Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Edith Jameson

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Nelson Augustus Jameson, born January 21, 1855, Springfield, Missouri, died March 6, 1939 in Coleman County, on the place he settled; the son of William Green and Martha Louisa (Grisham) Jameson, married July 4, 1880, Sarah Elizabeth (Sallie) Webb, born August 16, 1857 in Missouri, died January 6, 1908 in Coleman, both buried in Coleman (see Josiah Smith and Jesse N. Sewell), the daughter of Cyrus and Adaline Jane (Phoebus) Webb.  Nelson married (2nd) October 11, 1908, Alice Rossee, born September 23, 1867, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, daughter of W. C. H. and Janie (Ogburn) Rossee.  Nelson and family came to Texas in a wagon train so long that those in the middle wagons could not see either end of the caravan.  When the wagon train circled for the night and placed stock and people inside the circle for protection against Indians, it made a fortress of some magnitude.  He settled in Sherman, Grayson County, for ten years, coming to Coleman County in November, 1882, where he settled on a place seven miles from Coleman, living there until his death.

The home of the Nelson Jameson family stood proud and beautiful for about 65 years.  It was a two story with six bedrooms, parlor, dining room, and fireplace room which would be a den today.  It was a white frame with red trim and roof.  It also had three big porches, two on the front and a screened porch on the back.  About 1914, a bath was added in the back porch area.  The original early house was made of logs, and was about 15 feet by 18 feet.  The house was demolished about 1947.

Nelson bought his first 160 acres of land for $1.50 an acre, and Hords Creek runs through the length of the place.  He later bought more land that joined his first purchased land.  He was a small grain and feed grain farmer, and was known for a great distance around for his good horses.  In early days, the once a month trade or sale day, people would come into town on the courthouse square or wherever the designated place might be, bringing horses, cows or what they had they no longer needed or could do without, and trade or sell for something they did need.  It was here Mr. Jameson bought many good horses.  He never allowed any abuse or even a slap with a line on his horses.  The children of Nelson A. and Sarah E.:

(1) William Cyrus, born April 5, 1881 in Grayson County, died January 27, 1956 in San Antonio, buried in Sabinal (see Effie (Saunders) and William Cyrus Jameson).

(2) Bertie Ann, born May 28, 1885, died 1971, married May 1, 1904, George W. Hindman (see George W. Hindman).

(3) Maggie Viola, born August 24, 1888, died May 2, 19S9, married April 27, 1911 Lonzo Henry Love (see Kegans).

(4) Edna Earl, born April 22, 1891, married 1st, April 27, 1911 Ralph Reed, married 2nd, December 20, 1919, John William Downs, born October 22, 1889, died 1979.

(5) Louisa Beth, born January 22, 1893 (see Pitts - Jameson).

(6) Charles Miller, born February 10, 1895, died March 2, 1965 Salt Lake City, Utah, buried in Fort Bliss in El Paso.  He was a Cpl. in WWI.  He married 1st, June 2, 1917, Glennie Anota Hector of Coleman, born August 25, 1897, died February 18, 1955, daughter of David and Sallie (Bost) Hector.  He married 2nd, June 2, 1947, Eva ?.  He and Glennie had one daughter, Marie Adell, born October 25, 1926, married 1st, May 9, 1948 W. Merle Galloway of Glen Cove, one son, William Charles (Bill), born December 5, 1949.  He married 2nd, 1962 Manuel Pedraza, two children, Aaron David, 1964, and Charles Eugene, 1966, live in El Paso.

(7) James Oren, born May 3, 1897, died November 27, 1942, buried in Shreveport, Louisiana, married September 13, 1919 Ann Bartrand Stafford, born April 10, 1898 in Threesprings, Kentucky, daughter of Thomas Lee and Sarah Elizabeth (Overfelt) Stafford.  Oren was killed in a munitions explosion.  Children: (7a) Ann Dean, March 21, 1923, married Don Miller, four children, Glenn Jameson, Donn George, Stann Stafford and Kenn Stafford.  (7b) Nanci Jim, September 29, 1929, married Arthur Warner Carlisle, two children, Heidi Ann and Kelli Nan.  (7c) Sara Lourilla (Sally), April 19, 1932 in Santa Anna, married Rex Elton Sandifer, three children, Christy Lynn, Clay Mann and Jess Wayne.

(8) Glenn McDavid, born July 7, 1902 married 1st, June 13, 1925, Vera Mayo, born March 30, 1906 in Madill, Oklahoma, died April 15, 1936 (see Logan Carson Mayo, Jr.).  Two children: (8a) Norma, March 30, 1928, married Manes Thomas (Tommy) White, Jr., son of M. T. and Elizabeth (Jackson) White.  They have two sons, Manes Thomas III, June 22, 1952 and Richard Nelson (Ricky), October 12, 1956 (see White-Ely).  (8b) Gene McDavid “Max” April 12, 1936, married Beverly Ann Dodson, June 19, 1954 (see Thomas M. Coleman).  They have four children: Debra Lynn May 28, 1956; Johnnie Rex, August 16, 1958; Charlotte Ann, August 25, 1963; and Archie in January, 1971.  Max grew up in the home of his aunt, Maggie (Jameson) Love, as his mother died soon after his birth.  Glenn married 2nd, August 28, 1948 Bessie (Powe) Wisener (see Powe family).

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Thresher crew in 1912.  Thresher belonged to Nelson A. Jameson (used in county 1902-1926).  The case steam engine is at right, threshing unit is behind wagons.

Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Jameson, Cyrus, Bertie, Maggie, Edna, Louisa - 1895.

N. A. Jameson home, 1913

Nelson, Mary (Griffis), James “Jim,” Marcella (Sewell), Will, and Cassie (Sewell)

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