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Judia has lived and worked in the art field in Texas most of her life.  She is a portrait painter, muralist and commercial artist.  She studied and painted in Brussels, Belgium, and has sold and exhibited in Europe, as well as the United States, and has also illustrated a number of books.

Early art training ... private study under Winona Young Stovall Pierson in Coleman during her junior high and high school years, and with Robert J. Miller at McMurry College in the early 1960's.

After a few years of being a housewife and mom, Judia moved to Brussels Belgium, where she studied and painted, in the early 1970's.

After returning to the states, she moved to Austin, where she owned and operated Design Trends for ten years.  She has also done freelance and graphic art for many years, including work for DeLeon Art Company, which once operated in Brownwood.

Judia began teaching art in Abilene in the 1960's and continued teaching in Coleman in the early 1980's.  She again started teaching in her current studio in 1998.  She teaches her classes in traditional drawing and painting techniques.  Judia and her husband, Ralph Terry, own and operate Terry Studio where, in addition to the Judia’s art studio, Ralph does professional photography and custom framing.

In addition to teaching art, Judia paints murals and portraits by commission.  Judia has recently completed three large murals, an eight foot by forty-five foot depiction of the Biblical "Feast of the Loaves and Fishes" in our Texas setting, for the Rock-a-Bayou Christian Retreat Center, in northwest Brown County; a tropical floral scene with fancy wrought iron around the walls and three ceiling levels of a twenty by thirty-five foot bedroom and bathroom in a large home on Lake Brownwood; and a seven by fourteen foot scene of western Coleman County on stretched canvas for the T-Bone Ranch at Valera.

Judia has two children and their families, Gina Bennett of Mesquite and Mat Gaines of Coleman. 

This is just a small part of the story of Judia Kemper Gaines Terry as an artist.  I will add more, with images, as time allows.

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