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Judia Kemper Terry will be giving a demonstration of the new heat set oil medium, "Genesis," Saturday, January 14 at the Center for Contemporary Arts at 220 Cypress Street in Abilene at 1:30 p.m.  Genesis is an amazing medium that allows all the benefits and beauty of oil paint, without the smell.  It dries in minutes – it is permanent and non-toxic and will not ruin your brushes or dry on your palette.

Judia has lived and worked in the art field most of her life, having grown up in Coleman and studied art here under Winona Pierson in her junior high and high school years.  She attended McMurry College to study with J. Robert Miller. 

She is a portrait painter, muralist and commercial artist.  Before returning to Coleman in 1982, Judia owned and operated Design Trends in Austin for ten years.  She has also done freelance and graphic art for many years, including work for De Leon Art Company, of Brownwood.  Before Austin, Judia lived in Brussels, Belgium, where she studied and painted.  She has sold and exhibited in Europe, as well as the United States, and has also illustrated a number of books.

Judia is an active partner in Terry Studio, where she paints and teaches art.  Please come and enjoy the demonstration on Saturday and Judia promises that you will be amazed!

(Coleman Chronicle and Democrat-Voice, Coleman, Texas, January 12, 2006.)


These are just a few examples of demonstrations Judia has done.  I will add more with images as time allows.

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