Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

by Estheriene (Jackie) Lancaster Griffith

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

William Thomas Lancaster and Mary Lenora Milam were both born in Alabama and came to Williamson and Bell Counties at an early age.  They married December 3, 1899.  He was a farmer his entire life. In 1914, they started to West Texas, but settled near Bangs.  In 1917, they moved to the east edge of Coleman County.  All the children attended Buffalo School.  Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster lived in that community until all of their children were married.  They moved back over near Bangs, where he passed away September 13, 1945, she died March 23, 1966.  They had five children:
(1)  Willie Lee, born November 6, 1900, married Minta Whiteside of the same community, January 26, 1924.  They had two children: Charles, December 29, 1924 and Billy Eugene, December 1, 1928 - December 28, 1928.  Charles attended school at Buffalo when small.  Willie Lee (Bill) moved his family to Devine where he passed away in 1957.  Minta makes her home at Rockport.

(2)  Marie, born February 25, 1904, married Wilbourn Graves (died in 1960), a local boy.  They had five children: Geraldine, August 12, 1922; David, January 31, 1924; Mickie, July 8, 1926; Wilbourn Jr., January 29, 1935; and Elizabeth Morrel (Libby) September 4, 1938.  The children all attended Buffalo school some, but all left the community before marrying.  Libby married a Coleman County boy, Johnny Ray Brooke (see Joe C. Brooke).  Marie still makes her home in Bangs.

(3)  Pauline, born June 21, 1906, attended Daniel Baker College and received a teachers certificate.  While teaching at Bayou School, she met and married Omen Brown.  They moved to Oklahoma and she was a private teacher for some Indian children.  She came back to Coleman County to visit her parents, became ill and died November 15, 1934.

(4)  J. D., born August 31, 1909, married Alma Railsback, another Buffalo school student, they had three children: Wanda Jean, March 14, 1934; Mary Ann, September 25, 1940; and Johnny Dale, September 14, 1941.  Wanda Jean attended school at Buffalo when small, but J. D. and Alma moved out of the County.  Alma passed away in Wichita Falls, March 19, 1980.  J. D. has remarried and they live at Byers.

(5)  Estherlene Elizabeth (Jackie), born May 24, 1914, graduated from Buffalo School, May 1931.  On December 4, 1932, she married Odie Griffith (see Joe Griffith).

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Mary Lenora, J. D., William Thomas, Willie Lee, Marie and Jack Lancaster

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