Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions

Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions is a set of books pertaining to Coleman County, Texas history was published by Ralph and Judia Terry and Vena Bob Gates in 1988.  This three volume set contains all inscriptions found on every known gravestone in Coleman County.  It does not contain each verse found on some stones, but does have all complete names, birth and death dates and any other genealogical information found on these stones, such as marriage dates, common markers for couples, military records, and other valuable information.  In some cases, we added other known information gleaned from obituaries, death records, and personal knowledge.  We have added lists of people known to have been buried at various cemeteries, but lie in unmarked graves.  The main reason these cemetery inscriptions are so important, is these stones contain the only records of many births and deaths prior to the early 1920's, when deaths began to be recorded by the county and state governments.

Information About Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions:

3 Volumes - 8 1/2 x 11 inches - soft cover in Perfect Binding for easier use.  Available as a set or as individual volumes.


Volume 1 - Contains Coleman City Cemetery - about 250 pages in length - over 10,000 marked graves with map for location.

Volume 2 - Contains all cemeteries north of US Highway 67 plus the Valera Cemetery, about 225 pages - 29 cemeteries.

Volume 3 - Contains all cemeteries south of Us Highway 67 except Valera Cemetery, abt 250 pages - 19 cemeteries.

  • The time period covered in these books is from the earliest marked graves at Camp Colorado in the 1860's.
  • All cemeteries have been brought up to date to early 1988.
  • Each volume contains a map of all known cemeteries located in Coleman County.
  • Each cemetery contains directions to its location and known history of each cemetery.
  • Each volume is indexed by surname.
  • Illustrations by Judia Terry for each cemetery in each volume.

All three volumes as a set - $ 59.53    - - -    Each Volume is $22.55
(these prices include tax and mailing --- they can be picked up at Terry Studio in Coleman to avoid mailing costs)

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