Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Mrs. Robert R. Truitt

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Dark eyed, dark haired Helen Sarah Averitt was an attractive, talented involved young woman in her fatherís activities when she met Abraham Jesson (see John C. Averitt).  Thomas Jesson was the son of John Jesson and Mary Ward, and Thomasí wife, Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Smith.  In 1866, Thomas and Sarah left Leicestershire, England, and brought the six children - Abraham, William, Mary Jane, Elizabeth Anna, Jack and Tamah - to America.  They landed at New York and left immediately for Iowa.  After two Iowa winters, the family decided to seek more favorable climate and migrated in two covered wagons to Coffeyville, Kansas.  Abe was the first of the children to leave to seek his fortune and ultimately reached Texas.  Undoubtedly, the English education of Abraham and the scholarly background of Helen Sarah lent to the mutual attraction of this young pair.  The couple were married at Oak Vale, December 11, 1878, by her father, Rev. John C. Averitt.  The 1880 Census shows Abe as a grocer and his brother, William, a farmer, was living with them.  He later returned to Kansas.  While living at Oak Vale their children, Helen Tama, Lera, John Thomas, Sarah Irma, Cecil Abraham, and Rexford were born.  During this time Abeís interest turned to ranching.  As the ranching opportunities moved westward, the family followed and settled in Midland.  Abraham Jesson died in California in 1921, and Helen Sarah lived her later years with her daughter, Irma, and died in El Paso, December 27, 1933.

Two of the children, Rexford and Lera were unmarried.  The two with known issue were:

(1) Helen Tama, October 24, 1879 - January 30, 1915, married John Winborne and they had three children: (la) Helen, October 24, 1904 - June 16, 1976, married John Benjamin Walton, a son, John B. Jr., married Jean Pennington, their children: Jonean, Heather (adopted) and Tracy; (lb) Maureen, September 30, 1906 - July 12, 1966, married Lynn Lyle Butler.  Their daughter, Dorothy Lynn, married Robert Ralpa Truitt; they had four children: (a) Robert R. Jr., married Susan Elizabeth Donovan; (b) Cynthia Lynn; (c) Barton Brent married Janice Lynn Mitchell, two children: Matthew Micajah and Luke Lynn; (d) Steven Patrick; Maureen and Lynn adopted Charles Maurice Butler; (lc) Velma, March 30, 1908, married Edmund John Flannery.

(2) Sarah Irma, December 5, 1884 - 1962, married Dr. James L. Stowe.  They had three children: (2a) Jesson L., married (1st) Ruth McKay, one child, Wilma Kathleen who married Kenneth L. Boll, a son, Kenneth L. Jr., (2nd) Bernice Hulen, two children: James Lewis, has a son Christopher James, and Robert Homan; (2b) Kathleen, married Richard G. Hoy, two children: Jimmie Lou, married Charles L. Buescher, their children, Amy and Alice; Frank Carlyle; (2c) Jimmie Louise, married Charles F. Cory.  They had three children: Diana, married a Mereness; Charles F. Jr., Carolyn Louise, married a Humble.

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