Histories of Organizations of Coleman County, Texas

Auxiliary To Legion Formed Here In 1921

From the 1936 Centennial Edition Coleman Democrat-Voice Newspaper
(transcribed by Pam Sanders, March 2006.)

In March 1921, a group of eligible potential candidates of Coleman met at the Coleman county court house for the purpose of forming an embryo organization, preliminary to making application for a charter that they might become a unit of the Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion to be identified with the Ray Post, No. 213 of Coleman.

The prerequisite of making application for a charter necessitated the meeting of a body of eligible applicants and the opening of a presiding officer in the capacity of acting president.  It was necessary that the application be signed by an acting president and accompanied by the signatures of ten intentional members.  There were fifteen signatures obtained at that meeting, who signed the application along with Mrs. John Henderson, who was appointed acting president.  It was also signed by L. S. White, post commander, and J. F. Henderson, Jr., post adjutant.  An answer to this application was received in May 1921.

 The Auxiliary functioned for one year on the approved or temporary charter.  Then, on June 1, 1922, they received their regular charter.  The board of officers serving as charter officers when the application was made, all of Coleman;  Mrs. R. V. Wood, president; Mrs. H. D. Sadler, vice-president;  Mrs. Nannie Love, secretary;  Mrs. Lucion White, treasurer;  Mrs. T. W. White, hospital chairman, and Mrs. H. A. Robertson, Americanization chairman.

The present board of officers is made up of : Mrs. H.A. Robertson, president;  Mrs. Lucion White, vice-president;  Mrs. H. B. Wilson, secretary;  Mrs. Rushing Wells, treasurer; Mrs. R. V. Wood, historian; and Mrs. John Henderson and Mrs. Hugh Lewis form the executive committee.

This unit has met every demand levied upon it, both state and local.  There is much good accomplished by the body and especially in behalf of ex-service menís dependents.  There are about seven of the charter members still living.

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