buried in Mississippi.  His wife, Harriett, died October 14, 1878, buried in Lewis Craver Cemetery near Jefferson, Texas, the daughter of George Thomas.

Wesley Flint was born November 21, 1886, the son of Thomas Franklin, born March 18, 1851, died November 24, 1930, buried in Hughes Springs, Texas, and Lizzie Bealle (Bridges) James, born January 29, 1859, died June 15, 1920, buried at Old Valera Cemetery, the daughter of Russell Jim and Frances Eugenia Jones Bird Bridges.  Thomas F. was the son of Benjamin Francis and Harriette (Thomas) Flint James who were married January 18, 1879 in East Texas.  Their other children were: Fannie Paulk, born January 16, 1881, died November 23, 1919, married Phillip Craver; Frank Russell, born 1882 or 1883, died August 26, 1902; Carrie Eugenia, born May 16, 1885, died February 5, 1972, married Asa Meadows Britton. (See Asa Britton); Joseph Nathaniel, born February 25, 1889, died October 23, 1942, married Willie Dancer.  They had one daughter, Irene, married Nelson Ryan. (See Bowden and Thomason - Hughes); Mary Milida, born September 14, 1890, died January 1, 1983, married Tom C. Miller; Elizabeth Culberson (L. C.), born November 24, 1893, died June 29, 1970, married Emery Turner.  After their spouses had died Thomas F. James and Liz (Little) Flint married in 1923.

Wesley moved with his family to Coleman County from Jefferson in 1890.  His parents bought 200 acres of land near Home Creek, six miles northwest of Valera.  Carrie got sick and the family moved back to their home in East Texas, so they could get good medical care.  The family moved back to Home Creek in 1900.  Wesley’s uncles, William (Bill) and Joe James and their families had moved to Home Creek in 1885 and had bought adjoining land, (see Joe B. James).  Wesley and his brother, Nat, helped their father with a large grain and cotton producing farm.  He learned the barber trade from Dave Cole in Valera, served in WWI with service in France and worked as a barber in Talpa and Valera.  He was also a stockman and farmer.  Wesley married Ruby Rae McClure, December 11, 1921, (see Robert Oscar “Bob” McClure).  The family lived in the Home Creek area with exception of residence in Talpa from 1925 to 1931.  Their children are:

(1) Roy Llewllyn, born October 10, 1922, died July 6, 1970, graduated from Centennial High School and attended Draughans Business College in Abibene.  He enlisted in the Air Force in 1942, serving in Europe.  After his discharge, he attended Texas Tech and worked for Southwestern Public Service Company for 20 years.  He married Jean Vincent of Lubbock.  Their children: (1a) Nancy, who married Mark Parker of Lubbock and parents of Blake, Josh, Seth and Andrew Joseph, live in Freepomt; and (1b) Carolyn who married Bobby McGehee and live in Baytown.

(2) Elba Louise, born June 2, 1924, graduated from Centennial High and attended Draughans Business College in Abilene.  She worked for the Office of Price Administration in Washington, D.C. and later for Congressman Lindley Beckworth.  She married Arthur Miller of Washington, D.C. in 1946.  They moved to Waco in 1948 where Arthur attended Baylor University until May 1952.  They moved to Port Arthur where he was employed by the Port Arthur Independent School District; received his Doctor of Education from the University of Houston in 1966 and taught 12 years at the University of Alabama, returning to Baylor in 1981 where he is teaching.  Their five children are: (2a) Lee, graduated from Lamar and Alabama Universities; married Linda Curry of Montgomery, Alabama, they live in Texas City where he works for Amoco.  (2b) Anita, graduated from Baylor, married Danny Williams of Abilene and parents of Clay and Anna.  Danny is presently a seminary student in Louisville, Kentucky.  (2c) Sara Lynn, graduated from Baylor, married Ken Massey of Beaumont and have one daughter, Kristen. Ken is presently a seminary student at Baylor.  (2d) Flint James graduated from Baylor and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in San Francisco, a missionary in Seoul, Korea.  (2e) Scott Reamy is a student at Baylor.

