This Long-Awaited History of Coleman And Coleman County, Texas is Now Available !!!

Show above is the front and back of Looking Backward, Vol. 2.

A Comprehensive History with Photographs of Coleman County, Texas - 1940 - 1980

Compiled by Ralph Terry

Looking Backwards - Vol. 2


A photographic view of the Places and Doings

Of Coleman and Coleman County from 1940 to 1980


A New Book of Coleman County Photographs

from Ralph Terry


8 1/2 x 11 Format – Over 2800 Black & White Images - With Detailed History of the Period

672 pages in black and white - Sample pages shown above


To order your copy – mail your check to:

Ralph Terry, 302 W. College Avenue, Coleman, Texas 76834-4112

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In December 2016, after 42 years of photography and historical work in Coleman County, Texas, Ralph Terry published a second book of historical photographs of Coleman and Coleman County from the pre-World War II era to 1980.  Ralph has owned and operated Terry Studio in Coleman, after purchasing Hugh Capps Studio in 1974, and has been called the “Coleman County Historian” for nearly that long.  He was the primary editor of A History of Coleman County and Its People completed in 1985.  He has also published Coleman High School Football Records (1988), Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions (1988), The Episcopal Church in Northwest Texas (1990), and Greer Family Records (2000), to name a few.  In his many years of serving Coleman County in the photography field, he has obtained many historical photographs pertaining to the earliest days of Coleman County through today.  Ralph has written a historical column, Looking Backward, periodically for the Coleman Chronicle and Democrat-Voice newspaper for over thirty years.  After the publication of "Looking Backwards, 1940-1980," he was named "Coleman's Official Historian" by the city of Coleman.

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  $53.29 (local pickup in Coleman) or $59.29 (mailed)
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