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In 1939, a film was made in Coleman, as a fund-raising project for the Lions Club, with the result being shown at the Dixie Theater.  This film survives today and has been made into a professional DVD for home viewing.  Each scene has been marked and can be accessed directly on the DVD, without going through the whole movie.  Today, this movie is like a time machine, as it shows us a glimpse of the past.  A booklet of over 50 pages has been written by local historians, Judia and Ralph Terry, describing each scene with much additional information.  Although many people have been identified, many remain unidentified.  Some of the scenes shown are: Commercial Avenue, Downtown Coleman, Courthouse, City Buildings, City Park, Kiwanis Club, Chamber of Commerce, West Ward School, Lions Club, Nehi Bottling Plant, Burton-Lingo Company, Armory of Co B - 142nd Infantry, First Coleman National Bank, South Ward School, Coleman High School, Coleman Business Women, Earth Moving Machines, Coleman Steam Laundry, Nunley’s Tire Store, A-1 Cleaners, Coleman Utilities, Coleman Post Office, Central Food Products, Coulson’s Drug Store, S&H Department Store, Hargett’s Man Shop, Coleman Gas and Oil Company, Gordon Hardware and Furniture, J. H. Nance and Son, Coleman Nursery School, Rodeoing at Hufford Field, Coleman High School Football, Coleman High School Track, Crushing Rock, Lake Scarborough, Democrat-Voice Newspaper, Coleman County Chronicle, Piggly Wiggly, Easter Sunrise, First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Methodist Church, Coleman County Club, Coca Cola Bottling Company, Coleman County State Bank, F. W. Woolworth Company, Sturges and Gibbs, NYA Work Program, Owl Beauty Shop, Blue Bonnet Dress Shop, Banner Ice Company, Boy Scouts.

Proceeds from the sale of this DVD are used for research and upkeep of the websites devoted to the history of Coleman County (www.colemanhistory.com) and history and communication for the alumni of Coleman High School (www.colemanbluecats.com).  Donations are also welcome.

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