Schools of Coleman County, Texas

Faculty Meeting For Many Rural Schools Slated Here; Most of Them Re-Open Soon

...  County Supt. Terrell Graves  ... Coleman County Agricultural Building ... make plans for the 1943 - 1944 school term ...

... high school systems include Burkett, Talpa, Novice, Buffalo, Mozelle and Centennial  ...

Teachers in the county include:

Junction:  Mrs. William E. Allen.
Glen Cove:  Mrs. T. P. Story and Anna Fae Burgett.
Silver Valley:  Mrs. K. M. Croom and Kate Parker.
Burkett:  Supt. W. R. Chambers, A. I. Edwards, Alice Emma Cross, Mrs. Verda Brown, Mrs. C. A. Chesnutt, Mrs. Cleo Gill and Myrtle McGregor.
Cross Roads:  Mrs. Edna Williams, Mrs. ALma G. Durham and Mrs. Agee Edgerton.
Plainview:  Mrs. J. L. P. Baker.
Liberty:  Mrs. Cliff Herndon.
Cleveland:  Mrs. John W. Taylor.
Shield:  Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Blanton and Mrs. Audrey B. Holt.
Mukewater:  Lucille Lancaster.
Leedy:  Mrs. Herman Gilbreath and Mary Ola Milligan.
Leaday:  Mrs. Alma McNutt and Dorothy Sparks.
Anderson:  Phil Tilden and Mrs. Mary Boyers.
Whon:  Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Schulze.
Echo:  Mrs. Gladys Snodgrass.
Loss Creek:  C. R. Steele and Mrs. L. L. Wilder.
Talpa:  Supt. T. R. Damron, F. M. Larner, Faye Stone, Erma Anglin and Frankie Holt.
Line:  Mrs. John Thomas Adian.
Novice:  Supt. D. E. Loveless, B. J. Joyce, Mrs. Retha Burnes, Janette Kennedy, Mrs. Carl Allen, Mrs. Sarah Nowlin, Mrs. Sallie Gray, Fairie Fowler.
Trickham:  Mrs. Gertrude Martin and Dora Kirkpatrick.
Buffalo:  Supt. C. R. Lowe, Alice Copeland, Thelma Casey, C. D. Findley and Mrs. C. R. Lowe.
Mozelle:  Supt. D. H. Grounds, L. E. Terry, Mary Jo Crouch, Ada Lois Newman, Mrs. L. E. Terry, Mrs. Adele Adams, Mrs. Jewell Hinds, Esther Slate, Opal Copeland, Mrs. Jewell McMinn, Essie McGregor, Mrs. Robert Lambert, Mrs. Carl Lohn and Mrs. Dorothy Edwards.
Centennial:  Supt. R. D. Holt, B. D. Murff, Raye Stone, Mrs. R. D. Holt, Mrs. D. S. Jennings, Mrs. Vernon Close, Mrs. Ora Gafford and Mrs. Ola LeMay.


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