Family Histories of Coleman County, Texas

Jesse N. Sewell Family

by Eleanor Douglas Ellyson and Marcella Douglas Hickman

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

Jesse Napoleon Sewell was born February 15, 1850 in Greene County, Missouri, to William Henry and Mariah Emeline (Whittenberg) Sewell of "Whittenberg Prairie," near the present cities of Walnut Grove and Ash Grove, Missouri.  He married Louisa Marcelle Jameson March 7, 1869 in Greene County, born October 2, 1852 in Greene County to William Green and Martha Louisa (Grisham) Jameson.  William Green Jameson was in the State Militia during the Civil War. Louisa Marcelle had three brothers, Nelson Augustus (see Nelson A. Jameson); James Allen (see James Allen Jameson); and William Green, buried McKenzie Cemetery near Silver; and two sisters, Mary Paralee (see John P. Griffis) and Alice Cassadrna (Sewell).  Martha L. passed away April 7, 1865. William Green married (second) Ruth Ann Parryman and fathered other children (see John T. West).

Jesse and Marcelle and their then two children, both born in Greene County, William Oliver, February 5, 1870 and James McCord, September 30, 1871, came to Texas in 1873 in a covered wagon in a wagon train made up of friends, relatives and neighbors.  They came through the Oklahoma Indian Nation and she and a friend named Dock Barnett resembled the Indians so much that they wanted them to stop and take up land, but they kept coming and their first camping place in Texas was near Sherman.  Many of the people were sick and dying with cholera so Jesse and Marcelle moved on to Belton where Nannie Margaret, December 18, 1874, and Edward (Eddie) Riley, March 11, 1877, were born.  When Eddie was 9 months old, they were using water that had been hauled in wooden barrels and part of them took typhoid fever.  William died December 27, 1877 and Nannie Margaret February 18, 1878, both buried at Belton.  They settled in Coleman County in the early 1880’s.  Other children (including James M. and Edward R.) were:

(1) Mary Alice, August 26, 1879, married Jim Jones in Coleman County, December 20, 1914, born July 31, 1888 in Granger, the son of Wm. B. and Margaret (Keel) Jones.  They lived on a farm several years in the White Chapel community and reared three children:

(1a) Margaret Louisa (Maggie Lou), October 24, 1915, lives in Coleman.

(1b) William Jesse (Billie), August 22, 1917, married Lois Christine Johnson, daughter of Leon and Nannie Lona (Zirkle) Johnson.  Two children: Bill Don, March 3, 1952 and Vicki Ann, October 13, 1955;

(1c) James Earnest (Jamie), October 14, 1919 married (first) Jackie Clark, June 12, 1946, divorced, (second) Christine Hastler in Germany, two children, Peter and Robbie, and (third) Mrs. Ima Fay Bird in August, 1966 (see James Golson).   They live in Coleman.  Mary, Jim and Billie are buried in Coleman.

(2) Perry Benton, August 29, 1882 - April 28, 1907, buried at Coleman.

(3) Anna Florence, August 29, 1882 - September 29, 1883, a twin to Perry Benton.

(4) Allen Nelson, July 18, 1885 - March 6, 1966, married May B. Farmer, March 3, 1887 - July 24, 1973, both buried Coleman.  They lived and farmed in the county over fifty years.  They had no children and lived in Novice.

(5) Ira Earnest, November 16, 1888 in Coleman County, served in France during World War I.  After the war he began working for J. I. Case Implement Company.  He was sent to New Zealand in 1923 and there he married in 1925, Mona May Wilson, born January 30, 1889.  They lost a baby girl and had two sons:  Charles Jameson, April 20, 1935 in New Zealand, married and had three children.  He is divorced.  Ira Brett, November 17, 1937 in New Zealand, was accidentally killed while hunting.  Ira E. died of a heart attack and is buried in New Zealand.

(6) Henry Berryman, June 3, 1890 in Coleman County, moved to Miles with his family where they farmed.  He married (first) August 29, 1916, Madge Kidd, born April 30, 1897.  She died shortly after her only child, Perry Horace, was born June 14, 1918.  His grandmother Sewell took care of him until he was 8 years old.  Perry married Lillian Marie Smith, December 28, 1941 and they live in Houston where they reared three sons.  Henry married (second) August 18, 1921, Doll Mays (Mayes), born April 4, 1899.  They had one son, James Howard, August 12, 1922, who married June Lovelace, October 17, 1947, and live in Houston where they reared two sons.  Henry and Doll lived several years in Coleman and San Angelo where he was a real estate salesman.  He and both wives are buried at Miles.

(7) James McCord married Francis Pearle Davis of Coleman.  They lived in Coleman where he was in business and she taught music, later moving to Dallas and are buried there.  They reared two sons: James Leslie who lives in Dallas and Fredrick who lives in Austin.

