Histories of Organizations of Coleman County, Texas

United Daughters of the Confederacy

From the 1936 Centennial Edition Coleman Democrat-Voice Newspaper
(transcribed by Pam Sanders, March 2006.)

UDC Chapter Was Organized Here In January 1903

In January 1903, Mrs. W. R. McClellan and Mrs. J. M. Bailey organized the first chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy.  The first board of officers consisted of Mrs. J. E. McCord, president;  Mrs. J. M. Bailey, vice president;  and Mrs. J. P. Ledbetter, historian.  The original organization was comprised of 25 members.  They held regular meetings over a period of five years but did not obtain a charter.  At the time of its organization there were 105 chapters in the state with a membership enrollment of 5995.

The Lee Jackson Chapter of the U. D. C. was organized by Mrs. Mary Hunt Affleck at the home of Mrs. B. F. Robey in January 1911.  This board of officers consisted of the following:  Mrs. J. P. Ledbetter, president;  Mrs. R. V. Wood, vice president; Mrs. B. F. Robey, secretary;  Mrs. Omi Heaton, treasury;  Mrs. T. J. White, registrar;  and Mrs. T. W. Martin, historian.

The charter members besides the above mentioned included Mesdames J. F. Gordon, Julia Polk, J. F. Henderson, Higginbotham, D. Toland, R. L. Dunman, Crawford Jackson, R. Bennet, F. L. Snodgrass, R. G. Hollingsworth, E. B. Martin, O. Johnson, Hugh Knox, B. Martin and Miss Nelle Clary.

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