Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Virginia Jamison

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Manton Lindsay Jamison was the son of Lindsay Harrison Jamison and Oda Ogden (See P. Ransbarger).  The family lived at Seymour, Texas, when Manton, their firstborn arrived on July 25, 1898.  Three other children were born later: Fred, Velma, Pauline and Oda Nelle.  Fred died in January 1923 of a severe throat infection and was buried at Valera.  Following the births of these children, the family moved to Aspermont, where Manton and Fred received most of their education.  In 1921, the family came to Coleman County in a Model-T Ford.  They settled on a Day Ranch Land lease through which Elm Creek flowed about four miles from the Leaday Post Office.  Manton’s mother died of pneumonia when he was nine years old and the youngest child, Nelle, was only six months old.  Manton Lindsay then married Mary Moody.  Their children were:  Woodrow, Bob, George, Frances, Helen Marie (June 23, 1920 - September 11, 1921, buried in Leaday), Roxie, Virginia “Tink,” Elsie Mae, and Mildred.  In 1924, Woodrow and Bob were drowned in the Colorado River just below the present location of Day Ranch headquarters.  They were buried at Leaday.  The last four daughters were born in Coleman County.  Lindsay H. Jamison died March 6, 1934, buried at Leaday.

Manton married Julia Ann Skelton (see Jim Skelton), daughter of Will and Martha Skelton of Voss, December 21, 1921.  Reverend Horton officiated at Manton’s and Julia’s home wedding on Elm Creek at the bride’s home, about two miles up the creek from the groom’s home.  Later Pauline, Manton’s sister, married Prentiss Ransbarger and Nelle, his other sister, married Jesse Moore (now of Odessa), whose father was photographer for many years in Coleman (see William Mont Moore).

In 1923, Manton and Julia moved west of Valera on the Bob Mann place.  This was the year the road was built from Valera to Talpa.  Road conditions were very bad and the family spent a lot of time pulling cars stuck in the mud holes out with their mules.  At $5.00 each, this money was mainly used to buy groceries.  Manton borrowed $100 to plant crops that year and still had $40 left when the crop was gathered.  A lot of food was raised at home as the family had chickens, guineas, milk cows, pigs and a garden.  Lynn William “Buck,” their first child, was born April 17, 1923 at Valera.  That fall, they moved back to Leaday where Curtis Alonzo “Dick” was born November 15, 1924 at Red Wire, near the Colorado River.  The next year the family moved up toward Voss on Elm Creek.  Martha Oda (born November 5, 1926) and Oscar Clayton (born August 14, 1928) were born at this location.  The family farmed and ranched.  Farming was done by plows drawn by mules.  In 1924, some mules were traded for 200 head of sheep bought from Marshall Witt of Concho County.  These were some of the first sheep in the Leaday area.  Prior to this, a three-barbed wire fence was used to hold cattle, but getting sheep required the addition of two more wires on the bottom to keep in the sheep, which also had to be herded during the day and penned at night to keep them from being eaten by the coyotes.  In the summer of 1929, the Jamisons bought their first land - 320 acres, located 6 miles south of Voss known as the Alice Roquemore place.  In the fall of 1929 the family moved to this place where they had to live in a barn for a year as their house had burned down.  In 1930, they moved to an adjoining place, which had a house.  In 1932, they bought this band and built a new seven-room rock house in 1939.  This house cost $1800.00 including a fireplace.  The remaining children - Billie Ruth (born October 29, 1930), Jimmie Louis “Jinks” (born December 25, 1932); Johnny Zane (born January 29, 1936) and Julia Elizabeth “Betty” (born March 15, 1938) were born at this location.

Several of the Jamison boys served in the armed forces during World War II and afterward.  Lynn William “Buck” served in the Air Corps Engineers from September 1942 to February 1946.  He was stationed in Iceland for fourteen months during this time.  Oscar served two years with the Army and was stationed in Korea during much of this time, called the Korean conflict.  Jimmy “Jinks” served two years with the Army and was stationed in Germany much of the time from 1952 to 1954.  Johnny was in the Army from 1958 to 1960 and was recalled in 1962 for almost a year during the Cuban crisis.  All the sons are stock farmers.

(1) Lynn William “Buck” married Bettye Monsey, November 16, 1946 (see Stacy-Monsey-Harris).  They have one daughter, Michelle born October 26, 1948, graduated from Mozelle High School and received her B.S. degree from McMurry College.  She married Truitt Mitchell, June 26, 1971, while he was in the Air Force stationed at Mineral Wells.  She taught fourth grade there for two years.  After his discharge, they moved to Sundown where both taught school.  They are the parents of three children: Mysti Brooke, Maxton Blye and Tobyn Alexis “Toby.”  Truitt is Principal of Middle School at Sundown.

