Pear Street

Coleman, Texas

This street page contains a description of this street, located in Coleman, Texas, together with the numbers numerically arranged.  It also shows the intersections, whereever the different streets cross.  These addresses are linked to other pages which contain information, photos, etc., when available, about the people and homes or buildings that have been at that address, at different time periods, with the source of information given.


The 1929 Coleman City Directory shows Pear Street as the 3rd street north of Live Oak Street, but today it is the 4th street north of Live Oak Street.  Pear Street orginally began at North Commercial Avenue, but now begins at North Frio Street, and extends west to Mountain Street.

 On maps of 1923 and before, what is now called Pear Street was called West Third Street (even though there was also a West Third Street south of Mesquite Street).  On the 1930 map, Pear Street is called Plum Street with an alternate name of West Third Street.  On the 1948 map, Pear Street is called Pear Street, with an alternate name of Plum Street.  So by 1948, this street was generally called Pear Street.  So, the addresses given in the 1929 Coleman City Directory as Pear Street are today on Plum Street and those on Plum Street are today on Pear Street.  The houses were not moved, only the streets renamed.

Pear Street begins at North Frio Street
north side: south side:
North Neches Street intersects
north side: south side:
North Neuces Street intersects
north side:
south side:
North Blanco Street intersects
north side:
700 block
south side:
Trinity Street intersects
north side:
south side:
Vale Street intersects
north side:
south side:
Brush Street intersects
north side: south side:
Gray Street intersects
north side: south side:
High Street intersects
north side:
south side:
Pear Street ends at Mountain Street

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