(8) Edward Riley (Eddie) married Lottie Belle Davis (not related to Pearle) born November 7, 1879 in Coleman County - March 20, 1961 (see William M. Johnson).  Eddie helped Jimmie and farmed near Coleman for several years, then moved to Waco.  He died October 17, 1946 in Waco, both buried there.  Their children: Willie Grace, June 1, 1900, married W. C. Brown; William Amos, October 12, 1901; Perry Harrison, August 19, 1903; Ennis Aston, June 23, 1906; Ray Bennett, August 12, 1908; Alton Edward, February 12, 1910; and Albert Clayton, November 16, 1917 - February 3, 1972, married Marilyn Miller of Fisk, daughter of the John Millers.

(9) Effie Mae, May 5, 1894 at White Chapel.  Jesse, Marcelle and family lived on a Rough Creek place near Novice; on Indian Greek north of Coleman; in Coleman where they ran a wagon yard and boarding house; then on the Live Oak place west of Coleman.  Effie Mae attended school at these different places and took piano lessons from Aunt Pearle.  They attended church faithfully and the boys, relatives and neighbors enjoyed getting together to play their musical instruments.  About 1910 or 1912 the Santa Fe Railroad started building a new railroad from Coleman to near White Chapel, Silver Valley, and northward.  A large rock crusher was built a few miles west of Coleman for the purpose of furnishing ballast for the rail bed and there was a boarding house built for some of the workers.  A young man, Clarence Yates Douglas, born August 16, 1894 near Garden City, Kansas, working for Hanlan Supply Company, a part of the Santa Fe, was transferred here.  Most of the time he lived in a small portion of a big boxcar and the larger portion of it contained groceries, clothes and other commodities that he sold to the men who worked with the section crews building the railroad.  Jesse always had good horses to farm with and a fine mare to pull the buggy.  Effie and her sister, Mary, took milk, butter and eggs in the buggy to this boarding house at the rock crusher to sell.  While on these trips Effie met and became friends with Clarence Douglas.  This friendship became love and they were soon engaged.  As the railroad progressed northward Clarence had to go with it, but he continued to court her with letters, poems and gifts.  About 1915, Jesse, Marcelle, Henry and Effie moved to Miles and it was to this home that Clarence returned and married Effie on August 1, 1916.  After the wedding, Uncle Henry took them to Coleman where they caught the train to Lubbock and on to Clovis where they were let off at their new boxcar home on a railroad siding named Mill, between Littlefield and Amherst.  Jesse suffered a severe stroke and died at Miles, February 1, 1917, buried in Coleman.  Besides farming, he remodeled and improved every place they lived and helped build some of the beautiful homes in Coleman.  Grandmother returned to Colorado with Mother and lived for a while.

(9a)  Myrtle Eleanor was born January 20, 1918 at her Grandfather Douglas home in Pierceville, Kansas.

(9b)  They moved to Aztec, New Mexico where Marcella Marie was born September 8, 1919.

(9c)  Ronald Eugene, August 18, 1921 in Parks, Texas - April 28, 1961 in San Angelo and buried in Coleman.

Grandmother’s health was failing so we moved to her house in the summer of 1926 in Coleman.  Work was very scarce and Daddy did whatever he could until Ted Cox hired him to work at the Magnolia Gasoline Plant, located three miles into the Morris Ranch.  We moved out there in November 1926.

(9d)  Caroll Henry was born June 3, 1927 and died November 12, 1927, buried Coleman.

(9e)  On March 30, 1929, Ray Melvin was born at Aunt Mary’s home west of Coleman.

Daddy was transferred to a gasoline plant about a mile west of Lefors and we moved to a camp house in 1930.  The dust bowl days of the 1930’s were terrible in the Panhandle so that summer Mother and we children moved to our place near Brentwood, Arkansas.

(9a)  There I (Myrtle Eleanor Sewell) met and married Harry Edgar Ellyson, September 20, 1936.  After his service in World War II, he began working for Mobil Oil Company near Sundown and we moved there July 23, 1946.  He retired from Mobil in April 1978.  Our children are:

(1) Margaret Faye, August 23, 1937 near Brentwood, married Charlie Earl McCollum. They live in Lamesa.  Three children: (a) Ruby Arlene married Donald Wayne Carney and their children are Amanda Marie and Austin Wayne, live in Lamesa.  (b) Anita Eleanor married Leslie Wayne Collvins and live in Midland.  (c) Angelia Kay lives at home.

(2) Hershel Edgar, October 27, 1941 near Brentwood, married Wanda Sue Warren and now live in Houston.  They divorced and both remarried.  Their children: James Warren and Jeremy Kent.

