1890 Schedules of Union Civil War Veterans or their Widows
Coleman County, Texas

These special schedules report the following information: name of the veteran (or if he did not survive, the names of both the widow and her deceased husband); the veteran's rank, company, regiment or vessel, date of enlistment, date of discharge, and length of service in years, months, and days; post office address of each person listed; disability incurred by the veteran; and any additional remarks about the veteran's service.  Only the names, rank and regiment are shown in these abstracts.

Last Name          First Name                   Widow                     Rank                     Regiment

Abbey                   Charles E.
Bell                       Samuel G.
Birdwell                 John                                                              Cpl                        F 9 Ill Inf 
Brown                    Richard                                                         Pvt                      B 102 Ill Inf
Couch                   John A.                                                          Pvt                     F 5 Tenn Cav
Craig                     James J.                                                    2nd Sgt                E 111 Maine Inf
Davis                    James R.                                                        Pvt
Davis                    Jeff                                                             Over Sgt
Doss                     William H.                                                      Sgt                     C 3 Col Cav
Enos                     Franics T.                                                       Pvt                       A 7 Ill Cav
Gilliam                  James J.                                                         Pvt                     C 17 Ky Cav
Gipson                  James
Goad                    Charles B.                                                       Pvt                     G 1 Ark Inf
Griffis                   John P.                                                            Pvt                     E 46 Mo Inf
Holmes                 Calvin                                                              Pvt                     K 61 Ill Inf
Klain                    William L.
Lovestem              Henry
Macnamara          Michael                         Laura                          Capt                  F,B 3 NY Cav
Martin                  John                                                                 Pvt                   B McLaughlin
Moore                  William M.                                                      2nd Lt                 C 8 Tenn Cav
Morris                  John M.
Padelforo              Davis A.
Pugh                    J.B.                       Mary A. Wright                     Pvt                     44 Ill Inf
Putnam                Philip
Randall                 Billings H.                                                        Cpl                  F 8 Mich Cav
Richardson           John P.                                                             Pvt                 D Halls Ky Inf
Richardson           Meredith G.                                                      Capt                    G 19 Ky
Rogan                  David                                                                Pvt                  I 1 Tenn Cav
Seviree                 John R.                                                            Pvt                  B 61 Ohio Inf
Taylor                   Francis M.                      S. H.                          Pvt                    A 1 NH Inf
Tucker                  Charles E.                                                        Pvt                   A 1 Col Cav
Walker                 James W.
West                    Ralph M.                                                          Pvt                   I 13 Wis Inf
Young                  Andrew A.


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