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I painted this one weekend when I kept my brothers and sisters while my parents went skiing.  I asked Mother if I could paint a real big picture --- she said NO!  Well, I did it anyway.  I charged the canvas at Stokes Paint Store --- they forgave me and were so proud of my work.  I entered it in the West Texas Fair and won First Place in the Youth Division.


Examples of Judia's Students' Work and Awards:

2002 Coleman Fine Arts League Show - Winners Who Were Judia's Students

Adult Division
Ruth Coltas Graphics "Sea Maiden" Honorable Mention
Eula Culwell Pastel "Dodge Tough – Ram Tough" First Place
People’s Choice - Amateur
Eula Culwell Pastel "Beauty, Dreams, Peace" Honorable Mention
Mat Gaines Graphics "Ostrich Bones" Honorable Mention
Ireanne Hohmann Pastel "Oil and Vinegar" Honorable Mention
Ireanne Hohmann Pastel  "Pa" Third Place
Jimmie Ruth Hubbard Graphics "Lucky Devil" PAPP Award
(Private Art in Public Places)
Jimmie Ruth Hubbard Graphics "The Scholar" Honorable Mention
Helen McIver Graphics "Rose and Vase" Best of Amateur
Helen McIver Graphics "Green Man in Hand" Honorable Mention
Youth Division - Elementary School
Joseph Lacy Graphics "Still Life in the Deep Sea" Third Place
Joseph Lacy Graphics "Still Life in the Mexico Street" Honorable Mention
Joseph Lacy Graphics "Chief Blue Wolf" Honorable Mention
Joseph Lacy Graphics "The Guardian" Honorable Mention
Cassie Swennig Pastel (Graphics) "Cowboy" Second Place
Cassie Swennig Pastel (Graphics) "Crosses" Best of Elementary School
Cassie Swennig Pastel "Peacock Feathers" First Place
Cassie Swennig Pastel (Graphics) "A&M" Honorable Mention
Youth Division - Junior High School
Jack Reynolds Graphics "The Field House" Third Place
Jack Reynolds Graphics "Silence in the Darkness" First Place
Trebor Williams Graphics "Indian Chief" Best of Junior High School
Trebor Williams Graphics "I'll Be Home at Dark-Thirty" Honorable Mention
Youth Division - High School
Elizabeth Lindsey Pastel "Vase on Blanket" Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Lindsey Pastel "Snail and Mushrooms" Second Place
Elizabeth Lindsey Graphics "Crossed Guns" Third Place
Reagan Reynolds Pastel "Roses in Still Life" Honorable Mention
Reagan Reynolds Pastel "Peals and Diamonds" Best of High School
People’s Choice - Youth
Allen children placed

In addition to teaching and painting murals and portraits by commission,  Judia has found a bit of spare time to enter local artist competitions, including winning the Patrons' Award at the Fiesta de la Paloma Art Show in 2003 with this painting, "Ellen."

Laird of Lag

Judia Terry, of Coleman, won "The People's Choice Award - Adult Division" in the recent Fine Arts League Show during the Fiesta de la Paloma, with her painting, "Laird of Lag," shown above.  Paintings are voted on by the viewers, as to which painting they think is the best of the show and the People's Choice Award is given to painting receiving the most votes.  Judia wishes to thank everyone who voted for her painting, as this award represents what the general public really likes.  The painting itself is Judia's conception of what Robert Grierson, a well known persecutor of the Covenantors and a distant cousin of Judia's, might have looked like during his youth, during the 1680's, and was done in the portrait style of that period.

These are just a few of the examples of Judia's accomplishments as an artist.  I will add more examples and images as time allows.

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