(3) Douglas Earl, October 27, 1943 at Kermit married Barbara Jane Fiermonte.  They are now divorced and both remarried.  Their children: Clinton Douglas and Curtis Dee.

(9b)  Marcella Marie Sewell married (first) Harvey Napoleon Quigg in Arkansas and they were divorced in August 1959.  Their children:

(1) Bobbie Jeane, August 29, 1938 in Brentwood is now Bobbie Mueller and lives in Seal Beach, California, with her daughter, Laurie Mueller.  Bobbie has a son, Randy Totten, and he and his wife, Kim have a daughter, Star.

(2) Harvey Clyde, June 20, 1940 in Brentwood is retired from the Navy and lives in Thousand Palms, California, with his wife, Glory.  Two children: Jeffery Scott and Alicia.

(3) Curtis Lowell, February 4, 1946 in Brownfield, Texas, also in the Navy, married Linda Friday of Locust Grove, Oklahoma, two children, Jeremy and Carrie.  They live near Tulsa.

Marcella Marie married (second) Norman Hickman of Sapulpa, Oklahoma, in San Angelo.  They now live in Modesto, California.  Norman retired from Gallo Glass Company and Marcella retired from the Modesto Police Department in 1981.

(9e)  Ray Melvin graduated from Kermit High School in 1945, received his B. A. in 1950 and M. A. in 1953, both from Hardin-Simmons in Abilene, and his Bachelor of Divinity degree in 1960 from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He married Mildred Louise Gregson, December 31, 1954 in Amherst.  He died May 25, 1980 in Dallas, buried at Sundown.  They have one child, Anna Marie.

Grandmother Sewell died March 23, 1939 while visiting in Brentwood, Arkansas, buried in Coleman.  Daddy retired from Mobil after 32 years in 1958 and they moved to Fairplay, Colorado, where he died December 10, 1964 and Mother died September 25, 1982 in Levelland, Texas, both are buried in Coleman. 

Brothers of Jesse N. Sewell who came to Texas and Coleman County were:

(1) Albert Milton, married (first) Adeline Perryman and (second) Susan Matthews (see Ward - Sewell).

(2) Harrison McCord married Martha Evelyn Griffis.

(3) Marshall Francis married Nancy Jane Claypole.

(4) Albert Lee married Margaret Jane McIntosh.

(5) John Shepard, 1855 - 1931, married Margaret Lucinda Stepp, 1859 - 1931, both buried Coleman. Children:

(5a) Lindsey L., 1879 in Oklahoma - 1959, married Della (Littlepage) Waldrip, 1879 - 1964, both buried in Coleman. Della had two daughters, Eva (Waldrip) Smith of Coleman and Ova (Waldrip) Smith of San Antonio. Other children: (a) Otus, January 10, 1903 - February 9, 1984, buried Coleman, married Elizabeth (Andis) Smith, November 26, 1924 in Coleman (see Andis). Children: Della Ann (Sewell) Bradford (1929) and Margaret (Smith) Meiers (1922) (later adopted by Otus); (b) Mamie (Mrs. Loys) Curry of Coleman (see Joel Curry and John Wesley Slate); (c) Orwell, April 21, 1912 Coleman - April 18, 1984 in San Antonio, married Crystal Watson, who died January 5, 1971, both buried in San Antonio, on November 29, 1936 in Coleman. A daughter: Wanda (Busch).

(5b) Minnie (Mrs. T. W.) Kelley.

(5c) Pearlie (Mrs. I. M.) Long, July 1885.

(5d) Norah (Mrs. C. C.) West, January 1888.

(5e) Vernon, April 24, 1890 - July 11, 1968, married Pearl Fenton, born October 21, 1898, daughter of Wazner F. and Minnie (Dugger) Fenton. Children: (a) Alaire, married Sim Elsworth Brandon (see William A. Brandon); (b) Wiley.

(5f) Gracie (Mrs. Oran) Billings, November 1892.

(5g) Walter, January 14, 1895 - March 25, 1972, married Lizzie D. Fenton, March 17, 1894 - May 15, 1962, both buried Coleman, on December 27, 1916, daughter of Wazner F. and Minnie (Dugger) Fenton. Children: (a) Minnie (Rasch-Wheeler); (b) Charles R., December 31, 1917 - November 18, 1979, married Mary Ellen Tabor, December 20, 1917 - March 20, 1973, both buried in Coleman, on August 20, 1938. Mary Ellen was the daughter of Woody and Mary M. (King) Tabor, who are buried at Talpa.

(5h) Delia (Mrs. C. P.) Waldrop.

(5i) Cyrus G.

