Histories of Organizations of Coleman County, Texas

Coleman County Junior Rodeo Association
by Kay Ryan Hubbard

From A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

On June 29, 1956, the Articles of Association were made for the Coleman FFA Junior Championship Rodeo Association.  On this same day, the association incorporated with 10 directors.  They included Zeno Hemphil, Charles R. Taylor, Weldon Davis, M. B. Casey, C. W. Hemphill Jr., Bates Baulch, W. R. Hickman Jr., Paul Cannon, Charles Hunter and Frank Gillespie.  The first adult president for the association was Zeno Hemphill, with Charles R. Taylor as Vice-President, and Weldon Davis as Secretary - Treasurer.

In 1956, the Coleman FFA Junior Championship Rodeo, Inc. passed a motion giving a $500.00 scholarship to a Coleman youth which was applied to a two year state supported college or university.  With the association being a non-profit organization, the sole purpose of the annual rodeo was to provide this scholarship to an area youth and promote interest for the youth of Coleman.  In 1958, the American Junior Rodeo finals were held in Coleman.  This was quite an event for the community of Coleman. 
In 1963, the Coleman FFA Junior Championship Rodeo was dissolved and a new organizational name emerged as the Coleman County Junior Rodeo Association.  This enabled any Coleman County youth under 19 years of age to be a member and also enabled any Coleman County High School senior to be eligible for the scholarship.  In 1983, the articles were amended again to enable any youth attending a Coleman County school to be eligible for the scholarship which now amounts to $800.00.  This scholarship is to be used at the college or university of the recipientís choice.  In 1983, the association gave two trophy saddles for awards to the High Point Boy and Girl at the Jr. Rodeo in August of each year.

The Coleman County Junior Rodeo Association is one of few community organizations for the youth of Coleman County, and with the support of the area merchants and individuals, the organization will continue to offer the best Junior Rodeo in the state of Texas.

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