Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Ethel Jameson Gordon

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Emmett Clarence Jameson was born August 16, 1882, in Coleman County, about four miles west of Coleman, in a log cabin dug-out (see James Allen Jameson).  His parents had bought a ranch in the south part of Taylor County, near Oplin.  Emmett was batching there and caring for the ranch when he met Lettie Eudora Davis, born October 6, 1881 at Mt. Calm, in Hill County, the daughter of B. M. and Laura (Rogers) Davis.  Emmett and Lettie were married in a small Methodist Church, December 20, 1903, known as the Jim Ned Methodist Church, also known as the Rogers Church, in Taylor County.  Emmett, Lettie and the first four children moved to Coleman the latter part of 1911, then on to the Indian Creek community, joining the J. A. Jameson farm and across the field from Indian Creek School.  Their children are:
(1) Jewel Odell, born December 24, 1904, the first grandchild of the Jamesons and Davises, graduated from Coleman High School in 1922.  She attended Howard Payne College in Brownwood, where she met William Clyde Miller, born November 11, 1901.  They married in Coleman, May 29, 1927.  Before marriage, Jewell taught school two years at Indian Creek School and two years at Bowen School.  Their children are: Damon J., October 6, 1932 and Lois Elaine, July 15, 1937.

(2) William Allen (Bill), born February 18, 1907 on the ranch, attended Coleman schools, left Coleman when he was about 18 years old and lived in Arizona until his death May 30, 1982, in Bisbee, Arizona.  He married Lorraine Beyer, September 27, 1940, born June 13, 1910 in Bisbee, died April 15, 1983 in Bisbee.

(3) Ethel Marie, born January 1, 1909 on the ranch, attended Coleman High School, graduating in 1927; the first graduating class in the new building.  She attended Texas Tech College in 1929/1930.  She taught school at Concho Peak six years.  In the fall of 1931, Charlie James Gordon and Tom Hunt from Kennedy, came to Coleman County to buy cotton.  They roomed and boarded in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Cox in Gouldbusk.  Ethel taught school just a few miles from Gouldbusk.  It was there at church that she met Charlie J. Gordon, born in Sweet Home in Lavaca County to Albert and Lenora Gordon.  They were married in 1936.  Ethel and Charlie lived in the very small town of Zunkerville, near Kennedy, one year then moved to Coleman in 1937 and have lived there ever since.  Charlie volunteered into the Army Air Force 8th Command and was discharged in the fall of 1945.  After returning to Coleman he was a self employed car and boat dealer until he retired in 1973.  They are members of the First United Methodist Church in Coleman.

(4) Laura Pearle, born August 12, 1911, on the ranch of her great grandfather Rogers, near the Jameson Ranch, where her family had moved, married Cecil Edgar Horne, the son of David Edgar Horne and Mary Gertrude Evans (see James David Horne).

(5) Oleta Jane, born August 2, 1916, married September 1, 1941 in Coleman, Clarence Carl Elliott, born July 18, 1914 in Russell, Iowa, son of James Milton Elliott and Lucretia McKinley.  Carl passed away March 15, 1978 in Dallas.  He served during WWII, from March 1942 until October 20, 1945, in training, and as a Pharmacist 1st class, Medical Corp, U.S. Navy, in the South Pacific.  To them were born: James Roy, December 15, 1943 in Coleman, and Carla Jane, September 1, 1956 in Dallas.

(6) Roy Emmett, a twin, born February 10, 1918 in Indian Creek, was killed in a plane crash at Wheeler Field.  T. H. Roy was the proud possessor of the Air Medal, which had been presented to him by his commanding general for taking part in the Christmas Eve Raid on Wake Island.  S. Sgt. Roy Jameson was a tail-gunner on a B-17 Bomber.

(7) Robert Carey, a twin, born February 10, 1918 in Indian Creek (see Robert C. Jameson).
(8) Ruth Eleene, was born January 2, 1922 (see Luther Doyle Glasson).

Robert and Roy were identical twins.  Their mother wrapped one in a blue blanket and the other in a pink blanket as identification.  One time, Roy got some chewing gum in his hair on the back of his head.  His mother clipped it out with scissors, leaving a bare spot.  She kept it clipped for a long time to make sure no mistake was made!  Having twin brothers four years older than she made life very exciting, and sometimes miserable for Ruth.  One day her mother heard her screaming.  When she reached her she found that the twins had nailed her dress skirt to the floor.  Oleta, along with Jewell, Bill, Ethel and Pearle attended Indian Creek School for some of their elementary education.  Jewell, William (Bill) and Ethel went to Coleman West Ward for a few years.  They went in a two-wheel cart drawn by a gentle bay horse called Shorty.  One afternoon a cold norther and snow storm blew in.  The three wrapped up the best they could and headed for home.  Friends of the family, Will Woods and Mrs. Mary Morgan Woods lived in the north edge of Coleman.  They were watching for the Jameson “kids” and stopped the cart, wrapped all three down in the cart with blankets, covering them completely.  Mr. Woods tied the reins securely and gave Shorty a tap on the rear, heading him toward the cold norther and snow for home five miles away.  Shorty took them over the Hords Creek bridge (an old iron bridge with overhead iron braces) and through Indian Creek and on home.  He stopped just short of the back porch, where Emmett and Lettie were anxiously waiting.  They brushed the snow off the blankets and uncovered the children.  All were snug as could be, and, of course, Ethel, the youngest, was sound asleep.  Shorty had extra special care that evening and a very sincere thanks was sent to the Woods.

Emmett was active in all phases of city and county affairs and served as County Commissioner for several years in Precinct 1.  Lettie was very active in all areas of her church, First Methodist of Coleman.  She was on her way to her circle meeting at the church when she passed away May 10, 1945.  She was to have given the program for the circle that day.

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Roy Emmett and Robert Carey Jameson, born February 10, 1918

Emmett C. and Lettie Jameson, about 1944

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