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Some Writings and Other Observations From Judia Terry
Besides being an artist and muralist, Judia is a keen observer of nature and people.
Here are a few writings that she has put on paper over the years.  I will add more as time allows.

The Tail of a Squirrel

Yesterday an exciting thing happened at our house.  As I sat at my kitchen window enjoying the view of that blustery spring day,  a curious sight appeared before my eyes.  A squirrel walked by carrying a BAG.  It was so big I couldn't imagine what it was.  Then I noticed a little paw protruding from that mysterious blob.  It was a young squirrel!  It was almost as big as the mother, how could she carry such a heavy thing?

The day before we'd had a heavy rain.  When I walked out to check the mail there was a rustling in a bush near my path.  I looked down to find a frightened wet squirrel trying to avoid my gaze, I could tell it was almost full grown.  I went in to get Ralph to come take a look, but when we returned it was gone.  Perhaps this was that young one this strong mother squirrel was carrying to safety.  The Mother crossed the yard and carried the baby very high to a more suitable home.  It was fascinating.  She left the baby and quickly turned to retrace her steps.  Eager to see where she was going, I rushed out the side door in time to see her emerge from a large ivy bush with another baby in tow.  She was carrying it exactly the same way.  Quickly she transported across the yard to the new nest.  Once again she returned to the old nest and exited with her curious baggage.  The baby was motionless with its head tucked between its mother's front legs.  He clung to its mother with its little paws just behind it's mothers front legs.  The mother seemed to be holding the base of the baby's tail in her mouth.  She lifted it high enough that it's back cleared the ground as she made her way over logs, rocks, through fences, and finally up one last tree to safety.

 I've never thought of squirrels as strong or smart, to me they were just rats in trees.  But I've gained a new respect for these furry creatures of God.  Somehow their creator programmed into them all of the things they needed to get by in this world.  He taught them how to protect their babies, even exactly how to pick them up and carry them.  IT'S AMAZING!  If we could all be as faithful to our creator, as that little mother squirrel, and live out His plan for OUR LIVES, what a difference it would make!

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