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Thunder Monsters - copyright 2010 Judia Terry
©2010 illustrations by Judia Terry

Terry Studio is proud to announce a new children's book, story by Jan R. Carrington and illustrated by Judia Terry.

After 2 years of collaboration, Jan R. Carrington and Judia Terry have completed their first children's book, THUNDER MONSTERS.
This full color, 32 page, 11 x 9 inch, softcover volume is not only a book that will be loved by all children for its story and illustrations,
but will be included in parents' and grandparents' collections as a tool to help their loved ones deal with their fears of thunder and lightning.

"Katie is terrified of Thunder Monsters.  When the lightning and thunder of a monstrous Texas storm wake her up in the middle of the night,
she runs to her older brother's room, because Daniel is not afraid of storms ... or so he says.  As the storm rumbles and grumbles and bellows and booms,
the children see monster everywhere.  In the shadows, in the trees and whenever lightning flashes.  Even Katies's teddy bear and Daniel's toy dinosaurs
see monsters in the storm.  In the morning, Katie and Daniel discover that they not only weathered the storm, but also gained courage.
Through humor and imagination, Carrington's story and Terry's illustrations bring to life the fears and emotions children often feel during stormy weather."

Jan Carrington has received numerous local, regional and national awards for both adult and children's fiction.
Jan and her husband, Mike, have two daughters and four grandchildren.  This is her first children's book.

Judia Terry has been painting professionally for more than forty years.  She has studied in Europe and the United States.
She lives and teaches art in Coleman, Texas  and owns Terry Studio with her husband Ralph.  Judia paints in a variety of media
and has illustrated a number of books.  Thunder Monsters is her first children's book.
To see more of Judia's work, check out her website at

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Thunder Monsters is now available at Terry Studio for $17.27 or by sending $21.85 to the address below, we will mail you a copy.



To get your copy, come by Terry Studio at 216 Commercial Avenue in Coleman,
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