(6) William Riley, August 15, 1857 in Missouri - July 25, 1934, married Cassandra Jameson, June 30, 1864 in Greene County, Missouri - December 28, 1958 in San Jose, California, on August 15, 1880.  (Cassandra was the youngest sister of Marcelle (Jameson) Sewell.)  They came to Coleman County in 1880.  Children:

(6a) William Alfred, March 17, 1883 in Coleman - December 1, 1961, married Myrtle Lane, born February 12, 1883, on July 4, 1906.  One daughter, Dorothy Hazel.

(6b) Ramey Roland, April 5, 1885 - 1962, married Lena Cox on April 3, 1906.  Children: (a) Catherine Joyce, January 7, 1907, married (first) Jack Bridges, (second) Jack Kelley; (b) Ellis James, September 26, 1912; (c) Francis Daniel, March 12, 1925.

(6c) Eva Emaline, June 2, 1889, married Eugene Walker Sweatt on May 31, 1906.  Children: (a) Grace Evelyn, March 9, 1907; (b) Catherine Eileen, August 15, 1909, married John Arndt Engelbrecht on August 23, 1933, two children: Theodore Walker and Carl Lee; (c) John William, June 9, 1911, married Helen Jean Campbell on July 25, 1942, two children: Sandra Marie and Eugene Campbell.

(6d) Stella Louise, August 23, 1892, married Samuel Reinhardt on March 25, 1917, two children: (a) Mary Alice married (first) George Walter Mead, two children: Judith Ann and Melvin Everett. Married (second) Ray Jennings; (b) Robert Samuel.

(6e) Ella Leola, April 1, 1895 in Coleman, married Albert E. Boaden, born March 18, 1893, on March 29, 1919.  Children: (a) Richard William married Myriam Gallow.  Two children: Diane Marie and Sheran Ann; (b) Gene Edward married Katherine Merritt.  Children: Susan Marcia and Paul Edward; (c) Sharland Marie married Glen Donald Stephenson.  Three children: Norman Donald, Sandra Sue and Donna Lynn.

(6f) Rausy Augustus, December 28, 1897, married Zoe Engerson, on June 12, 1929, two daughters: Margaret and Barbara.

(6g) Ada Mae, August 20, 1901, married Terrell D. Stevens on May 13, 1932.  One child, Nancy May married Charles Martell, two children: Robert and Caroline.

(6h) Chester Theodore, January 23, 1904, married Alice Trapp, born November 7, 1904, on May 15, 1935.  One child: Andrea Lynn.

(7) Peter Whittenberg, February 20, 1861 in Missouri - September 3, 1933, married Arminta Madeline Jameson, January 10, 1868 in Missouri - April 18, 1947, on April 8, 1883 in Coleman County.  (Arminta was a younger half-sister to Marcelle and Cassandra.)  Children:

(7a) Lily Maud, November 14, 1884, married (first) William Lee Turner, born June 22, 1881, on August 11, 1901.  One child: Caroline Idell, June 14, 1902 (later adopted by Henry Van Carr).  Lily married (second) Henry Van Carr, September 10, 1874 - September 12, 1948.  Children: (a) Sullivan Ross, June 9, 1908, married Dorothy Kuper, one child: Kenneth Ross; (b) Clyde Eleanor, October 8, 1909, married John Taynton Murchinson.  Four children: John Taynton, Susan Eleanor, William Gaither and Mary Carolyn; (c) Mary Vergie, August 15, 1913, married Pat O’Brien, three children: George Van, Lyle Lynn and Truman Ellis.

(7b) Ruff Vestal, August 8, 1889, married Mrs. Stella Mills.  She had one child, J. O. Mills.

(7c) Vergie Mae, September 4, 1891, married Charles B. Lowe.  One daughter, Lily Machel, June 6, 1919, married Alfred Ballinger, two children: NaVada Virginia and John Charles.

(7d) Roland Houston, January 27, 1898 in Coleman - October 28, 1947, never married.

(7e) Olga Ellen, October 28, 1907, married Jack Conley who died about 1938.  Children: (a) Norma Jacquelyn, October 29, 1928, married Edward Lungren, one daughter: Edith Ellen; (b) Doris Idell, October 10, 1929.

(7f) Arminta Madeline, July 15, 1910, married Dwight Harned, one daughter: Maddy Fern, January 21, 1927, married John Lumpkin.

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Lottie Belle (Davis) and Eddie Sewell, holding Harrison, William Amos (their son), Marcelle (Jameson), Effie, Jesse and Henry Sewell - 1904

Albert Milton Sewell

Perry Benton Sewell

Clarence and Effie Douglas and Doll and Henry Sewell - 1960

Billie Jones, Ray Melvin and Ronald Douglas, Eleanor Ellyson and Maggie Lou Jones - 1946

Jim and Mary (Sewell) Jones - 1954

Ray, Marcella, Eleanor and Effie Douglas - 1972

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