Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by James W. King

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

John Henry Kellett is the son of James William and Kittie (Burbon) Kellett.  Kittie was the daughter of Henry Edgar, born December 1, 1821 – died July 22, 1908, buried Cuero, and Tabitha Jane (Brown) Davis Edgar, born 1837.  John Henry, born in 1894, died March 13, 1977 (see W. E. Knox).  Kittie B., born at Sweet Home, February 28, 1865 – died January 5, 1945 at Norton, buried at Coleman.  Kittie married William Kellett in 1884.  He died ten years later, buried in New Mexico, leaving her with five children.  The Kelletts had come to cast their fortune in the West and settled at Coleman.  The children are: William, who once resided in El Paso; James, U.S. Navy and Brooklyn, New York; John Henry of Abilene; Mrs. Janie B. Hull of Norton; and Mrs. Tena Parker, deceased (see David Frederick Parker).  Kittie resided in Coleman, 1895 to subsequent dates.

John Henry was reared in Coleman and graduated from Coleman High School.  He played on the school’s first football team in 1910 and he was known as the team’s “fleet halfback.”  He starred in baseball also, and was considered an all-around athlete.  He received his bachelors and masters degree from Sul Ross State Teachers College.  He was Coleman County school superintendent and also taught at Goldsboro, Valera and Glen Cove; then Tye, North Park (now Ben Milam) in Abilene, and the past 11 years preceding his retirement May 31, 1963, were at Eula and Denton grade schools in Callahan County.  He taught for 42 years.  John Henry married Ethel Ferguson of Coleman.  She taught school for 23 years.  They purchased a stock farm at Eula in 1942, where they resided and were engaged in cattle raising.  Ethel died April 24, 1973, both are buried in Coleman.  They were Baptist.  Practically all of the Kellett estate was left to charitable causes, including a gift to Hendrick Medical Center, Abilene.  They had no children.

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John Henry Kellett

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