Histories of Organizations of Coleman County, Texas

Business history titles followed with an asterisk (*) originally appeared in
A History of Coleman County and Its People, 1985 
edited by Judia and Ralph Terry, and Vena Bob Gates - used by permission

 A. A. R. P. - Coleman Chapter 1916* by Eunice H. King The American Legion of Coleman* by Ralph Terry
Auxiliary To Legion Formed In 1921 1936 Centennial Edition
The Coleman Boy Scouts* by Ralph Terry
Coleman County Breeder-Feeder Association* (additional information added)
 Auxiliary of Coleman County Breeder-Feeder Association and
         Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association*
The Coleman Chamber of Commerce* by Ralph Terry Circle C Cowbelles* by Alice Hemphill
Daughters of the American Revolution -
            Captain Wm. Buckner Chapter* by Maurine Burroughs
Delta Alpha Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma* by Drucilla George
Delta Omicron Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha*
Order of the Eastern Star - Coleman Chapter No. 360*
              by Marylou Tucker
Order of the Eastern Star - Santa Anna Chapter No. 247*
              by Billie Guthrie
Coleman County Farm Bureau* by Margaret Roberts
4-H in Coleman County* by Mary R. Jamison
Coleman Lodge of the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows*
              by Ruby Folkner
Kiwanis Club of Coleman* by Jim Snodgrass and Robert Jameson  
Coleman Public Library* compiled by Clem Autry
The Friends of the Coleman Public Library* by Clem Autry
Coleman Lions Club*
Coleman Evening Lions Club and Ladies Auziliary*
              by Donna and Keith Phillips
Santa Anna Lions Club* by Montie Guthrie and Mary Lela W. Clifford
Literary Society - 1899 1936 Centennial Edition
Coleman Masonic Lodge No. 496* compiled by C. O. Fleming
Coleman Masonic Lodge Master Updatecompiled by Doug Roberts
Coleman Meals on Wheels* by Oretha Whitworth
Mutual Improvement Club* by Mrs. Ben Cox
Overall-Morris Memorial Hospital Auxiliary* by Edna Stell Dunn  
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Rebekah Lodge Organized in 1908 1936 Centennial Edition
Coleman Rebekah Lodge #344* by Ruby Folkner
The Coleman Rodeo Association*
               by Mrs. Harold Kinney, Tim Parrott and Marjorie Cox
Coleman County Junior Rodeo Association* by Kay Ryan Hubbard
Coleman Rotary Club* by Milton Autry
Self Culture Club of Sana Anna* by Leona Bruce  Coleman County Senior Center* by Angel Hamm
10-10 CB Club* by Ruby Martin Town and Country Garden Club* by Fay Gill 
 United Daughters of the Confederacy 1936 Centennial Edition
VFW Post #8875 and Ladies Auxiliary* Veterans of World War I* as taken from their Charter
The Women's Civic League of Coleman* by Becki Terry  
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