Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Mike Korzenewski

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Michael and Lana (Earp) Korzenewski moved to Coleman from Abilene in 1977, when Mike became manager and funeral director-in-charge of Stevens Funeral Home.  He was born in Rising Star, May 2, 1955, but grew up in Abilene and attended school there.  He graduated in 1974 from Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science and became a licensed funeral director in 1975 and a licensed embalmer in 1976.  Lana was born in Abilene, September 14, 1954, and attended school, including college there.  Mike and Lana married in Abilene, August 17, 1974.  Two children have been born to Mike and Lana since moving to Coleman: Tricia D’Ann, born May 30, 1978, and Jonathan Mark, November 23, 1979, both in Abilene.

Mike’s mother, Pat Lane, was born in Pioneer, near Cross Plains, and grew up in that area.  Mike’s father, Alexander Korzenewski, was born in Glenridge, Illinois, and grew up there.  Mike’s maternal grandmother, Opal Jones, was born in Regency, and grew up in San Saba County.  His maternal grandfather, Clarence Lane, was born in White Pine, Tennessee, and moved to Texas at a young age.  Mike’s paternal grandparents, Joseph and Anna (Puleikis) Korzenewski, came to the United States from Lithuania (now a part of Russia) in 1912.  They were both born in Russia.

Both of Lana’s parents, Ruby Richards and Homer Samuel Earp, were born and raised in Abilene and still reside there.  Her maternal grandmother, Myrtle Moore, was born in Trinidad, Colorado, but grew up in Oklahoma.  Her maternal grandfather, Harvey Richards, was raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, but later moved to Oklahoma, where he married.  They then moved to Abilene, in 1919 and resided there all their lives.  Lana’s paternal grandparents, Mary Eliza Vest and Homer Samuel Earp, were both raised in San Saba County, and moved to Abilene before 1914 and resided there all their lives.  Lana’s paternal great-grandfather, Francis Asbury Vest, was a circuit-riding preacher for the Colorado River Conference of the Methodist-Episcopal Church.  Part of his circuit included Coleman County.

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