Coleman Primary Flying School - Coleman, Texas
1941 - 1945
304th AAFFTD (Army Air Forces Flying Training Detachment)
2550th Army Air Force Base Unit


Information about each class is based primarily on the Class Book of each class.  I am still missing a few of these classbooks at this time.  Please contact me if you have any class books, information about any classes or individuals that were in these classes.  I am not sure how many classes there were ... there is some conflicting data.  I am adding information to each class from their classbooks, as time permits.

Ralph Terry, November 2008

"Coleman Field, at Coleman, was activated as a contract primary flying school in December 1940.  It was operated by the Austin Flying Service.  Flight training began in June 1941.  The field was deactivated on November 15, 1944."  (From the Handbook of Texas Online. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Coleman County Historical Commission, History of Coleman County and Its People (2 vols., San Angelo: Anchor, 1985). Robert E. Hays, Jr., Military Aviation Activities in Texas, World Wars I and II (M.A. thesis, University of Texas, 1963 - written by Art Leatherwood.)  (I don't know where Texas Handbook got these dates, but it is probable..)

Dates from the "Flight Line" show ... In early 1940, Harry A. Hammill of Austin first conceived the idea of establishing a Civil Contract Primary School in Coleman.  He contacted local attorney Rob O'Hair, who called a joint meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and the City Commission, who approved the idea.  In March 1941, the voters of Colema approved a $60,000 bond issue for purchase of property.  ...  Construction began July 1, 1941 and (many of the buildings) were completed by September 15, 1941.  On October 7, 1941 instuction began. ("History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985.")

Background on Contract Flying Schools
Roger M. Crow, Commander  1942 - 1943
History of the School
General Pictures
Explosion at School
Today and
Those Living

Class of 42-D

first class began
7 October 1941

Class of 42-E

second class began
6 November 1941

Class of 42-F

third class began
22 December 1941

Class of 42-G

42-G began
January 22, 1942

Class of 42-H

February 1942

Class of 42-I

Class of 42-J

May 1942  to
July 1942

Class of 42-K

in memoriam
6 July 1942

Class of 43-A

Class of 43-B

in memoriam
17 August 1942

Class of 43-C

Class of 43-D

classbook printed
December 1942

Class of 43-E

Class of 43-F

cartoon dated
11 January 1943

Class of 43-G

Class of 43-H

Class of 43-I


Class of 43-J

28 May 1943

Class of 43-K

8 July 1943

Class of 44-A

3 August 1943

Class of 44-B

6 September 1943

Class of 44-C


Class of 44-D

5 November 1943

Class of 44-E


Class of 44-F


Class of 44-G


Class of 44-H


Class of 44-I

was the 28th class

Class of 44-J


Class of 44-K

22 June 1944

Class of 45-A
Class of 45-B
Class of 45-C
Class of 45-D
Class of 45-E

school was deactivated
November 15, 1944

The Flight Line
304th AAFFTD (Army Air Forces Flying Training Detachment)
Coleman Field, Texas

Compiled about the same time as the Class of 44-I
Compilation of Officers, Instructors, etc., and History of the School

The background for the Coleman Flying School pages is taken from a matchbook cover of the school.  Below is the back side:

"You buy 'em - we'll fly 'em!"
Defense Bonds - Stamps

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