Terry Studio has been in business in Coleman, Texas since 1974, after the purchase of Hugh Capps Studio.  We have all the old negatives and digital files for both studios and can reprint from any of these files at any time.  Even though Ralph Terry has a university degree in photography, he and his wife, Judia are also historians and genealogists.  Because of these special areas of interest, old picture reproduction and restoration work has always been one of our main businesses at the studio, and we are very skilled in this type of work.  As a service to you, we keep a digital file of your original on file at Terry Studio.
With the advent of digital photography, we can not only complete a copy and restoration job faster than in the past, but the archival quality of digital prints is equal or better than chemical prints of the past.  Also the life of our digital prints is about twice as long as our previous chemical prints.  Because of the nature of digital prints, both color and black-and-white (gray scale) prints have the same archival life, projected to be over 300 years under ideal conditions.  We normally complete a single print job in one to two days, and large print orders in less than a week.  We print with Epson UltraChrome inks on Epson Luster surface paper for the longest print life available.
The price of simple restoration is now included on all orders, and complex restoration or artwork is priced on an individual basis, which is rarely over $50.00.  We are not offering hand oiled color prints at this time.
If in Texas, please add 8 ¼ Sales Tax. If being shipped, please add $6.00 per order.  We use USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation on all orders.

The cost of a copy and restoration job consists of:
1)       First, we make a scan of your original print.  This is equivalent to a making a copy negative of the past.  It needs to be done only one time per original.  If you need another reprint in the future, we will locate your digital file and reprint it, at no additional scan charge.
2)       We then make a print of the desired image in the size and finish you desire.  If the original was a color print, we will make a color print.  If the original was a black-and-white (gray scale) print, we will make a gray scale print.  Most old original black-and-white prints show some fading or yellowing.  We will correct this condition to the original neutral black on white paper.  If you would like your reproduction to have a warmer look or a brown tone (sepia) look, please let us know.  There is no extra charge for these old-fashioned looks.  Below are costs of various sizes.
Original Photograph Scan
   (needs to be done only one time per original)       $  5.00
Color or Black-and-White (Gray Scale) Prints
   (Specify Neutral, Warm or Sepia tone)
                  4x5 (or smaller)                                  $   5.00
                  5x7                                                            8.00
                  8x10                                                        15.00
                11x14                                                        30.00
                16x20                                                       50.00
                2 ½ x 3 ½ (billfolds)                   8 for   $ 15.00
                                                                    16 for     25.00
                                                                    24 for     30.00

Send your photographs, with payment, to:

Terry Studio, 302 W. College Avenue, Coleman, Texas 76834

If you are not sure of the total price, send your photographs with the sizes required, we will figure the total and call you.
Alway insure and use delivery confirmation!

Terry Studio has been in the photography business in Coleman since 1974 ...
With negative files originating with Frank Dunlap Studio (1947-1949) and Hugh Capps Studio (1949-1974)


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