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The basis of this collection of articles about Coleman County is taken from A History of Coleman County and Its People, first published in 1985.  I was the chairman of the Coleman County Historical Commission at that time, and also the head editor of A History of Coleman County and Its People.  These articles are used here by permission from the copyright holder.  Many of these articles were written in abstracted or condensed forms to keep the history book to a reasonable size.  With the internet, I will be adding new articles as they surface.  Many will be from newspaper articles and writings of earlier days, mostly original source information.  Please contact me if you have any additional articles, pictures, interviews or other Coleman County items of interest.  The intent of the publication of A History of Coleman County and Its People was to record and share as much information for future generations as possible.  That idea is still the same in the presentation of this website.  It is about and dedicated to the people of Coleman County, Texas.  

Many of the following family histories originally appeared in A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission.

General History titles followed with an asterisk (*) indicate it did not appear in A History of Coleman County and Its People.

Table of Contents

Compiling a History of Coleman County:
Foreword - About the Editors - Acknowledgments

Early Coleman County:
American Indians of the Early Days
Early Coleman County
Location and Features of Coleman County
Waters of Coleman County
    Bowen Bridge *
    Lake Coleman *
Roads and Transportation

Military History of Coleman County:
Military Section:
Camp Colorado - Camp Colorado Replica - County Museum
American Civil War *
World War I *
World War II *
Coleman Flying School *

Coleman County Government:
The Man for Whom Coleman County was Named
The Courthouse
The Jail
Coleman County Officials
Peace Keepers
The Trial and Hanging of John Pearl *
Post Offices
Today's Post Offices
Coleman County Historical Commission
Coleman County Historical Markers
Population of Coleman County *

Helping Others in Coleman County:
Welfare League of Coleman
The Depression
Rural Electrification

Remembering the Past:
1861 Tax Roll
Noah Armstrong
The Old Settlers
Coleman County Pioneers Association *
Coleman Diamond Jubilee
Coleman County Centennial
Diary of Lindsey S. Millard, 1891 - 1923
Tom Johnson,  Pioneer *

Ranching in Coleman County:
The Texas Longhorn
The Western Trail
The Cattle Drives
Ranching in Coleman County
County Map - 1883
Some Early Ranches and Their Brands
The Cattle Industry
Farming in Coleman County:
Diversified Farming and Ranching
Life on the Farm
The Farm and Grain Threshing
Orchards and Bees
Going to Town
Cotton Raising
Farm Agencies
Central Colorado River Authority
Agriculture - Today

The Railroad in Coleman County:
The Railroad in Coleman County
Santa Anna's Santa Fe
The Rock Crusher * (Information added)

Natural Resources in Coleman County:
Coleman County Oil
Gas Production and Use
Coal - 1874 *

Medicine in Coleman County:
No Drugstores Anywhere
Coleman County Cure Alls
Coleman County Doctors
Santa Anna Hospitals
Coleman Hospitals

Coleman County Climate:
Coleman County Climate
The 1900 Flood
Cyclone of Shields - 1910
The Storm Following the Drought
Storms - 1928
Hail and Other Occurrences
Coleman Tornado
A Few Weather Records
     High Temperatures
Weather Photos
Coleman Annual Rainfall Totals *
Coleman Monthly Rainfall Totals *

Recreation and Entertainment:
Early Day Social Life
Entertainment at School
The Rabbit Drives
Having Fun and Other Things
Everyday Recreation
Living the Good Life
Baseball - Hale Noah Griffin and Horace Walter Brown *
Coleman Professional Baseball - 1928-29 *
Back Then - life in the 1930's and 1940's by Donald Goodman *
Fiesta de la Paloma - Coleman
Funtier Day - Santa Anna
 Other Histories of Coleman County
Memorials - A History Coleman County and Its People
Family Histories
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