(3) Carl Mitchell, born March 24, 1926, graduated from Centennial High and enlisted in the Air Force in 1943.  After his discharge, he attended Texas Tech.  He was an instructor in the Coleman County Veterans Vocational School until he was hired as Assistant County Agent in Brown County.  He married Aileen Hunter of Coleman, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hunter.  He earned a degree in school administration from Texas A&M while working for the Lohn School system; presently the Director of Special Education Consortium, composed of school districts in three counties.  He and Aileen now live in Mason and parents of five children: (3a) Carl Randall, graduated from Tarleton State and received his degree in Pharmacy from the University of Texas.  He is employed as a Pharmacist at Hendricks Medical Center in Abilene.  He married Sharon Mathews of Abilene.  (3b) Suzanne Marie graduated from Tarleton and married Charles H. Jones of Pottsville, parents of Mitchell Lance, Mitzi Marie, Brigette Charise and DeAnna Dawn.  They live at Throckmorton.  (3c) Tommy Charles graduated from Angelo State University and employed by General Telephone Electronics.  (3d) Monte Lynn graduated from Angelo State and married Dorothy Furney of Midland, one son, Jacob Lee, live in Ponco City, Oklahoma, where he is employed by Conoco Oil Company.  (3e) DeAnna Mitchelle is a student at Angelo State.

(4) Bobbie Lois, born August 23, 1929, graduated from Centennial and Brownwood Business College.  She was employed by the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce; L. Emet Walker Abstract Company in Coleman and Poulter Abstract Company in San Angelo.  She married Murry Ham of Rising Star.  They live in Round Rock where he has been employed for Texas International Airlines (Continental) since 1954.  Their children: (4a) Jimmy Neal attended Temple Junior College and the University of Texas.  He is a registered Medical Technologist at Baptist Memorial Hospital in San Antonio.  He married Cheryl Flippo of Temple, one son, Neal Howard.  (4b) Stephen is a N.C. Machinist for Westinghouse in Round Rock, married Dianna Schumann of Round Rock.  They live in Cedar Park.

(5) Wesley Edward, born December 31, 1931, graduated from Centennial and attended Howard Payne and Baylor.  He worked with juvenile delinquents in New York and served as juvenile counselor in Dallas, before going into private business.  He has preached throughout the Central and West Texas areas.  In recent years he has been on staff at the Crestview Church of Christ in Waco, and is now pastoring at Valley Mills.  He served in the Military Special Services in Korea from 1953 to 1955.  Edward married Betty Lois McDowell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McDowell of Coleman (see William H. McDowell).

(6) Tommie Jean, born May 9, 1936, graduated from Centennial High.  She was employed at several places in Coleman, including Perry’s.  She married Dewayne Nixon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nixon of Valera, (see Stephen Mulanax).  Their children: (6a) Pamela graduated from Hardin Simmons and married Jay Ledbetter, a lawyer, of Abilene.  They now live in Dallas with their daughter, Sarah Elizabeth.  (6b) Paula Kay graduated from Baylor and lives in Dallas.

(7) Lee Weldon, born January 21, 1939, graduated from Centennial High and worked for Gaines Grocery and Stevens Hardware in Coleman.  He was member of the National Guard.  He married (1) Noretta Craig of Coleman, (see Thomas M. Coleman).  They had two sons: (7a) Terry Clayton, attended Talpa Centennial Elementary his first years and graduated from San Jacinto Junior College before joining the Air Force.  He is now attending UT at Arlington.  He married Jeannetta Kay Allen of Fort Worth.  (7b) Roger Lee attended aviation school in Tulsa and is employed by Southwest Airlines in Houston.  He married Kelley Adams of Clear Lake City.  Weldon has been employed by Texas International Airlines since 1963, working in San Angelo, Roswell, New Orleans and Houston.  He is now working in Honolulu.  A son, Lee Weldon, Jr., was born when he was married to Joan Simpson.  Weldon married (3rd) Lynda Harris of San Angelo in January 1974.

Wesley and Ruby sold their home near Home Creek in 1964 and bought a home in Valera.  “Wes” James was a man who enjoyed playing checkers with his father-in-law, “Mr. Bob” and gathering with family around the piano to sing hymns in the home of the Bob McClures; a man who loved to joke and talk with his friends and customers in the barber shop.  He was a kind, patient man who loved his children and set high standards for them.  He earned their respect.  He died November 27, 1975, buried at Valera.

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Tom and Belle James children; Front row; Wesley and Carrie; Back row: Lydia, Nat and L. C.

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