(2) Curtis “Dick” and Virginia Pate of Voss were married at Voss Methodist Church July 30, 1951 (see I. S. Pate).  Both their children are graduates of Mozelle.  They are: (2a) Sarah Elaine, born October 1, 1958, married Steve Beal of Santa Anna, April 10, 1976 (see Gottlieb Ehrler).  Two children: Daniel Lindsay (born October 28, 1976) and Candace Leigh (born June 1, 1983).  Sarah attended Cisco Junior College and graduated from Howard Payne University in 1900 and teaches kindergarten in Coleman.  Steve is empoyed by Pool-Arabia and works in Saudi Arabia.  (2b) Curtis “Chris,” born February 25, 1962, attended Tarleton State University two years and is a senior at Texas A&M.  He is involved in his dad’s and his own ranching interests when not in college.  Curtis “Dick” is a director of the Coleman County Farm Bureau and a district director of the Texas Sheep and Goat Raiser’s Association.  Virginia has taught vocational homemaking at Mozelle for many years.

(3) Martha married James Hafner of Leaday, March 20, 1947.  One son, Jimmy, born October 7, 1950, graduated from Mozelle.  Currently, he is ranch foreman of Hot Springs Ranch south of Santa Anna and does boot and shoe repairing, too.  James has served as Postmaster at Gouldbusk since 1957.

(4) Oscar married Sarah Louise Burk of Coleman February 12, 1954.  A few years later, they adopted a son, Gerald, who graduated from Mozelle and now lives in the Fort Worth - Dallas area.  Oscar died of cancer January 6, 1977, buried at Leaday.  Lou lives on her ranch between Voss and Leaday.

(5) Billie Ruth married Roy McCorkle, November 13, 1953 (see McCorkle).

(6) Jimmy “Jinks” married Virginia (Ginger) Rush, September 21, 1966.  Two daughters: (6a) Suzanne, born October 19, 1961, graduated from Mozelle and married Rusty Ryan, son of Elbert Ryan (see Bowden), of Coleman, December 27, 1981.  One daughter, Ashley Anne, June 7, 1983.  Rusty and Suzanne operate a quarter-horse training center east of Talpa.  (6b) Jennifer Leigh, August 17, 1967, is a junior at Mozelle High School.  Jennifer and Suzanne have won many honors showing and riding horses in shows throughout Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.  Jinks is member of the Mozelle School Board and the Coleman Rodeo Association.

(7) Johnny married Norrene (Bouldin) McDorman, July 5, 1964.  Three children: (7a) Patricia McDorman (born May 6, 1960) attended Mozelle school, married Steve Row, July 30, 1977, one son, Joe Reese, March 15, 1978.  They divorced in the spring of 1980.  (7b) Cindy McDorman (born January 26, 1963), graduated from Mozelle, married Monty Ewing, November 8, 1980, one daughter, Mindy Kay, June 8, 1981 (see George Oliver Herring).  Monty is a welder.  (7c) Manton “Matt” Jamison, born March 6, 1966, is a senior at Mozelle.  Johnny raises and sells registered Rambouillet sheep and is a district director of the Coleman County ASC committee.  Norrene is an accomplished china painter and won the Sweepstakes ribbon in this category at last years Fiesta de la Paloma.

(8) Betty graduated from Mozelle and completed Draughons Business College in Abilene and was employed by Allen and Allen Insurance Company of Coleman prior to her marriage to Glen Scarborough of Shields in a home wedding, May 10, 1959.  For over the first twenty years of their marriage, they lived in and owned the family farm home of C. E. Evans, Glen’s maternal grandfather (see C. E. Evans).  Glen is a farmer and carpenter.  Three children: (8a) Sherry, born January 10, 1960, attended Santa Anna school prior to her marriage to Mark Turney, March 1, 1977 (see Turney).  She died in an automobile accident, March 26, 1977, between Rockwood and Santa Anna as she and her husband were returning from San Marcos.  (8b) Randy, October 2, 1962, graduated from Santa Anna High School and completed a diesel mechanics course at TSTI at Waco and is currently employed by Baber Welding and Pipeline of Coleman, as well as helping his dad with the farm.  (8c) Amy, December 20, 1975 is in the first grade at Mozelle.

Manton was always a stock farmer and for the last several years of his life he drove a truck hauling livestock to market in Fort Worth, San Angelo, Coleman and Abilene.  He enjoyed this work and especially the chances it afforded to see and visit with friends and business acquaintances.  He was very friendly and always had time to stop and “pass the time of day.”  He died quite suddenly and unexpectedly, apparently of a heart attack, on January 18, 1965, while unloading sheep at an auction company in San Angelo.  He is buried in the Hill Cemetery.  Julia, his widow, continued to live in their home alone after all the children married and left home, but none moved out of the county and most live within a few miles.  Julia still owns some livestock and keeps an eye on these and gets assistance as needed from her sons.  At Christmas, the whole clan gets together for a big dinner and exchange of gifts and lots of visiting.

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Julia and Manton Jamison

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